2500 points bat rep Dwarves Close Combat Vs Empire

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    • 2500 points bat rep Dwarves Close Combat Vs Empire

      My list:
      Lord - 125 (General)
      Rune of Might - 20
      • 2x Rune of Fury - 30
      • Shield - 2
      • 3x Rune of Shielding 45
      • Rune of Fire - 25
      Guild Master - 65

      • Shield -2
      • BSB - 25
      • 2x Rune of Shielding - 30
      • Rune of Might - 20
      • Rune of Fury - 15
      Runic Smith - 80

      • Shield - 2
      • Rune of Spell Disrupting - 35
      • Rune of Immolation - 25
      Runic Smith - 80

      • Shield - 2
      • Rune of Spell Devouring - 35

      Veterans x 24 - 240
      • Shields - 24
      • Ambush - 48
      • Full Command - 30
      Shooters x 20 - 200

      • Shields - 20
      • Scout - 40
      • Full Command - 30

      Honorguardx 25
      • Full command - 30
      • runic banner of Shield - 45

      Honorguardx 25
      • Great Weapons - 50
      • Full command - 30
      • Banner of Prosaic Days - 40

      Copter Burner - 70
      Copter Burner - 70
      Copter Burner - 70

      • Totals:
      • Lords: 247 points 9.88%
      • Heroes: 416 points 16.64%
      • Core: 632 points 25.28%
      • Special: 1105 points 44.20%
      The Empires List:

      High Cleric - 85 - General
      • Shield
      • Altar of Battle
      Wizard Apprentice - 65 (Lore of Light)

      Archwizard - 155 (Lore of Beasts)
      • Lvl 4 upgrade - 40
      • 5+ ward - 30
      • Dispel Scroll 35
      Captain - 60
      • Full Plate - 6
      • Dragon Helm - 10
      • Flame Lance - 10
      • Lucky shield -5
      • Gemstone amulet - 15
      Captain - 60
      • Full Plate - 6
      • Hardened Shield -5
      • Snow Cloak - 40
      • Razor Blade - 5
      Captain - 60
      • Full Plate - 6
      • Shield - 2
      • Lance - 4
      • Horse - 10
      • barding -10
      Captain - 60
      • Full Plate - 6
      • Luck Charm - 5
      • BSB - 25
      • Armor of Ages - 40
      Imperial Troops x 40 - 200
      • Full Command - 30
      • Halberds - 40
      Imperial Light Troops - Hand Guns - x10 - 80
      • Full Command - 30
      Imperial Knightsx11 - 242
      • Full Command - 30
      Imperial Guardx31 Great Weapons - 310
      • Full Command - 30
      • Halberds - 40
      Griffon Knights x 3 - 165
      • Full Command - 30
      • Gleaming Icon - 5
      Volley gun - 120

      Mortar - 100

      Discovered his list was illegal due to 4 captains, not a big deal.

      I won the deployment roll and chose to go first.

      Dwarf 1 End of Movement

      Dwarf Turn 1: Moved up aggressively with Copters and started to move my two blocks of honor guard in between the two pieces of terrain to deny him a quick flank. Shooters moved in towards his line, end up killing 1 hand gunner. Magic moved my honorguard up to try to fire off the rune of immolation, magic move goes off, but he stops immolation.

      Empire Turn 1(pic of results to follow): He moved up with his knights, pulling the captain out to chase a copter. He charges the far left gyro with demis and I flee so he redirects and makes a 12 inch charge roll against the copter in the forest. Peg fails charge against other gyro. Magic is 4v4. He gets his 5+ ward off and I stop a banishment. Fires the volley gun at the shooters and kills 5, they don't panic, mortar kills 4 more shooters. Handgunners fail to deal any wounds. Demigriffs drop the copter, copter gets away, demis one inch behind

      Pciture below is end of empire turn 1

      Dwarf Turn 2: Apparently I failed to take a picture of this. Sorry. Ambushers arrive and show up just behind his great weapons with charge arc into handgunner/wizard bunker.
      Gyro bomber charges the volley gun and locks it down, Trading wounds with it. shooters march and do not shoot. Gyrocopter fires on the knight block, misfires, can't shoot next turn

      Empire Turn 2

      He moves his knights around to get the rear charge on the two dwarf blocks, the demis charge the copter again, and he marches his wizard bunker to 10 inches away from the ambushers and brings his pegasus around to support. Magic phase is an 8v6, miscasts transformation on his level 1 wizard to turn it into a dragon. I dispel scroll it so nothing happens. Whew. Shooting seems 1 shooter die to a mortar. The Demis kill off the copter and turn to move in to support the middle. Volley gun and copter push.

