4500 Makhar List

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    • 4500 Makhar List


      Hi all, played a game with this yesterday against a choppy O&G list:

      Gyula (General), Stallion's tempest, Great Elk, Great Weapon, Supernatural Dexterity, Mammoth Hide Cloak, Turul Radiant Headress, Talisman of Shielding, Lucky Charm = 430

      Gyula (BSB), Black Steed, Great Weapon, Spirit of the Herd, Ghostly Guard = 360

      Enaree (Master), Shamanism, Dark Chariot, Death Cheater, Magical Heirloom, Talisman of Shielding = 630

      2x10 Horse Archers, Standard, Musician, Wasteland Torch = 391 (762)

      2x5 Warhounds = 90 (180)

      19 Makhar Lancers, Makhar Lances, Shields, FC, Rending Banner = 615

      3 Makhar Chariots, Vanguard = 480

      2x5 Warrior Knights, Great Weapons, Musician = 275 (550)

      Steppe Mammoth, Fist of the Makhar = 470

      Total = 4497

      I lost the battle something like 15-5 but that was mainly down to me playing loose and fast to see what the army can actually do (including charging the lancers and characters into a unit of Gnashers turn 1 to see what happened), going at the same time hurt and I lost a good 10 models on the charge (should have been 6 on dice).

      The two characters are pretty choppy and the rules wording means that the general has 4a, str7, agi7 (at agi on the charge), ap3 with battle focus and hatred (deeds not words and how Makhar battle focus works means that he gets them in any unit with MBF even without stallion's tempest). Bsb adds another 3 attacks at str7 and the unit 13 attacks os4 LR str6 ap2 (3 with rending) and then mounts for a unit that can really put out some damage. The lord is also R5 and never wounded on better than a 4 with a 3+ 5++ and distracting which makes him pretty tanky. BSB with the 1+ is also tough but i'm considering Basalt just to make him better all round.

      However the lancers die like flies and the low armour means that if you're not careful the unit can disappear pretty quickly.

      Warrior knights are obviously good but not being able to flee hurts in a mobile army like this

      Chariots are also solid and the max unit size means that they put out a reasonable amount of damage, str5 chassis would obviously be nice but I think they're in a good place without it (can always awaken the beast if needed).

      Wizard was fine and the hounds are as expected.

      The horse archers are really fun to use and being able to make terrain into ruins and ruin strider they can zoom in and out for cover. Didn't get to try parting shot (despite trying to give a fleeable charge) but it seems like a very good rule to me...

      The mammoth is fun to use but I think the catapult is a lot better on paper than in practice so I'm thinking of dropping it as it encourages him to sit further back and not push with the rest of the army.

      Definitely like the book, not sure if the hereditary casting value might be too low? I'd love a way to get the makhars to 3+ in cc with their unique lances (maybe at the cost of being able to take shields with ML so you can't get a 2+ out of combat but that would be ideal and I would pay the premium for that bit more survivabilty because they are really squishy and the lack of agi and any way to modify really hurts the unit (an item to rectify this as suggested before would really help).