The suffering Army

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    • The suffering Army

      As long there are new models from a popular brand I have the idea to bring some rules that can, along with existing rules from VC army suffering units, complete a new whole "homebrew" side-army.

      Hereditary: Same as VC book.

      Same rules for Ashes to Ashes, and Gates from the Netherworld.

      Magic Items: (Cost and names can be disscussed later).
      Weapon: Hand Weapon. At the begining of the combat round, Bearer can lose -1 Aegis (Mundane) to gain +1 Attack, +1S. (Maximum value is S6 and 6 Attacks).
      Weapon: Great Weapon. S10 against LD.
      Artifact: Only one use. Magic attacks against unit bearer loses that special rule.
      Artifact: Model changes base to 50x50, size to Large and cannot join Units. +6" Range on their spells (+3" on aura) and Wail of Woe.
      Artifact: Fear Tests against bearer are taken with maximized rolls.
      Artifact: +1D3 wounds on Ethereal units when Hereditay spell is casted. (Except Characters and Towering Presence).
      Artifact: +1 Aegis (up to 4+).
      Artifact: Bound Spell (4/8). Ground. Range 12". Raises one Phantom Host.
      0-2 Banner: Unit Gains Autonomous.
      0-2 Banner: Unit can cast hereditary spell on itself (4/8).

      CHARACTERS (Max 40%) Don´t apply max 0-3 Reaper models.

      *1-X Liche (as Necromancer VC book) Add Aegis (6+, 4+, Against Mundane) Special Rule (160 pts). Can select Evocation, Occultism and Witchcrat. Can be mounted on Altar (40x40 base). +1 HP and Increases their Inspiring Presence (march bubble) on +6".
      *0-3 Banshee (As VC Book)
      *0-3 Fell Wraith (As VC book) Can be BSB (50 pts) and also carry Magic Banners.

      CORE (Min 25%)

      *0-2 Phantom Host (As VC book) gains Scoring
      *Spectral Mob (As VC Skeletons entry) losing light armour & shield, same cost. Add Aegis (6+, Against Mundane) and AP1 Special Rule. If a Fell Wraith joins this unit gains +1 Aegis againts mundane. <- New unit I thougt when I see Chainrasp Horde on 20mm
      *0-2 Spectral Hunters (As VC Book) NO Scoring.


      *0-2 Deadly Chorus 4-8 Models (Banshee rules profile but 1 HP). 50pts each. Also change Wail of Woe hits are set to 1D3+1 S3 AP0 and Magical Attacks. In combat only 1 Autohit. If a Banshee joins this units hits gains AP1. <- New unit I thougt when I see Myrmound on 20mm
      *0-2 Ethereal Errants 3-5 Models (Wraith Profiles & Rules, no champion) but gains Skirmish and Hard Target (1). Whirlwind Chains: Once all attacks are resolved, they can use their Reaper attack in combat in adition to their attacks, it means an auto S5 AP10 hit. <- New unit I thougt when I see Crawlocke on 20mm
      *0-2 Wraits (As VC Book) But can be equiped with Broad Swords (+1S +1 AP) hand weapon instead Great Weapons for free. (Remember Reaper lows to S4).
      *Fliying Screamers 5-10 Models. Skeleton profile with FLY (9"/18"), Skirmish, ligth troops and Paired Weapons with AP1. No command group. <- New unit I thougt when I see Harridans on 20mm. 24 pts each.
      *0-2 Spectral Stalkers (Wraith Profile, no Reaper, Halberd instead GW, no champion). Can have musician. Can deploy using Scout or use Ambush special rule. If deployed as scouts only can be deployed inside Ruins or Forest. If use Ambush special rule only can appear from Forest, Ruins or Buildings). Same cost as a Wraith. <- New unit I thougt when I see Stalkers on 20mm

      RARE (Max 35%)
      *0-2 Altar of Undeath (As VC Book)
      *0-2 Black Coach (As VC Book)
      *Spectral Nightmares 2-6 Models can have Champion, Musician and Banner (20 each). Spectral Hunter Profile but 2 HP and S4, R4, Off 4 & Def 4. Dread Knights: Fear tests againts this models are taken with maximized rolls. Cost twice as Spectral Hunters. <- New unit I thougt when I see Harrows on 50x25mm.


      Thoughts or another ideas?

      Army Design Team

      Translation-Team ES

      Battlescribe-Mod ES