VC: public playtesting feedback

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    • VC: public playtesting feedback

      Please post any experiences you have playing with or against the Vampire Covenant along with what version of the rules used in your game. Lists and battle reports are helpful as long as they are accompanied by feedback but they are not necessary.

      Here is what we are looking for with regards to feedback:

      Size of GameLength of Game (time).
      Victory points and armyVictory points and army
      Player Experience LevelOpponent Experience Level
      # of Game With Current Draft# of Game with Current Draft
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)If opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)
      Your most valuable unitOpponents most valuable unit
      Your least valuable unitOpponents least valuable unit

      Here is a description of the possible responses for "Experience Level" above. Please be honest in your assessment of your skills: there is no shame in being a casual player, and we are trying to design a game that will appeal to both Casual and Tournament players alike.

      Self-Reported ExperienceDescription
      Casual<2 years Experience. Does not participate in tournaments.
      Intermediate2-5 years Experience. Sometimes participates in tournaments.
      Expert5+ years Experience. Familiar with ETC/Swedish comps. Regularly participates in tournaments.
      Tournament5+ years Experience. Places at local tournaments. Experience in ETC or Master's-level tournaments.

      Please include a copy of both your and your opponent's list. We do not need every detail: units, their numbers, and any particularly new magic items or configurations you were testing will suffice.

      Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1
      Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2
      Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3
      Choice 4Choice 4Choice 4
      Choice 5Choice 5Choice 5

      Please then include a short description of the game, the outcome, and what your and your opponent's thoughts were. If you feel anything needs tuning, please leave it here. Important: A single game does not determine an item's / unit's power level. Please test multiple times, in multiple configurations before suggesting feedback that xyz needs a redesign.
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      -Count Vlad von Carstein
    • Played against tournament level opponent with Beastmen Herds. He already posted on BH subforum, so will mostly c/p his battle report and add my thoughts.

      my list

      Necromancer Lord; lvl 4; lore of fire, Scroll
      Necromancer Lvl.1; Dark Charm
      Nosferatu Baron; Lvl. 3 +1 spell (3 Light + Invocation)
      Barrow King; BSB; Acursed Book
      40 Skeletons; HW&S, full command
      20 Skeletons; full command
      37 Zombies; full command
      2x2 Bat Swarm
      30 Barrow Guard; full command, halberds, Banner of the Barrows
      Vargbeast; stomp
      2x3 Vampiric Monstrosities
      Corpse Cart; unholy convergence
      Titanic Bat

      My opponent @Hruggek

      Minotaur Warlord; General; Mithril Mail; Talisman of Supreme Shielding; Sword of Bashing
      Master Shaman (lore of Wilderness); Lvl. 4; Fencer's Swords; Talisman of Greater Shielding; Dispel Scrol
      Wildhorn Chieftain; BSB ; heavy armour; shield; Beast Axe; totem; Dragon Mantle; Banner of Courage; Charm of Cursed Iron
      Blood Rite Mystic – 142 (Lore of Nature); Lvl. 2; additional hand weapon; Seed of the Dark Forrest
      2 x 15 Wildhorn Herd - ambush; ahw; champion & musician
      2 Ramhorn Chariots
      5 Minotaurs; shields; full command; Totem bearer
      30 Longhorns; Full Command; Banner of Speed
      5 Ravagers
      2 Mutant Warboars
      Beast Giant; Ambush
      Jaculus; Scaly Skin

      Hruggek wrote:

      Support units for the Vampires were absolutely brutal. Since they worked
      on their own, fast, flying and very, very hard hitting they removed my
      support with ease. Vargbeast with 5 re-rollable S6 attacks at WS 5 is not likely to be killed before it inflicts much more damage. Titanic Bat that can switch its normal attacks for scream is a novelty and brutal one too. That unit
      itself killed one Minotaur and inflicted 2 wounds on other (scream in
      its own turn), Spawn (scream in my turn), Jaculus (scream in its own
      turn) and one unit of ambushing Gors (scream + thunderstomp).

      I wanted to try the so called brutal Minotaurs but without 200+ points Minotaur BSB with Banner of Discipline,
      just to check how much can they endure with Ld 8. Result - not too
      long. The problem was also that when I overran into Barrow Guard my
      opponent had very good magic phase (10 vs 4 dice) and with buffs from Light and Fire obliterated Minotaurs. General wasn't touched during CC but his unit lost combat by 1000. (coming back to those brutal vampiric support troops - Monstrosities).

      Ambush was late. One unit of Gors came out in 2nd turn, Giant and 2nd unit in 3rd.

