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    • 1) Have you tested them ? Since they are underused, there is not much data about them. The new Shady gits seem worth the try.

      2) "When declaring usage of Power Dice by bearer of Power 'Shrooms you may use ..."
      It's clear to me that a shaman can only use its own power shrooms. Besides, it's in the Armory section so it exists in the shaman inventory only.

      3) It is clear, although apparently unintended. You have to declare a stand and shoot to release the mad gits, which you can do only if you have a shooting weapon (bows).

      4) M4 would be a huge step back towards 8th. I think their design is very good right now as they have the ability to do their job, while there are tons of counter to them. A price increase on the other hand could be the right way to deal with them.

      7) It still seems odd to me that they can't walk through forests and swamps at all. The dangerous terrain test for them is crazy right now. For the rest I agree

      8 ) Max points cap, and retrain any unit to be too big. Just as you said about gnashers, not everybody has tools to deal with a 100+ W units (or maybe even 80), and it can be used as a big point denial. It's applied as a general guideline around the armies. Vermin swarm suffer from these same limitations very much.
    • I have played 3 games with O&G under 0.99 so far. I had one game against Vampires and two games against High Elves.
      My impressions:

      General on Wyvern:
      He is okay, but still no great fighter. He is playable for sure! The venomous fang on the wyvern is very nice to have.

      Path of Big Green Gods:
      Some of the spells are very hard to cast if you want a little bit of range, this makes the spells less effective if your Mage isn´t in combar or right behind it. If the Mage is in combat or nearby there are some good spells in there. The only spell with good range is the Green foot.

      Path of little green Gods:
      The attribute is very nice and a good reason to take this lore. There are some good spells in there, but its still not a very stong buff/debuff lore. It seems to reward shooting Lists more than combat Lists.

      Path of Wilderness:
      Seems like the better choise for a Ork Mage right now because it has more flexibility than the Path of the big green Gods.

      Core Units:

      Feral - Eadbasher:
      They are still a very good choise because they can deal a lot of damage and always have a 6+. I still don´t see why i should take normal eadbashers when the feral are only 1 ppm more.

      Still decent, but i feel like they are quite expensive with upgrades. The mad gits are a nice opportunity, nothing more nothing less. So overall still a good choise.

      Nice to have the crossbows, otherwise i´m not sure why i should take the unit. I tried a cheap unit of 20 orks, but they are just worthless unless you use them as a carrier. As a blocker they always compete with the goblins, which are just cheaper.

      Goblin - raiders:
      Good unit, but it feels like they are a little bit to expensive for what they do, especiall because of their low LD.


      Goblin - chariots:
      Great choise, i´m happy with them as they are.

      Git - launcher:
      They seem pretty balanced to me right now. Still a good choise, but not a must have. Same for the Splatterer.

      Iron - Orks:
      They have seen no comabt because my opponent did not wanted them to. So this is at least a good sign that they are not that bad. But i still would love to see them in action.

      Gnasher - team:
      Would not take them again, just to easy to kill and to expensive for what they do.

      Gnasher - dasher:
      I like them, they can be very good but are still easy to kill. Good balanced unit.

      The new must have unit for me.

      Ork - chariot:
      Still good, but it seems like the goblin - chariot are always taken first.

      More to come soon...
    • In 1 week I play an Oficial Team Tournement with OnG:
      Of 8 Teams, 64 players, 3 of them take an OnG army.
      I saw the List of my green opponents and i can make my first observations:

      All list are very similar. :orcvomit:
      1.- Non Iron Orcs, non Boar Boyz, non gnashers herds...
      2.- non Forest Goblins Runts, non Common Goblins Runts...
      3.- All of 3 Lists are Oriented GunLine Lists.
      4.- All 3 players have some mad gits
      5.- All 3 players have Gargantula Rare unit, some with web launcher.
      6.- Greenhide Catapult is still autoincluded
      7.- All use Feral Orcs Eadbashers Unit.

