A thank you to staff - Errata and rules clarity

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  • A thank you to staff - Errata and rules clarity

    This morning I read the Errata and discovered the following change for Locket of Sunna:

    The bearer must swap its Characteristic values of Strength, Armour Penetration, Resilience, Agility, and AttackValue with those of the chosen model part. This is done before applying other modifiers.The bearer and the chosen model part must swap its their Characteristic values of Strength, Armour Penetration,Resilience, Agility, and Attack Value. This is done before applying other modifiers.

    This change was brought up by a user last december and wasn't well received at first but some good arguments were made and now the rules have been clarified to meet this concern. I also recall a change that was made in the WDG book beta after I brought it up and I was the only one to do so AFAIK.

    And so, this is twice now that I've seen first hand that ADT or RCT - or whoever's in charge - make adjustments or clarifications to the rules based on user feedback and discussion, even if it's just one or two people who bring it up.

    You guys catch a lot of flak, sometimes undeservedly and I'd like to thank you for listening to what people have to say and showing that people's voices really do matter when it comes to making the finishes product. We may not always agree (war machine bases :whistling: ) but I appriciate you guys!

    Just thought I'd let you know ;)