      Magic - I would add that I really like the option of taking other lores and still have Invocation with 2 mages. Necro lore hasn't changed a lot from 6th edition, Stolen youth (Curse of Years) is a shit spell, Vortex is too random. Invocation is a must on at least two mages, reroll2hit and wound, gaze and raise dead are solid and never changing. A boring lore. Fire adds a lot to my list, good buffs and good offensive. I get to use my PD from turn 1. Nosferatu ability + forbidden lore is great too. Wouldn't say it OP, just really exciting to play, and adds dimenson. +1

      Titanic Bat - he was great. The main reason I included him was "backline" protection. Played a few games against warriors and hi elves in prebeta v8 ( very similar to beta, that were non-public WIP army lists) and got badly beaten like 5 times. Griffons, phoenixes, chimeras flying around my back, got really tired of those, so decided to use the Bat from now on to limit their insane maneuverability (hi elves).

      Hruggek had no shooting and no offensive magic so the Bat was killer. After above mentioned, he went after Ld 10 (forgot that one :S ) giant, did 2 wounds, then got charged and killed by him .Have to try it against elves, that will be it's true test.
    • played against tournament level High Elf, 2500.

      same as above except barrow guard wield great weapons, and unholy pyre on cadaver wagon.


      Master of Paths Prince with 4++ and something else
      BSB, 2+as, Beastbane Halberd
      lev 1 light, scroll
      2x5 Heavy cav, one with +m, other with fire i think
      2x5 light cav, no fc
      10 Archers
      25(???) Sword Maters with Sorcery banner
      2 Lion Chariots
      2 Eagles
      3 bolt throwers
      1 Fire Phoenix
      6 KotDR + alternate realities

      Game ended 20-0 because I got extremely lucky, otherwise would be 12-8 for me cca.

      I deployed everything except Titanic Bat, then he put everything except RBTs, so he had advantage over the Bat, but I got +1 and went first. Bat moved behind the hill, where almost my whole army was hiding. Only 1 RBT had LoS, and his mages only later in the game had Los. Vmons and Vbeast were protecting flanks.

      I played a bunker with support guarding flanks. There was a lot of careful moving, Swordmasters advanced slowly witch chariots. He was tried (and failed) to eliminate my support so he could launch full front attack. I played Vmons and beast very defensively staying as far as possible from RBTs, archers and magic missles as i could. He only managed to kill one Vmons, due to my failed frenzy.

      Let's skip to important combats. Vargbeast charged KotDR buffed with WS,I 10, destroyed them. Zombies buffed with smouldering ember (fireborn) charged phoenix and chased him away. Later charged again, he rolled poorly, so phoenix fled the battle. Prior to that he flew over zombies (and stayed as far as he could from the Bat) and deleted half of the unit.

      Chariot and swordmasters buffed with beast spell +1 S,T charged barrow guard hexed with miasma -1ws. He killed cca 21 barrow guards. King killed his BSB, and then I got extremely lucky and managed to kill 9 Swordmasters with 11 attacks. Stayed alive thx to stubborn. Next turn skeletons and 2 Vmons charged lion chariot's flank, cadaver wagon Swordmaster's front corner. Raised back 11 Barrow guard. Swordmasters did a lot of wounds on the guard, but I managed to kill all swordmasters. Again rolled insanely with Barrow guard. He lost CC by 1000, and the game too. Hadn't I rolled insanely, it would end 12-8 for me cca or maybe even less.

      In last turn, the Bat flew out and deleted one lion chariot.

      Some thoughts:

      Swordmasters are the worst unit for me, it's a miracle barrow guard survived. Ultra hard hitting even without buffs. It's always hard for me to do a combo charge against elves, if I play offensively with support, I get shot to death and open my flanks to his really fast support.

      Bat was again good. He hided behind the hill the whole game, but presented a constant threat to phoenix and KotDR.

      Magic was great due to a wide variety of spells. Although I rolled poorly for channel, Dark Charm works great with channel if you can save a dice here and there. Gives that little boost right when you need it. His list has a solid magic phase, but mine was stronger. Really like the miscast worst scenario change. Got overwhelming force with 3PD with nosferatu, destroyed a unit of Silver Helms, and my 20 strong skeleton unit too. At least he survived.

      During hidden pre beta testing, I played three times with ArchangelusM and got badly beaten with every list i tried. Usually played offensive double strigoi lord in ghouls and rushed forwards. He would clean up everything and do a combo charge on ghouls turning them to dust without a chance for me. He had strong shooting, magic, combat, maneuverability, everything. Feels more balanced now.
    • I posted this in the beta 0.9 thread but I'll go ahead and just copy paste it here aswell.

      Well, just had a game today against dwarves. I didn't stand a chance.

      My list:
      Necromancer Lord + lvl 4 + Tome of Arcane Lore 235p (Lore of Fire) (general)

      Vampire baron + lvl 1 + Enchanting Dance + Monstrous Revenant + fly + Armour of Destiny + Shield + Lance 300p (Shadow) This guy sucked for its points! Other than this guy the list isn't complete garbage, right?