      Some diferences:
      - One of them put 8 Trolls Unit.
      - One decide to put a big unit of common orcs with bows.
      - i'm the only player who has included Gnasher dashers
      - i'm the only one that belive with the aim of skewerers... :P
      - Other unit used of my oponents: Gnasher Wrecking Team, charriot of wolf, pump wagons...
    • Hi,
      I played a tournement last sunday, 3 games, V0.99.2.
      My list:
      Orc Warlord (120), Waaaarg (20), Iron Orc (10) Shield (5), Blessed Sword (20), Armour of destiny (50), Général: 235
      Orc Big Shaman (175), Common Orc (0), Obsidian Nullstone (45), Tome of Arcane Lore (25), Path of BGG: 245
      Héros 405:
      Orc Chief (50), Iron Orc (10), BSB (25), Shield (5), Dragon Mantle (25), Talisman of Greater Shielding (25): 140
      Goblin Shaman (60), Forest Goblin (0), Wand of stability (15), Path of LGG: 75,
      Goblin Shaman (60), Common Goblin (0), PAM(35) Path of LGG: 95,
      Goblin Chief (35), Cave Goblin (0), Cave Gnasher (35), Shield (0), Backstabbing Dirk (15), Dragonscale Helm (10): 95,
      Base 627:
      30 Orc ‘Eadbashers (70+20*9 ), Feral Orc (30), Paired Weapons (30), EMC (30), Banner of discipline (25): 365
      7 Orc Boar Riders (70+2*13), Common orc (0), Shield (21), Standard Bearer (10) :127
      5 Goblin Raiders (60), Forest Goblin(0), Shield (5): 65
      5 Goblin Raiders (60), Common Goblin(0), Shield (5), Light lance (5): 70
      Speciale 987:
      10 Trolls (55+38*9):397
      30 Iron Orc (100+ 20*13), EMC (30), Flamming Standard (20): 410
      Splatterer : 90
      Splatterer : 90

      I finish 13/14 with 22 points (+10 points for organisation).
      First game I lost 9-11 against OK because of the scenario. His list were little bit faster than me and he lost some unit. I didn't loose many of mine.
      Second game 5-15 against OK (again). This list seems very power full with 7 and 8 bombardiers and 13 Tribesmen. I tried to save some points, I lost 5-15 (8-12 without scénario).
      Third game 8-12 against Beast herds. This list had a high close combat ability with the minotor warlord. I took wildhorn herd but can't avoid the minotor bus this the lord and he charged my trolls. No one had the scenario.

      You can find other list and result here:
      Tournament in Versailles (France) 2500pts
    • Hi I went on a small 3-game tournament a week ago. My list was the following (v.99.1):


      - Cave goblin king (general) crown of cavern king, tali of supreme shielding, short bow great weapon, 183 pts

      Idea was to put it in the cave gobbo unit to vanguard before turn 1 and start to volley fire. The 18' bibble was an interesting boost with the banner of discipline in the unit

      - Goblin big shaman, lvl 3, book of arcane power, 220 pts

      the +3 to cast and dispell was an addition to prevent opponents from having a big advantage

      - Cave goblin king, cave gnasher, armour of destiny, beast-bane halberd, 165 pts

      warmachine hunter, anti-chaff and if needed a strong support to attack monsters


      - Iron orc chief, boar, plate, shield, 95 pts

      to go in the iron orcs to give them stubborn, and challence characters as their magic gear would be nullified

      - Orc shaman lvl 1, wilderness, dispel scroll 100 pts

      - Orc shaman lvl 1, wilderness, tome of arcanr lore 80 pts

      to get the signature spell and others that can come in handy (frenzy, insects against warmachines, lance against monsters, etc..)

      - Forest goblin chief, poison, skullsplitter, great weapon 86 pts

      - Forest goblin chief, bsb, poison, mazza's zapping bow, great weapon 101 pts

      to go with the goblins and increase their shooting power with magic bows and cc with great weapon


      - 5 goblin raiders naked, 60 pts

      - 5 goblins raiders naked, 60 pts

      chaff, i know that int he newest rules you have to equip them with something

      - 41 cave gobbos, short bows, FC, banner of discipline, nets, 2 gits, 279 pts

      to vanguard up, start shooting and use the lord and heroes to deal big damage in shooting and cc (kind of a character wall). Idea was also to get to objectives and get firm control of a zone.

      - 21 feral orcs headbashers, AHW, champion, standard bearer, 231 pts

      to seat back, host the orc shamen and be the second wave in case of need


      - 16 iron orcs, plate, champion, mikonok's totem, 270 pts

      to flank and target monsters or character heavy units and negate their magic items

      - scrap wagon, +1 Str, 60 pts

      to get rid of chaff or counter charge with impact hits


      - Gargantula, web launcher 255 pts

      - Gargantula, web launcher 255 pts

      To use the web launchers and initiate dt tests, and because I just painted the second one and wanted to see it on the table

      Game 1 against highborn elves

      Lots of shooting, a few ballistas, big unit of lion guards, seaguard, sisters with bows

      My gobbo, shooting was no match, though I managed to control an objective for a while with the threat of the gits, 1 gargantula and the Iron orcs were destroyed in two turns in the middle of the borad by the lions, who then pivoted to flank charge my gobbos. That was the end for me. King on gnasher and other gargantula did good work on the flank.

