The War in the North

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    • The War in the North

      In the mountains bordering the Great Ocean in the North of Vetia stands Karak Izor, one of the oldest dwarven Hold. Legends say that it has stood since the dawn of time, and in human memory never did its dark turquoise banners fall from its towers. Carved in the rock of the highest peak of the White Mountains, the Bronze Peak as the dwarves call it, the Domun of Izor is a vast prosperous kingdom that trades with the Empire of Sohnstaal, the Equitan duchies and even some noble Elves families.

      But East of Izor, the darkness is looming. The Black Ost of Valdar the Great, Exalted Herald of Savaar, took up residence a few years ago at the border of the Wasteland, not far from the Karak. Attracted by promises of glory and wealth, the followers of the Dark Gods flocked to the region and swelled the ranks of Valdarek, this new cursed city. The avatars of greed, ambition, anger and other perverse sins now turn their eager eyes to the rich lands and treasures of the dwarves.

      Horns and drums resonate in the North. A long war is brewing...

      Hi guys, Welcome to my blog !

      As you can guess from this short intro, I'll be posting here about my two armies : Dwarven Holds and Warriors of the Dark Gods.
      Expect pictures, but also fluff here. I like to write the whole background of a faction (politics, economy, regligion, history, etc) when I play it, but my gaming group is more keen on tourneys than fluffy battles. so I'll dump all my writings here, in spoiler brackets for the ones who couldn't be bothered :)

      Here is my painted dwarf force at the moment. I have been collecting dwarfs since I was 14, but the bulk of the army was bought in the last two years. I barely painted 40% of my collection... Anyway
      Behold the Army of Izor, the Elder Hold of the Blue Mountain !

      Some close-ups :

      (Sorry my picture set-up is quite bad so I had to edit them over on my computer, so some colors might seem off)

      My goal for the up-coming months is to paint a king on warthrone, a thane on shieldbearers, 25 greybeards, 6 hold guardians and 4 more clan warriors. And as you can see from the pictures, the seekers are not finished, neither is the 2nd bomber. Quite the lot ! I need them for my current vanguard list, and I'm trying to get it done fast to attend my first tournament beginning of 2019. I'm a slow painter though so not sure how long it will take... Especially since I prefer to spend quite some time on them to make sure I'm satisfied with the result.

      I have 6 pages of fluf already written for this army in bullet points. I'd like to slowly introduce the faction as I paint them and post them here, we'll see if I can manage the time.

      As said earlier I've spent many years on my dwarves so even though I Like them, I appreciate some variation.
      My first ever minis (when I was 11!) were chaos warriors and knights, so I decided to start again all-in on this army last year. For now I just scraped the paint out of the old models painted by tiny-me, and got some presents for my birthday (some of them "selfpresent" hehe)
      I'll show them in next post, I think there's enough photos for now !

      As you can see I have a lot to do so I hope to be able to update this blog regularly :)
    • Hi guys !

      This past week I've been building monsters for my WoDG army. The goal is to have a playable force as fast as possile, even if it's shameful to put grey plastic on the table. At least I'll get a feel of these units, I'll paint them later on. I have a looong backlog, as you can see...

      So quick building and sticky-pasting on bases gave me 11 wretched ones, 2 forsaken ones and a disc for their sorcerer lords to guide them from the sky.

      Here is a short introduction behind this force in particular, as it is just part of the whole WDG faction I'm building :

      Display Spoiler

      In the East of Vetia, parents pass on an old story to scare off their children. Worried moms repeat the Tale of the Valkri's Court, to teach their kids about the dangers of passion and desire : "Look my boy, even the great lords of Valkri wanted too much, so they lost everything". And as the kids lie down in their beds, sometimes a weird voice whispers to them "Don't be fooled, my boy. The Dark Gods can make you lose much more than that."

      Once upon a time, south of today's Volskaya was Valskri, a wealthy kingdom of men where fields and trade were generous. King Rodri ruled over the land through many years of peace and prosperity only to be loved by its subjects, and envied by his nobles. Rich and idle, the lords of the court succumbed to the worst sins while they started to plot against each other and against the king himself. Rodri, worried that his 6 sons might be perverted by this dark influence, appointed an emissary from a far away land to tutor his offsprings. But the corruption already seeped in too deep. One day, Valdar the Short, Rodri's last son, killed his father after taking over all 5 of his brothers. But instead of ruling the country as a reward for his treachery, he vanished into a big flash while all the lords of the court were banished and fled, screaming horribly through the lands. The beautiful Kingdom of Valkri was ruined and soon disappeared, only its story remained as a warning that perversion and betrayal will bring nothing but doom.