      Necromancer + Dispel Scroll 95p
      Necromancer 60p

      Wraith 65p
      Wraith 65p

      Bat swarm 60p
      3x5 Dire Wolves 120p (40/each)
      20 Zombies 60p
      45 Zombies 135p
      41 Skeleton Warriors + Shields + FC + Icon of the Relentless Company 250p

      39 Barrow Guards + GW + FC + Banner of the Barrows 548p
      4 Vampiric Monstrosities + Champion 178p
      4 Vampiric Monstrosities + Champion 178p
      Vargbeast 150p

      Total: 2499p

      He had a lord on that huge thing (what used to be the high king or something), a runelord and an anvil so he had +5 to dispel, and he had a bsb. Then he had 29 kingsguard (hammerers) (This unit had 4+ ward save against magic), 40ish Longbeards with scout and throwing weapons and about 25 slayers with a dragonslayer.

      He got 1 spell through every turn.

      Lore of fire former flame cage and shadow signature spell slowed him
      down for a turn but other than that magic did little of importance, just
      a few wounds here and there.

      His throwing weapons were 40 shooting attacks with str 4 and quick to fire per turn. He managed to do 4-5 wounds on each unit of vampiric monstrosities before combat.

      I combo charged the longbeard units as I thought that was the only unit I would be able to kill. A unit of vampiric monstrosities in the rear, vargbeast
      in the flank and vampire on monstrosity in the front. My character was
      slain, only the Monstrosity champion was left with 1 wound and vargbeast
      took 0 damage. I won combat by 1. By now 4 of my 6 combat units are
      dead and NONE of them could go toe to toe with any of the dwarf units in
      the first place, which is insane for an army with 0 shooting and
      limited magical offense. Lore of fire wasn't enough against t4 army.

      The slayer unit
      is nigh unstoppable for VC. The character alone has 10 attacks hitting
      on 3s and wounding on 3s against tarpits and 4s against grave guards.
      Every wound he causes counts as 2 when calculating combat resolution
      which is outrageous given we have to crumble... Oh and on top of that he
      has multiple wounds d3, no armour saves allowed and he's initiative 7, good luck with that everybody!

      Either vampire covenant suck balls or dwarves are too strong.
    • Hello everyone, i have been testing VC for a long, before posting because i think this one battle post doesnt give much help. So i have been playing with a list a bit different, imo the worse things of the army are, lahmia (no chance of armor or lose distracting, shooting weapon (why would you want this??), and -1 attack¡?) and screams¡ so here is my list.
      Vampire Countress 200pts GENERAL
      • 35pts Sisterhood
      • Commandment 50pts,
      • Two handed 15pts
      • Lvl3 shadows 75pts
      • 4++ heavy armor 50pts
      • nightshround 40pts
      Vampire Baroness 80pts
      • Lvl1 necromancy 25pts
      • -1ld 25pts
      • Sisterhood 25pts
      • two handed 10pts
      • 4++ 50pts
      Total: 215pts
      Necro 60pts
      • Lvl 2 Necromancy 30pts
      • Dispell Scroll 35pts
      Total 125
      Wailing Spirit 95pts
      Wailing Spirit 95pts
      Wailing Spirit 95pts
      Total heroes: 1075pts
      CORE 620pts
      Skeletons 51 full command 3xmarch banner 295pts
      Zombies 30 banner musician 110pts
      Zombies 30 banner musician 110pts
      5wolves 40pts+
      Bat Swarm 60pts
      -Host 70pts
      -Vargbeast con vanguard 170pts
      [/list]-Vargbeast vanguard) 170pts
      -Cadaver Wagon Unholy 95PTS
      Terror¡ 200pts
      my level is MEDIUM player i belive xD
      I have used this list 3 times, two versus light elves, one vs dwarves, first elve was a heavy shooting list with a bunker of swormaster lvl expert (i won him), second was a light elve lvl expert with a mixed list of calvary infantry and shooting ( i lost hard), and last one was a dwarve with a CC army with slayers a bunker one beserker and some shooting and magic he is a medium player (i won hard)

      This is my general thoughts about the army.

      -First lahmia, lahmia vampires arent nice, ok they have supernatural reflex and can dmg rly well, but the -1 attack is rly bad combined with that wearing armor makes you lose distracting is a bit idiot. All in all you are paying 35pts more for a character that gets worse¡¡, because you are paying for distracting and supernatural reflex, but distracting is also buyable with the VC magic item, that also give it to all unit¡ so why u want this? for not been able to wear an armor??
      On the other hand COMMAND IS OP, i use it on a bunker of skeletons that can stop most infantry units, because they hit them most of times on 5s and you dont lose much skeletons winning most combats.
      HOW TO FIX IT, give them again the attack, delete shooting rules and give distracting even with armor.