      6-14 loss

      Game 2 against highborn elves

      Again lots of shooting, a few ballistas, big unit of lion guards, sisters with bows, 5 dragon princes with devastating charge and thunderous charge

      1 gargantula managed to hold the dragon horsemen by keeping them in check all game. managed a triple combo charge with iron orcs, gobbos and gargantula on the lion guard horde. clipping the monster in the corner was essential to its survival, so i was vey lucky to pass all charges. This combat lasted a few turns (lions are stubborn against monsters)

      I ended up winnin 13-7

      Game 3 saurian ancients

      Monsters giving buffs in poison and hatred, alpha carnosaur lord, a small unit of 5 dinosaur cav, a big block of saurian wariors with lances and fight in extra ranks, and a small unit of skinks, and 2 mages of heavens.

      I immediately saw that I was not equipped to deal with with this list. My web launchers were only str3 and I had no warmachines. His saurian wariors are str 4, deal 2 attacks each, and fight in 4 ranks with the hatred of their buff monster, that is too much for me to handle. My gobbos were charged by the carnosaur, who shred them to pieces by killing the characters, forcing a flee without bsb reroll, his surian cav charged my untouched unit of iron rocs in the flank. This is when I learned that the raider and the mounts have 2A each! 20 attacks from 5 riders (for 160 pts, i am so jealous!). They killed a ton of orcs, I failed to get rid of all of them and I failed a ld 8 check. Bye bye my 365 pts flanker unit that could have done something against monsters. The king on gnasher and feral orcs charged a monster, but failed to kill him and a charge of the saurian in the following turn gor rid of them.

      Massacre loss, on turn 4 I had nothing left on the table 0-20


      24 players, I finished 20th place.

      Overall magic did not play a huge role (crappy rolls on both sides)
      Shooty gobbos are useless. Nex time i'll bring smaller units with gits
      Iron orcs are too expensive, and even with bodyguard they die in a couple of turns
      feral orcs are ok
      gargantulas are good, but the web launchers are a bit hit or miss

      and more importantly: I'll get back to playing with warmachines even if they got nerfed, because that is the only way to compensate for our units that are weaker in CC tham most of the elite (and even core, speaking of the saurians) that other armies get.
    • Hi,
      I went on a Oficial Team Tournament this weekend (8 Teams, 64 players). My list was the following (v.99.1):

      Feral Orc Big Shaman, lvl 4 Big Green Gods, Fencer's Swords, Grounding Rod, Talisman of Greater Shielding, 295p.
      Feral Orc Chief, Bsb, Mithril Mail, Paired W eapons, Obsidian Pebble, 120p.
      Common Goblin Shaman in Wolf, lvl 2 little green gods, Dispell Scroll, Dragonfire gem 140p.
      3x1Common Goblin Chief on wolf, Shield, 55p.
      34x Feral Orc‘Eadbashers, FCG, Paired Weapons, Banner of Discipline, 409p.
      2x20 Cave Goblin, 3 mad gits, Musician, Shortbows, 160p.
      2x1 Splatterer, 90p.
      1x Git Launcher, 90p.
      3x5 Gnasher Dasher, 60p.
      2x1 Gargantula, Web Launcher, 255p.
      2x1 skewerer, 45p.
      Total 2500p

      (thnx to Sklodo for his help!)

      1rst Day.

      GAME 1. Against CHAOS.

      Lord of chaos, with steed of lust, divine icon and talisman. Sorcerer lord lvl 4 of change in disc of change. Harbinger of chaos, BSB, in daemonic steed. 3 units of 5 fallen. 4 units of barbarian lust horsemen. 6 wasteland knights of change with banner of transmutation
      2 elder dragon centaur.

      he put his troops hidden behind a hills and I put my army in a corner waiting. Nothing to say.
      11-9 win.

      GAME 2. Against Sylvan Elfs

      A lot of archery, and a lot of Light Cavallary and 1 dragon.