      Dwarf 3: end of movement picture

      Ambushers and Shooters charge the wizard bunker, only ambushers make it. Dwarf honorguard blocks move up, exposing flank to the demigriffs like a tool. Honorguard with shields pull off rerollable armor rune. No shooting and Wizard bunker gets wiped in close combat after taking 5 impact wounds.

      Empire 3:

      Empire Triple charges the honorguard with shields block. Rest of this stuff moves around to support, great swords moving up and pegasus moving up to flank, war altar positions itself to give hatred to halberds and demis. Magic is a 12v6 phase. He gets his 5+ ward bubble off for the halberds and demis, I devour the spell. He tries to cast reroll to wound and I stop it. He casts the flaming attacks and I lose 2 dwarves to the effect. Big combat: 7 dwarves die, mostly to griffins, 11 halberds die(flame breath from lord), 1 cav, and 1 wound on the demis. Dwarves lose by three due to charge, flank, rear, pass stubborn check.

      Dwarves turn 4:

      Hammers counter charge, ambushers and shooters move to support the center, boxing in the altar., I get reroll armor on the honorguard shields again. gyrobomer and copter turn to wound great swords, copter burner misfires and dies, the bomber does 1 wound. I put every attack I can into the halberds and win combat by 8. All three units of the empire flee, I pursue the halberds with both, catching and destroying them.

      Empire Turn 4

      Off to the left the Great Swords and the lone knight captain charged the flank of the hammerers. He recovered both the demis and the knights. The chariot moved out of the charge arc of the honorguard(this picture was taken after his turn and already reformed my honorguard). He banishes 2 honorguard to death and the hammers win the combat by one, his dice failed him, he sticks. I reform hammers to front to front him.

      Dwarf turn 5
      I spin the honorguard around to cover the rear of both. Copter charges the rear of the great swords. I get reroll armor on the honorguard shields again. Hammers kill the captain inside of great swords and I win combat by 7, he flees and I chase him down with gyrocopter while the hammers spin to support the honorguard from the incoming demis and knights.

      Empire Turn 5

      Knights and Demis and Chariot charge the honor guard. Pegasus moves up to rear charge the following turn. He does very little in close combat and ends up winng combat

      Dwarf turn 6
      Hammers flank charge the knights. Ambushers and shoots flank the chariot Nearly everything dies. Knights flee from break, hammers pursue and catch him. Chariot is stubborn and sticks.

      Empire turn 6, pegasus rear charges and dies. Chariot dies. Game

      Take aways from this:

      Dwarven Honorguard with shields are in a very sweet spot. They feel like knights on foot. Which seems appropriate, their damage output is low but if you are putting characters in there to get stubborn, then you can augment their strength a bit. Move these guys to rare, rename them kingsguard, consider giving them a 3+ point upgrade for a blessed weapon.

      Dwarven Hammers still feel a bit too expensive, but still necessary, without them I would not have had the damage in CC I need to win combats. Take away the upgrade cost for the GWs and they will be in a good spot IMO.

      Veteran ambushers worked, but I don't have a way to make sure they come in. I would never bring warriors in this capacity because of their low strength.

      Shieldwall is great, but the bonus should also apply to shooting attacks made from their front arc.

      Shooters are costly, 13 points a model to scout them seems right though.

      Copters are too expensive for how easily they blow up and I didn't see much use of the bomber. I'd like an option for a copter that doesn't have the flame thrower. Maybe 50 points for a copter that has the gun the bomber has and a 20+ upgrade to the flame thrower? The army has to have Copters as Warmachine hunters and the flame throwers are scary for any t3 army, but 1/6 of the time I'll misfire and 1/3 of the time it will be removed from play.

      Bomber is lackluster too low of BS to use them as a shooter.

      Army still lacks the medium-high mobility flanker that can be used as a charger.