      -Screams: rly bad.... sry i made a list thinking of -2 ld combo (fear and lahmia power) but even there they dont worth, 3 spirits makes 5 wounds for more or less 300 points, for that you can get better things.
      Terror, i used to love terror, the mini is great, and the playstyle too but now... its unplayable, you are paying 200 points for a guy with fly 8, ok most flys are cap, but in this guy is useless because he fly one time at full speed when he is near of the general, he screams and he dies. Moreover he gets more hits from cannons for this shit move and now he lose muuuuuch dmg for every wound. He is the squisy flying monster he used to be, but now he move less (4um less) and he doesnt punch well.
      HOW TO FIX IT? pff this part is hard, i personally dont know what to do because some changes can make them OP and keeping them like now its kill them.

      REST OF ARMY, great i love it, all its ok not op (except command) and rly funny, thanks for your job ABC
    • I just played with @MeuhMeuh at UB :).

      Size of Game 2500Length of Game (time). 4h (UB)
      Player Experience Level ExpertOpponent Experience Level Expert/Tournament (?)
      # of Game With Current Draft 1# of Game with Current Draft few
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list) Deamonseekers +1A for raging instead of multiplication
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) yIf opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) y

      He plays some nasty list of dwarfs:
      2x 10-12 seeker unit
      1x 25'ish greybeards scouting (shield, throwing weapons)
      1x 10 unit of ambushing greybeards (shield, throwing weapons)
      1x 25'ish king's guard (vanguard banner)
      2x runic smith (both dwarvish scrolls)
      2x deamonseeker (one with gore (double combat res from his attacks) + raging (+1A for each model in base contact), basically S6 guys with +1 to hit and I8)
      1x bsb
      1x cannon
      2x gyrobomber

      I played some testing list:
      1x33 Barrow Guards with +1 to hit banner
      2x32 skellies with shields
      2x5 dogs with champ
      2x2 bat swarms
      2x5 blood knights
      2x1 vargbeast
      necromancer lvl 1 with wand of stability (forget to use it :P)
      necromancer lvl 4 with dispell scroll
      vampire baron lvl 2 nosferatu + forbidden lore (alchemy) with tome of arcane lore, enchanted shield, heavy armour

      Well, seekers are nasty against VC. Without any shooting, I couldn't stop units of seekers - I couldn't charge with neither Vargbeast nor Blood Knights as he has KB and MW2 on his characters. I actually made 1 desperate charge, gave blood knights 1+ as from alchemy attribute and managed to only get 1 wound on his deamonseeker... Barrow Guards got charged by kings guard + raging deamonseeker, they lost around 20, but killed deamonseeker, general and bunch of kings guards (Barrows had distracting on them and kings guards got that too). After couple of tourns, Barrow Guards killed the Kings Guards, with little help of skellies charging. On other side, unit of skellies + 5 blood knights were struggling to kill unit of 12 (!!) deathseekers. 40 skelletons + 5 blood knights. They fought there for 4 whole game turns and seekers managed to kill 3 blood knights in meanwhile... I had some failed charges from vargbeasts (on 7 and 8, both 1 inch short), first of which missed a cannon and then vargbeasts got shot to death, second one was going to charge seekers fighting skellies from behind (killing 3 or 4 of them with normal attacks and then killing the hero in the front with stomps as he would have no chance to hit beast because of I8). Well, it failed too so my skellies bunker with characters inside exploded in the last turn, which made me lose 14:6. Pretty tight game, if I've made that vargbeast charge last turn it would probably be 13:7 for me ;).

      Well, I don't consider dwarfs OP right now, the only issue here was that against VC they are terribly good. Especially seekers deffinitely did the job here, I was struggling to do anything against them... I like my army, I would just probably change one of the 5 knights to 2x3 Vampire Monstrosities to deal with WM a little better maybe.
    • Just played with arnau_27396 lizards. Here goes some feedback.

      arnau_27396 wrote:

      2400Length of Game 3'5 Hours
      Player Experience Level: IntermediateOpponent Experience Level: Intermediate
      # of Game With Current Draft. 1# of Game with Current Draft. 2
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft No.If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft Playing. No
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) YIf opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) Y

