The Elven Pantheon

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    • The Elven Pantheon

      Hello mates, I was looking for someone to pray to and I do not clarify xD
      Could you please explain me who are ruling our destiny? My soul is being duped by the dark gods :GobboShudders: :GobboNotWorthy:
      I don´t get if the family tree is shared with no sylvan elves

      Pd: I know the lost world is no more, and we are on a new era, but there is a any god that fulfil the old Loec god venerated by bladedancers? Tyy
      A jackal, O Karna, residing in the forest in the midst of hares regardeth himself a lion till he actually sees a lion.
    • A quick doodle of the elven pantheon from the wiki. There could be mistakes in there, but given that the lore isn’t really set yet, there could be room for discussion. Below are my quick opinions on the subject.
      t9a elves.jpg

      Amihair and Moritaur represent the archetypes of the allfather and the queen. They each have three aspects. Given that each elven subrace is very distinct in their character, I imagine they would each highlight different aspects of each god to the point where they might as well be different deities. (Personally, I think Moritaur isn’t a good name for a mother goddess, it sounds too much like minotaur. Classical mythology and WHFB had Gaia, Hera/Juno and Isha, with softer consonants and ending in -a) Furthermore, the 6 gods and goddesses could be their children rather than aspects. Different personalities and individuals allows room for squabbles among the pantheon’s members, which is what makes the Greek and Norse deities interesting.

      First generation

      Male aspects

      >Cadaron, the hunter. Chiefly a Wood and Dread Elf god.

      >Wymaig, the king, represents protection and duty. Mainly worshipped by the High Elves, because the spirit-avatar of Cadaron is the king in the woods and the Dread Elves are a republic that reject kings?

      >Yema, the tempter. Again, mainly Wood and Dark Elf. I imagine the Dark Elves see him as a shadowy pseudo-slaanesh, (but not evil, more neutral and egocentric) and the Wood Elves could have him as a trickster god of feasts, an elven Dionysus and Loki hybrid. This guy could be your Loec, patron of elven bards and dancers.
      Female aspects

      A classical daughter/mother/crone setup, common in many mythologies of different European cultures.

      >Beccam, the warrior maiden. Universal among the elven races, with different highlights. More of an Athena for the Highborn and Dread Elves, an Artemis for the Wood Elves, youth + war + hunting.

      >Naram, the mother. Pretty universal, motherhood, fertility, growth.

      >Tula, the crone, represents wisdom. Again, worshipped by all elven races.

      Second generation

      The six aspects of the first generation each paired up and have 3 daughters:

      >Nyb, the war goddess (Cadaron + Beccam) Some overlap between her domain and that of her mother, Beccam. Maybe she’s more focussed on war and Beccam on hunting?

      >Meladys, the grand mistress, lady of knowledge and magic (Tula + Wymaig)

      >Amryl, the forest queen (Naram + Yema) Her spirit-avatar is Queen of the Wood Elves.

      Some of their parents seem like strange match-ups thematically. The mother goddess and the trickster/tempter? The crone also being a mother? I would say mother + king would make more sense, and leave Yema and Tula alone.

      Third generation

      Cadaron wasn’t satisfied with just Beccam, so he fathered another two daughters with Amryl, the forest Queen. (Cadaron being her uncle, sort of?) Both of these seem central to the Wood Elves, given their domain represents the seasons.

      >Sura, the bringer of spring. Maybe she could be Yema’s wife, similar to the Hades/Persephone story.

      >Cyma, the winter princess. Watches over the Wood Elves and the forest while Cadaron and Amryl go to the spirit world in winter.

      What we’re missing

      >A god of the sea. This guy would be very important for Highborn and Dread Elves, given that they are they strongest seafaring nations in T9A.

      >A god of smithing,Hephaestos/Vaul.
    • Besides, the elvish language in T9A is based on Celtic languages from the real world, so I would not be surprised if some inspiration has been taken from Celtic mythology for their religion.
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