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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

  • kisanis wrote:

    piteglio wrote:

    Teowulff wrote:

    ...veterans can't really understand the barrier that now lies before new players because they themselves have climbed that mountain...
    couldnt agree more.
    you want new players?
    look at things from their perspective.

    it's called "mentalising", and it's a very rare skill on this forum. even if i'm happy to point out some notable exceptions (see Lich King's post right before yours)!
    I plan on having my wife read the next draft of the QS - She has 0 knowledge of these things. We need untainted eyes.
    Mine used to play complicated RPGs, and she has said the rulebook "reads like it was written by smarmy Europeans". Had a chuckle over that.
    I am going to offend you. You are not going to like it. You will survive.

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  • Just_Flo wrote:

    Pah those are easy. Try DSA4 artefact rules instead.
    You monster. (Now let's add little poems to all spells in 9thA)
    “The touch of a sword handle is the deadliest poison known to man. It settles in, deeper than the bone, instantaneously. It is a deep curse that can never be lifted and will last you the rest of your days.”
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  • Teowulff wrote:

    the barrier that now lies before new players
    You know, as a guy whose only practical experience with tabletop wargames is the LOTR SBG, though with theory experience with the 40k and Horus Heresy systems, the barrier doesn't seem nearly as big as some people make it out to be, though that may just be me coming into T9A with a desire to invest a lot of time into it.

    Maybe all we need is something to tempt people into investing into it, and they'll learn the rules just to be closer to the prize at the end.

    Maybe the lore site is all we really need before the hobby can really kick into gear.

    I think that's how I'll be working to get more people into it, at least. That, and keeping an eye out for people who want their chunky pasta sauce fiddly rule systems like I do.
  • Grouchy Badger wrote:

    "reads like it was written by smarmy Europeans"
    :D :D :D

    Please give my kind regards to your Mrs that really made me laugh.

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  • Pellegrim wrote:

    Lich King wrote:

    None of the players I've got into the system is an Oldhammerer. Most of them haven't even played a tabletop game before
    Wow, big respect.

    Lich King wrote:

    Yeah, it's been hard work for me
    I can see that. So you are part of a good running wargaming club I assume? How large is it? How many of those clubs out there are there? And how do you guys get a place to play in?
    As you already guessed correctly, It's a bit special in my case. After the end of WH 8th my whole club (Orcland Raiders) sold the biggest parts of their collections and went over to X-Wing. Somewhat later some of them got into AoS. I could only convince one to give T9A a try, but he's not playing more than one game per year, so I'm not counting him in.

    Anyway one of my "non-tabletop-friends" was curious how one could collect plastic miniatures, paint them and play dice games with 'em though being at the age of 30+. :D Though he was a fantasy fan and so I could convince him to let us try T9A together. We started with small armies of about 1500 points. After about a dozen games he understood the mechaniques and started building lists on his own he wanted to try out. As I said before, at this time my club mates where selling their collections and my friend was interested in a HE army. They bargained for a good deal and my friend could call his first army his own.

    Then he had a fellow student. He told him about T9A. Same things started again. We met here, had a few games and he started collecting his first army being BH. I took in another fellow student of myself and his two friends and so on. University is a great place to promote nerd games, you know? ;)

    Once we were about 10 players my home became too small for a club room. And that was the point the growth stopped for a while. We needed a room with enough place to store all the needed material and set up 2-3 tables at least. It was quite hard to find such a room for less than 500 € a month. Though I had the idea to ask in a local school for some room in exchange for a monthly donation to their booster club. Currently I'm negotiating the condition. Much bureaucracy is needed to use such public rooms here in Germany. We need to set up an offical club for insurance purposes.

    At the moment we're twelve active players and I'm known to at least the same amount who is just waiting for our club room to join us. I know one more club in less than 30 km distance to us who is struggeling with setting up a decent club room at the moment, but I guess they'll reach their aim with a bit of my help somewhere in the nearer future. I also know one more BIG club in about 50 km distance to us called Privateer Posa Boyz (I summon you, great leader of the PPB @Genjuro_77 ) If you have further questions he might have the right answers for you. Were known to each other since when my former club held tourneys, he and his mates were participating in regularly.

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