      Skink High Priest, L4 (Life), DispelScrollSaurian Veteran, Tyrannosaurus, AoD, sheild, lance, bsb10 Hunters BP7 Kroxisaurus, hardened scales, Champion, MusicSpinosaur, Spit Poison, Wizard conclaveVampire Count, Skeletal Steed, Fly, Natural armour, blood drake, crimson rage, crystal ball, beast-bane halberd, dragoncale helm, dispel scroll45 zombies, stardartVarghulf, fly6 Vampire knights, FC, Plate armour and devastating charge, Castlehof Flag
      Saurian Ancient, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Flaming Aura, Lucky Shield, Flame lance, Staff of Mending10 Hunters Javs5 Chamaleons2x Spike Lizard, razord Sharp SpikesVampire Count, Skeletal Steed, Fly, Natural armour, blood drake, Avatar of death, strenght potion, sword of strife, hardened shield, dusk stone45 zombies, stardartVarghulf, fly
      27 Saurus Warriors, FC, Icon of Relentless comp30 skeletons, FC, shields, icon of prosaics days3 Great bats
      Snake Swarms, Scout

      Despite I had 3 units with enormous combat potential, I found that the ones that had my oponent where a few superiors. I initially believed that a singular combat between my general and any of his vampires would finish in a loose.

      I won the deployment side, so he started putting all his units in order to start the game (that's the only thing I don't like of 9th age. As it is now, who looses the side starts the game. Maybe changing it to deploy a max of three units at a time would make the deployment more interesting). I put my units adequatly in order to have favourable meetings. Chamos and swarms at 19 inches aprox to avoid turn 1 charge of vampire knights.

      As you pinktaco have asked less battlereport and more unit-feeling, it's what i'll do:

      -Personal thoughts:

      Snake Swarms are a viable option versus skirmishers. A basic unit with scout at the same amount of points that a skink hunters one avoid me to redirect earlier in the game, and without being forced to sacriface chamos to do this task. I loose a skink hunter unit and I gain the survival of chamos. Furthermore, they can tarpit little but annoying units. Great option!

      Spinosaurus: it killed with the spit poison a vampire lord charging since the unit of knights. I was absolute lucky, but I found it quite good. Wildform and amber spear were two aditional annoying spells to dispell, and the last one offers us an option to deal with things that we couldn't be able without it.

      Croxisaurus: extremely potent unit. With the priest with life and spino with wildform, they can become very resiliant to death. They charged the knights unit (no vamps in it in that moment), and croxisaurus would have exploded them if they hadn't been behind a wall. Hitting on 5 and a very bad luck finished in the unit loosing the combat and beeing caughted. In a normal situation, these guys can obliterate anything.

      Tyrannosaurus Rex: quite well protected, I initially thought the staff of mending was too cheap now that high magic atribute has changed. In the game, the opponent knew it was important to dispell it, because it gives you virtually 2 wounds instead of one. Fighting vs WS9 the dino behaves quite bad. It was charged by the 8A (S7 in one turn) vampire lord (repeat to hit and to wound), and made to the tyranosaurus 5 wounds. My dino had only one chance to kill the vamp, but as I've said, hitting on 5s is quite unreliable and it finished not doing any wound. He didn't flee but was killed in the consequent turn. Very hard monster, but vampire lords are a bit too much!

      Tyrannosaurus: 2 extra wounds to saurus veteran, decent protection. Quite good vs infantry units, and much poorer than his big brother vs monsters or strong pjs.

      High skink priest: great option. Finally we can choose between heavy and expensive or avarage and cheap magic.

      Oponents thoughts:

      SA team have done good job with croxis and spino.

      Vampires blender lords: still very good but he had to sacrifice the magic in his roster to be able to take them.

      Varghulfs: good in all lists. Minimun 1 with fly in every list.

      Big bats: supreme M10 redirectors of an army that can't presume of having much.

      Ghouls: tried to use them as a redirector and failed. Need more playing to judge.

      Both thoughts:

      Everything seemed playable and nothing broken.
      We enjoyed a lot!

      PD: I believe that the duel we had between big tyrano and vampire lord must be one of the most powerful of the entire game. Any of both could have died easily so the luck was who decided.

      As I say, in this army i've left apart the magic and with skeletons carring the Icon I still have decent magic defense.

      Vamp lords will almost always be deployed with the knights, but just for protection from shooting before being released to puntch in the face some big ridden monsters/monstruous units, just awsome doing that. (In this game one died charging the spino... but you know luck is there...).

      Vamp knights still being redirected a lot with this roster, I'll try it taking away ghouls and use some wolves.