      My enemy loose a lot of time. we only play 3 turns.
      He kill me my wolfs raiders and I kill him some archery with impact hit of gnasher dashers (great performance all tournament).
      I kill some light trops with web/Git launchers and Catapults.
      The dragon sufers 3 wounds of my skewerer and he deciced go to hidden behind a hill.
      If we had played more turns the battle will be mine.

      10-10 draw. But i can take a better result. Bad taste.

      GAME 3. Against Dwarf

      No machine dwarf List. 3 big units.
      30 Greybeards, 2 units of 30 Seekers and 1 unit of 10 dwarf with crossbows.
      2 Vengeance Seeker, 1 Copter and Anvil of Power.

      Funny game of the tournement. I stop vanguards of Seekers with wolf raiders. I decided to focus shooting against Seekers catapults and web launchers hit on units and he decided not to march (bad decicion). My skewerers kill 1 Vengeance Seeker and make 2 wounds on copter. The other Seeker died thanx to Zap!
      My 2 Gargantulas charge on 2 units Seekers at same time scouts with some gnashers when the unit of seekers was impaired (extrange organitation for an goblin army haha).
      Final result: He kill me some wolf raiders that i use to redirect, and i kill him 2 units of skeekers, 2 vengance seekers, the unit of 10 dwarf with xbows. so.. 14-6 win.
      But he take the objective (control the middle). X/
      Final score:
      11-9 win.

      2nd Day.
      GAME 4. Againts sylvan elfs.

      A lot of treeman. few archery.

      he put his troops hidden behind a hills and I put my army in my field waiting. Nothing to say again. :|
      11-9 win.

      GAME 5. Againts high elfs.

      Archery archery and archey.

      After deployment he want to pact a 10-10 because i do it well, ruins, building on my side. Was a bad pairing for me but I saw that my opponent look at my gargantulas with fear haha. I say "13-7 or we play"... and he accept!
      13-7 win without playing. 8|

      TOTAL: 56 points, and my team got 2nd of the tournement.[/b]


      Overall magic did not play a huge role, but Great Green Hand is perfect to take objectives.
      20 gobbos with 3 git is perfect to scare the opponent but they need bareer for take objectives.
      gnasherd dashers are awesome, Impact Hits, Immune to Psychology, Fly, Skirmishers... what else?
      Warmachines, 2 Splatterer are autoincluded but git launcher are... useless... But i will put it for scare the opponents.
      skewerers are ok, but I have 6 in my closet and I can only use 2.
      Gargantula is our better rare unit and web laucher is good to condition the rival game.
      Feral orks are ok.

      I think we have a bad internal balance... few units work well, this is evident. ?(

      PD: sorry for my English. :whistling:

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    • Ratatoeskr wrote:

      If somebody has questions regarding the synergies in my army and/or the strategy behind it just ask...


      1. Hoppaz have amazing synergies with Gigantulas
      2. Goblin missile spam is extremly good
      3. Ferals with spears are really good
      4. LD 8 sucks
      5. You do not put your general on wyvern into combat!
      6. Goblins with shields can fight well.
      7. Splatterers are mandatory.
      8. Gigantulas wont hit anything
      9. Gigantulas wont stomp anything
      10. Goblins on Gigantulas are matchwinners!
      First of all congratulations for the win ! Were you the best warboss of tournament right ?
      Some questions:
      what do you mean as "hoppaz" ?
      Any worth spell from little green apart form signature ? did you use "stealing attribute" ?
      Testing frenzy with Ld7 was risky ?
      How is deploying 3 big spiders on the table ? Did use them as flankers/stopper using stubborness ?
      Yes I love forest goblin on gargantula as well
    • I was the best orc at the tournament. But only fifth in the overall score.

      as shlagrabak already said - hoppaz = gnasher dasher. Sorry I am not firm with the new names...

      I like the little green gods lore very much. Every spell is usefull. I always could raise the pressure in the late game with the buffs. And in the beginning with the three missiles - this is really hardcore for most opponents cause they only manage to ban 2 at maximum... And then one doesnt want to throw in the dispel scroll for a simple missile...

      the lore attribute is pure gold! To get healing against vampires or with nature is crazy in combination with the spiders.

      Frenzy tests were on 8 reroll cause of the discipline banner... This was ok. I always screened them in situations where I didnt wanna charge... Simple with gnashers. So no problem at all.

      deploying of the spiders is also no problem because they are so fast... Used them very versatile depending on opponent. Combiattack with gnashers is very good... Clipping ftw!
      "Wyvern's is good fer one thing, eatin' smashin' smellin' and flyin.' They're also good fer lettin' the other boyz know who's boss!"—Azhag the Slaughterer
    • Nice report and yes you are right Orcs are not the best army in the T9A meta at the moment, I have two more armies VC and UD I must say that both are stronger and easier to play at the moment.

