Ogre Khan/Empire Story

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    • Ogre Khan/Empire Story

      Here is a story i started writing. It takes place as a back and fourth between two armies perspectives that are soon to clash. Please keep in mind i do not have a degree and suck at punctuation. Not sure how to write professionally. But enjoy!!!

      Captain Barrek arose earlier than he’d hoped, his skin dampened with sweat from his bear fur bedding. Barrek stood up, smoothed his hair back, and walked to the tent entrance gradually pushing open the flap-like door. Quickly realizing his mistake, he drew the fabric back into place and acquired his shirt before stepping out. It was early and frigid, with light barely reaching over the horizon.

      He was especially tired on this morning, spending most of the night keeping his fire lit and ordering his “incompetent” men to keep his tent staked down during another menacing storm. After leaving the warmth of his tent he spent some time to walk through camp and look over his men, most tending to their frost bitten limbs as not everyone had the luxuries of furs to accompany them over these devilish nights. As he moped between the rows of the camp he found it hard to keep the look of disgust off of his face. He couldn’t help but degrading them with his every stare. What a pitiful sight he thought to himself.

      Barrek, a Captain of the Empire, had spent a month moving his contingent across the barren lands of Morse. Constantly battling the winter weather Morse had to offer. His men were cold and beaten from constant windstorms and snow assaulting them daily. Morse was an important tactical position for the Empire because it was part of a large coastline in the northern lands.

      Barrek new his mission would be monotonous for him due to the vast distance he’d been ordered to travel. He knew keeping the men on mission would be a boring and mentally draining task, he’d much rather be in the west for the summer games. He was a privileged man no doubt given the Captains’ position and sent to the Morse coastline to test his resolve. These things weren’t uncommon, being the nephew of a high ranking general.

      The groggy blue eyed captain looked over the landscape, the fog set in and blew across the battered lands slow and steadily. Yellowed brush upwardly sprouted from the ground, still, and unmoved by such slight winds. The sight carried bleakly and seemingly endless in the distance. All visible color muted and monochromatic from the haze. It was the cold unforgiving morning with snow freshly fallen from the blizzard the night before that encouraged such an unpopulated landscape.

      Barrek felt uneasy as there were no signs of birds swooping in the sky nor noises of critters. He dismissed this feeling blaming the violent storm the night before. A distant bellow emerged grasping for anything to echo off of. Un-rhythmic and guttural at best, but the vast landscape silenced itself once again. He froze in concentration.

      Minutes later more bellows and slight chinks of metal sounded off from the distance. Increasing and clearly heard now the sound became more mechanical with hollering that became somewhat distinguishable…… Ogres! Dread rose over Barrek knowing his men were weakened by their arduous journey. He rallied them frantically, too frantically. They saw the fear in their captain’s eyes. Every man he met a gaze with who knew what was to come lost all hope in that moment and their survival instincts took over causing many to flee.

      The anxious Captain composed himself and put the bulk of his men back in line with curses and threats of treason, Barrek knew he would need them if he was going to ever enjoy the summer games again. They were the only difference between him having a promising future that wasn’t short lived and ending up as a meal for some gluttonous monstrosity.

      When Krrugg heard the news he was in his dark mountainside cave room. He was seated atop his bloodied torch lit mantel, a stone block surrounded by bones and scraps, often scavenged by the Sabertooth pack that accompanied his forces. He confirmed the information true, as he often does, a command to initiate a good bear hug from behind on the scrapling trapper by surprise, courtesy of Nuggral his trusted……"advisor". Scraplings often give off a certain squeak if they are lying. Krrugg knows well the sounds his victims make prior to their deaths, as he’s made his way in life off of them and their final breaths.

      Krrugg, confirming the news, and bored of the little gobbos eyes bulging out of his head, lifted his blood stained finger in signal for Nuggral to release his candid victim. As the trapper regained color and scampered off to the tree line, Krrugg stood up tall. Menacing and impressive, Krrugg advised Nuggral to rally their warband for a banquet-like feast by morning.

      Nuggral turned away from the spot where he dropped the scrapling who quickly vacated the area and wobbled his way down the cave adit at mid speed, he didn’t move at full speed unless an immediate meal was involved. He turned the corner into a larger expanse. The cave room was enormous with a ceiling high enough to fit twenty ogres stacked belly to back and wide enough for six sleeping aurochs. An wide fire was blazing in the center of the expanse with several indistinguishable hunks of meat rotating on rows of spits, meager meals for a band of ogres. Nuggral entered, taking a deepened breath, then bellowed the sounds to signal the raid “UUURRRRAAAAAAAGGG!”

      The hall of gluttons quickly assembled forming rows along the walls and arming themselves with their rusted plates and jagged steel weapons. Glaives and Maw shaped plated armor were pieced together while chattering and clunking together, ogres bumped into each other struggling to lift their arms overhead, they bounced and shoved each other back and forth until there was enough space to “comfortably” arm themselves and fell in line.

      As seemingly unorganized the process was it had finished exactly as an armored Krrugg Thunderfist entered the hall to lead the march. As Krrugg Thunderfist passed by Nuggral he placed his hand on his shoulder briefly. Facing the entrance tunnel he started gaining speed. Now running, the ground was shaking at his heavy footsteps. His heavy thighs rippling, he charged forward snatching his maul up in his hands, and plowing through the wide center-room fire roaring “UUURRRRAAAAAAAGGG!” He sprinted out the entrance with his followers and warbeasts close behind. When Krrugg’s face hit the outside world, the snowy blizzard pressed its winds against him firmly, slapped its sleet across his face, and soothed his singed feet with its snow-fallen remnants. Krrugg quickly adapted to the cold and smiled a grimace of rotted teeth..… the hunt was on.

      One mile later Krrugg raised his thick muscled arm, the warbands sprint was short-lived but calculated. Krrugg was aware of the arduous distance ahead of him and the unrelenting blizzard his company faced, he also knew the ogres resolve matched his when there was warm flesh in the balance.....

      Krrugg Thunderfist, eager to bust the pinkend icicles from last night’s storm off of his bloody maul, pushed his marauding horde through the night in hopes for a morning buffet at the empires expense. The Sabretooth pack they’d tamed sensed a large force was in the area over the last couple days. When they drew closer the local forest scraplings’ angst was evident, only the trappers of their species were disciplined enough to confirm the news to the warlord Krrugg.


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