      Good work to both army teams!
    • I participated in a small 2400 points tournament in Austira. I am an experienced Tournament player (multiple ETCs with Vampires, also created comps for austrian national championships in 8th edition). My list:
      - Vampire Count: Blood Drake; Crimson Rage; Beast-Bane Halberd; Strength Potion; Dragonscale Helm; The Accursed Book
      - Vampire Count: Blood Drake; Shield; Avatar of Death; Obsidian Sword; Divine Icon; Dragon Mantle; Lucky Charm; Dark Charm
      - Necromancer: Level 2 Necromancy; Dispel Scroll
      - Necromancer: Level 2 Necromancy; Unholy Tome
      - 35 Zombies: MS
      - 35 Skeletons: Spears; CMS; Banner of Speed
      - 32 Skeletons: Shields, CMS; Banner of Cleansing Fire
      - 2x5 Direwolves
      - 2 Great Bats
      - 2x Vargbeast: Vanguard
      - 2x Titanic Bat

      detailed battle reports at…-age-tournament-in-steyr/

      Round 1 against Warriors of the Dark Gods (Experienced/Expert player):
      He fields (qualitatively): A Unit of Warriors with 3 Attacks (even supporting Attacks) with a BSB, ~10 Knights with a Lord (Hellsword) and Level 3 (Heaven), 8 Trolls, a Chariot and redirector units.

      Apart from magic, he has nothing against my Titanic Bats, his Knights (including Chars) last 2 close combat rounds at the most against my Vamps and his Trolls are dead before they can attack. Only his Warriors stand a little chance, though they are slow and i have to Vargbeasts to annoy them. Long story short: Wipe in round 4. He didn't play on point deny though, which would have been has only chance to get some tournament points.

      I didn't see anything overpowered in the Warriors list. Only the full supporting attacks rule looks kinda broken.

      Round 2 against Dwarfs (very experienced Tournament player):
      His list (qualitatively): A large unit of musketeers, a smaller one with crossbows, a carrier of Forgeguard with Master Rune Smith; a lone Master Engineer; the dreaded Daemonseeker; 3 Steamcopters; 2 Steambomber; Anvil of Power; a Cannon; a Catapult and a Volley Cannon.

      After reading the list, I intuitively wanted to deny. Since it was kind of a test tournament, I decided to rush. I went into charge position with the Vargbeast in round one and went as far as I could with the rest. One Vargbeast died, the other was threatend by the Daemonseeker (and got shot in the next round). Round by round I got redirected by the Copters, my Titanic Bats got shot and an astound amount of 3 Skeletons (from my 60 models unit) carried my Vamps into combat in round 5. Statistically I would have killed the at least this unit, resulting in about a 5:15, but instead my Vamps got very, very unlucky and died, 0:20.

      Feedback for Dwarves: It is as boring as it ever was to play against dwarves. With an infantry List it is almost impossible to get there before being shot completely. And if they arrive they are facing very capable fighters. The Copters are immensely cheap (flying T5 Model with shooting attacks!), the Bombers do their damage each round (still very cheap!) not only once but twice if affected by the movement spell. Which brings me to the fact, that Dwarves now have a quite effective magic phase. The elements itself weren't too far off (except for the Deamonseeker), but an army that consists solely of models with shooting attacks cannot be balanced. Please let them pay their price somehow. Like giving back stand and shoot penalty and/or taking away great weapons for shooting weapons. It should be a decision: either a good shooting unit or powerful fighters.
      One particular situation I'd like to mention (though it's for general rules): The Deamonseeker got an overrun into the flank of my skeletons. RAW he was now able to completely block my unit due to the fact that my Vampires were not able to attack him (Make way only to the front) and he kept unbreakable while refusing the challange.

      Round 3: Beast Herd (Experienced player).
      His list (qualitatively): Minotaur Lord; Minotaur BSB; 3 Chariots, 2 Ambushing Giants, A large Unit of Longhorns with Level 4 Nature, a large unit of Minotaurs, and a few redirectors.

      Apart from the giants in my back, I was greatly favoured. He had nothing against my Titanic Bats, the Vargbeast had no real obstacle against getting to the back of the beasts and the Minotaurs were my favourite target for the crimson halberd. I charged, the Titanic Bats killed a lone Character, my Carrier killed/scared away the Minotaurs and a combined effort killed the Longhorns. I lost my Bats, a Vargbeast and some skeletons to the giants. Also the non-general Vamp got killed. Major victory for Vampires.

      Nothing overpowered in the Beast herd (at least against my list). Though imo the double ambushing giants should be on the watch list. It is really tough for some armies.
      One mention though on the lore of nature: Dwellers is still a stupid spell. It's just taking 5 dice each round and watching models die, hoping some characters die along with them.

      Feedback on Vampires:
      I love the Vampire Clans! Blood drakes are quite alright and I also find the prices and the challenge rule ok. Though the combination of Crimson rage and Beast-Bane Halberd is way to strong. This combo has a potential of 30 wounds on Monstrous units (30 wounds per round!!!), this insta-kills some units and most chars (of the monstrous types) before they can hit back. 20 Points for the item is like giving it for free, it would still be a viable choice for 40/45 points. In my games it killed 6 Trolls and 4 Minos (very bad rolling), leaving them no chance of winning.