      But if you want to play competitive you should go on save zone, so a block in CORE, same in SPECIAL I would go with Trolls or 3xGiant or unit of Iron orcs and off course shooting at least 2xCatpults they are only 180points or 200 with add wound.

      One more thing you shouldn't play Wyvern, why well if you take a look at your list he is aka free kill, the only big thing that needs to be shoot down ok you have D spider in the list, but he not general and half the points your general is, so Wyvern is at the moment big NO go one lucky shoot with war machine and you are gone D3+2 wounds on flyers is just to strong.

      But I think our best unit is a unit of around 8xStone Trolls, you can play save.

      Another thing if you want to be good in this game, never ever let a charge like you did in your first game if this charge can change the game even if he needs 11 or 12, but Kadim Titan is move 8 and AVG his AVG charge range is around 15.
    • That was a great read,thanks for providing us with that detailed(and entertaining) tournament report :hat:
      I think your list was quite balanced but tough to play against shooting heavy armies and those with high T/AS.
      In an competitive environment, Ferals and warmachines are apparently still the slightly stronger choice
      compared to common orcs and chariots. But nobody wants to play the same old lists from 8th ed forever.

      The issue I see with big monsters in any tournament army is, you have to go big or go home.
      So one or two big monsters draw all the fire and will probably die in the process,
      while 3 aroks or two aroks and a wyvern or even lots of giants will force tough decisions on the opponent
      and eventually some will survive and wreck face hopefully :beer:
      btw:I make the same mistakes when I play the Iron Orc Warlord on Wyvern.
      I can´t wait for four turns behind that stupid rock. Turn 3 latest I fly into mayhem shouting out "I´m invincible" :lol:
      Kruber wrote:
      Imperial Rangers burn the woods ---> Sylvan Elves go cry in the corner.
    • Cheers for the comments. In terms of the Kadim Titan he moved it up aggressively so unless I stayed in my deployment zone (with no shooting in my army) I had to give it something to charge. The Orc block was I thought the best thing to put in charge range as even if he made it I thought I could remain steadfast long enough to take it down. More likely was that it failed the charge and then I counter charge with my higher strength units to hopefully take him down. Obviously I underestimated the killing power of the Titan but in reality I still think this was my best option (other than write a better list )
    • So far I played two games and I am very satisfied with my orcs :). Finally the feel like brutal force unleashed.

      20 orcs, bow, shields, musician
      5 boarriders, musician shields (second game instead 6 of them, which was kind of useless).
      30 eadbashers, spears, greentide banner, fc (second game with 32 with pws)

      2 git launchers
      1 skewerer

      15 eadbasher boarriders, fc, stalkers standard
      24 iron orcs, fc, greentide banner <-- in both games they got smashed but they take the hard guys.
      Gargantula, Weblauncher

      Orc warlord, willow ward, balsaic infusion, talisman of shielding, shady thing, agility potion
      feral orc chief, bsb, shield, light amour, lance, greentide banner, boar
      feral orc shaman, pws (not in game two), magical heirloom, shamanism

      First game I crushed some infernal dwarves but was very lucky that his titan mortar with engineer plus bullhorn, refussed to work for the rest of the game in round 1. Five scorerer were great for spoils of war. Git launchers were overall disappointing (but thats ok, just dices). The big boarriders were great flanking some disciples of lugar :).

      We forgot some rules like battle focus and effect of pws on my iron orcs. My eadbashers did not came into battle but may have killed some kadims the next round before he gave up.

      Second game vs. WoDG.

      This was smashing heads into each others. Git launchers did not gave much support, had to use my skewerer as redirector in round two. So no big support from shooting. The bow guys were no real help too. I think some unit fled from the table that was not fleeing at all. Would have made a 8 to 12 to a 10:10 also may have gotten the object 2 (but unlikely). My lord fell to his chaos lord without doing any damage and I used the wrong weapons on the iron orcs. Also I will switch the equipment of my lord soon.
      Please complain a little more that your army and only your army is to weak. Its not your play for sure ;)

      The Bad Beards (ID)
      Das Tribe (OnGs)
      Zee Brood (SA)