      But in the darkness of the cold nights, a small voice whispers a different moral to this story. Most children are scared but for some of them, a gloomy spark lights up in their eyes...

      The Wretched Ones

      The Others : 7 sins board game is an amazing source for monsters/demons mini, with great unique sculpts for a cheap price. I was looking for mutated human look rather than demons, and they suit this very well. Theirdifferent size will add some variationto the unit to give a real wretched look

      These are from Malifaux, a bit more expensive but still reasonable. For real they are so beautiful ! Their pose is dynamic, details are incredible and the finesse of the sculpt can easily compete with GW's stuff. I was blown away by the quality of those, even if they are a bit small for 40mm base. I'll elevate them on some rocks to hide the size difference.

      The Forsaken Ones

      One from Malifaux which is nice but apparently their bigger minis are less detailed. The other is from Games Workshop obviously and I have to say I was impressed by his size. The dude is huge, the 50x100 base is barely enough for him and he makes the Malifaux ones look so small. He's going to be a pain to paint with all these spikes...

      This disc is simply the vortex that's supposed to be on the back of the forsaken, but I think he is big enough as he is and this thing looks glorious. It's perfect size for 50mm I'll just give him a nice base and pin, and probably a magnet on top to put either a lord or a sorcerer

      That's all for now, back to building as I still have 6 Forwsorn and a Battleshrine to go

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    • Wow it's been a while, more than I thought !

      The end of the year was quite a busy period for me, and the few occasions I had for the hobby I played instead of painting. Had a lot of fun, and finally found a list for my WDG that follows my fluff, is fun to play and still quite competitive. This plus a few cool games really gave me the urge to build to be able to field as fast as possible a fully painted army.

      As said previously the goal for my WDG is to achieve tabletop painting level quickly, I'll spend more time on my other army. So I did these 6 Wretched ones and 10 dogs this week end, making the most out of drybrush and shades. Very happy to finish 2 units in just a couple of days but I'm not totally satisfied with the Wretched girls, I feel they lack something to stand out, to give them character... I was thinking maybe some green glaze on some rotten parts to add colours that pop. What do you guys think ? Any suggestion is very welcome

    • they look good. You could certainly try some glazes to add more depth. You them in targeted areas though, not over the whole model. On a boil like transition from the red flesh blend in glaze of green at the base of boil and feather it out to higher flesh/bone you have dry brushed there. Perhaps a few darker purple washed for deep recesses of arms /hands
    • Hi there

      Once again such a long time since my last post, I guess by now I can call myself a Nukuja follower...
      Yet this time I bring better news on this topic : I registered for my first ever tournament last week, a one-day singles on the 23rd of March. It's supposed to be a little local tournmanent so I hope to not be stomped on too hard, I'll get back to you on that ahah

      The main advantage of this is the strict rules for armies at this tournament : army must be fully painted, with textured bases. ALReady paid the registration to give myself some forced motivation ! I thought about bringing my beloved WDG there, but seeing how slow I was and that I still had to paint 80% of the army in just a couple weeks I decided to be reasonnable and come back to the small bearded dudes as most of the army is already painted.

      So this blog should be filled with pictures through this week and the next. For now, 4 little additions to my dwarf army :

      Anvil of Power

      Looks a bit simple without its guards and Runesmith, but that will do for now. If I finish the rest before the 23rd I'll add a little smith on top

      2 Vengeance seekers

      It's simply skull pass dudes with chains from Chaos barbarian set. I love them, such a pain for my opponent to manage

      1 organ gun

      This one has flaming shots option, hence the red runes on the barrels. Next one coming down the pipe will be a vanilla one

      When I attempted to go for WDG I first decided to set a paint scheme for the warriors to have an idea of what to do with the army. Here is what I came up with, simple and efficient. Also can be played either as vanilla, wrath (red parts) or greed (lots of gold) which are my favorite options for now.

      So next up should be 16 king's guard, 10 greybeards and another organ gun. Let's see if I Can speed up my process !