      The Accursed Book is an auto-pick. Not sure if it is broken, since so many units throughout the game have it. Imo In general distracting is far to easy (and cheap) to get.

      Vargbeasts are by far the best unit in the book. They are cheap, elite and have killer stats and awesome upgrades. They solve many problems Vampires have. In my games, they took several chariot charges. Statistically they get one wound (which is recovered due to 3+ Hunger) and kill a 4W/4T chariot on the spot. With Vanguard they are behind enemy lines in round one and can deal tremendous amount of damage. Also one almost killed an entire unit of Chaos warriors.

      Titanic Bats: They are really good. They have quite reliable damage output with full health. Though the potential goes down drastically after losing 1/2 wounds. Being able to scream in the combat phase (with -1Ld through fear!) is awesome and guarantees the she isn't pinned (or killed!) by unstompable redirectors. She is also the sole weapon against Sole models. I think 2 of them are really tough, especially combined with 2 (3) Vargbeasts for target saturation.

      Now on the weaknesses of Vampires: As over the top list above is against a close combat list, as tough it is to play against shooty lists, especially if they have a lot of redirectors or are evasive. I would not mind losing some of the power above and exchanging it for being more potent against shooty lists. At the moment it seams a lot rock/paper/scissor stile.
    • Played vs daemons of slaanesh, v.0.9 and got rolled over, 0-20 loss. Player level: expert.

      His list:

      Courtesan of pleasure: lv3, metempsychosis, lash of lust, felon of grace: 535p
      Harbringer of lust: lv1, BSB, scroll, felon of grace: 185p

      25 Sirens of lust: felon grace, F/C, banner of speed: 230p
      25 Sirens of lust: felon grace, F/C, banner of cleansing fire: 235p
      10 Sirens of lust: felon grace: 80p
      10 Sirens of lust: felon grace: 80p

      5 Hunters of lust: musician, elusive, felon of grace: 105p
      5 Hunters of lust: elusive, felon of grace: 95p
      4 Charmers of lust: barded claw, felon of grace: 226p
      6 Charmers of lust: barded claw, felon of grace: 336p
      5 Gargoyles: MoL, felon of grace: 80p
      5 Gargoyles: MoL, felon of grace: 80p

      Daemon engine: MoL, felon of grace: 230p

      My list:

      Necromancer Lord, Level 4,Path of Fire, Sceptre of Power, 230
      Vampire Baron of Nosferatu, Level 2 (3), Forbidden Path, Tome of Arcane Lore (Alchemy)240
      Necromancer, Level 1, Path of Necromancy, Dark Charm 80
      Necromancer, Level 1, Path of Necromancy 60
      23 Zombiesstandard, musician, 89
      23 Zombies, standard, musician, 89
      40 Ghouls, champion, 370
      5 Direwolves 40
      5 Direwolves 40
      Vargbeast 150
      Vargbeast 150
      10 Ghoul Monstrosities, champion, 446
      2 Great Bats, 40
      2 Great Bats, 40
      5 Angels of Death, Halberd, 435


      Firstly, congratulations for the deamon ABC team for making a great book and making mono god lists viable. List was strong but not OP. Only thing that felt too good was the lash on the greater daemon. 2D6 S6 hits that mostly hit on 2+ is way too good IMO. Charmers of lust are nasty and ate my vargbeasts with ease, they are quite expensive though. 2 attacks on hunters with AP2 and 1 from the mount (with poison) was very effective and very cheap IMO. They are M10 too! 1 attack on riders should be enough for the points payed for them.

      VC thoughts:

      Magic: 3 lores were too much. Mostly used fire and invocation. Not having more spells from necromacy was sorely felt. Lost all manouverability and that is not a good thing vs a mostly M10 army. The nerf to invocation was huge aswell. My angels fought the 2 infantry blocks and did it well, their saving grace was my brother´s inability to roll 6:s. Once he got those in and my power went into keeping them alive with invocation. Most of those spells my opponent could stop, so got in around 1 invocation per turn. Got two IF on 2 dice invos, that was unfortunate. I was plagued by small magic phases and struggled to kill his chaff with path of fire, that was one big part in losing the game. The dark charm was really useful. Path of necromacy definetly needs some finetuning as its basically a must have for VC.

      Core: what can I say. My ghouls got eaten by big deamon, engine and the small charmer unit in 2 rounds of combat. My zombies faced a similar fate vs bigger charmer unit. Our core troops just melt away against this kind of opposition.

      Special: vargbeasts are lovely, but need to team up vs stuff like charmers. My ghoul monstrosities got easily chaffed up due to my problems in dealing with my opponents redirectors.

      Rare: Angels hold up well, but M6 flyers arent that fast. My opponents infantry was just as fast and got a charge on them! Anti-crumble aura was great aswell as undead construct. Again my dice were against me, usually missed around 75% of my attacks. Once I lost numbers they were doomed.

      I conceded in turn 4. I barely killed anything in his army. Overall I never really felt I had any chance, felt that my army was really underwhelming vs my opponent and I was on the defensive right from the start. Admittedly I had some bad dice rolling and need to focus on deployment that is very important with VC due to march/invo range. A fighter vamp lord could have made a big difference in this game, but that would mean losing a combat unit. Also not having raise dead was a real deathblow. Even 10 sirens blow through my chaff in a heartbeat and raise dead could have kept them away a bit longer.

      Path of necromacy would´ve probably been a better choice since I couldnt cast more than 1 magic missile a turn anyway. Still, the core rules are great and I love how the magic phase is done! Even with 2 miscasts I was fine when having used only 2 dice. In 8th that would´ve been a disaster.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Mikael.K ().

    • Hi, i played my first 9th age against sylvan elves. I played a lot vampires since 7th starts, and I loved play "control" with them. Not aggro, just control, specially when i played full necromancer armies without any vampiric unit in 8th. I like how i can still do that and how the bloodlines add interesting gameplay and combos (only the von carstein, lahmia and necrach, blood dragons and strigoi are too rude for me).

      My army was composed of:
      Vampire count Lahmia lvl 3 necromancy Fencer's swords, Sprout of rebirth, Commandment 445
      Vampire baron Lahmia lvl 1 necromancy, skeletal steed with natural armour, BSB, halberd, Obsidian rock, Dark charm, Mesmerizing glance 265
      33 Skeletons with shield, standard bearer with war standard, champion 200
      30 Zombies with standard bearer 100
      30 Zombies with standard bearer 100
      2 Bat swarms 60
      2 Bat swarms 60
      5 Dire wolves 40
      5 Dire wolves 40
      24 barrow guards with shield, standard bearer with holy icon, champion 314
      3 Vampiric monstruosities 126 puntos
      Vargbeast 150 puntos
      2 Angels of death with halberd, light armour 180
      5 Vampire knights standard bearer with Castlehof flag, champion 320

      Basically the army is very similar. The magic phase for me is esentially the same, the enemy must dispel my dance macabre aura and I can raise zombies I try some damage spells like gaze of Setesh. Including the new vampire knights i get a new menace and the enemy can't focus all in barrow guards, thats good.
      The vampire count was really similar to support/mage vampire count of the 7th edition book. that was my favourite kind of vampire so I'm glad to play her again, even with the huge nerf (no WS7 or range 12 inches). Probably other weapon would be a better choice. But with Fencer i get +1 Initiative as aditional hand weapon, right?
      The vampire baron was expensive. I don't know if the Lahmia vampire barons worth their poins, and when she's mounted is hard choose between distracting or a good armour save.
      The skeletons have a good improve. Now I must play them with spears, today it could be more useful than parry because they fighting with a huge unit of wild riders. With parry they can be anoying, but with Commandment... with that they're a problem.
      Zombies are esentially the same. S3, T3, maybe WS5, still the good and reliable unit. And they still raise for free the first turns.
      The bat swarms are new. As core they're playable now, are a good support unit. I can try play him to fight with other weak unis and flank or to combined charges, today was the second. The wild riders thought they could obliterate me, but with WS5, -1WS for the wild riders and distracting the skeletons was too thought for the riders :P I love vampire combos.
      I still playing barrow guard with shield the past edition, and now they're better, nice ^^. Multiple wounds with all attacks are cool. I killed a dryad matriarch with the barrow champion. The holy attacks+lethal strikes are nice. With a 6 you ignore armour and regeneration and enemy must repeat all ward saves.
      I couldn't play the vampiric monstruosities. Too weak for sylvan shoots, and too tender and slow to fight with dryads or other sylvan otherwordly. At least they still being cheap.
      I know I should pay an option for the vargbeast, but the angels of death take my points. With swiftstride and S6 I can see him as a menacing danger for the enemy. But the most important was his ridiculous small base let him move between units so easy.
      The angels died with shoots. The pathfinders did his job. But i did a mistake with the deployment, i must keep them near to general. M6 is really slow.
      The vampiric knights are the new unit. Now you can trust them. Without frenzy the enemy doesn't laught when you deploy this bros. Today i played them with a really expensive character and doesn't worth their points. But with the flag and MR2 they're really really really hard to take down. If i was a fan of playing totally agro with deathstarts i could try them with the Blade of red thirst.
    • I had my first 9th Age game, also versus Sylvan Elves.

      I took:
      470 - Vampire Count: level 2, path of necromancy, blood drake, crimson rage, shield, armored skeletal steed, sword of strength, talisman of supreme shielding, crystal ball
      125 - Necromancer: level 2, path of necromancy, unholy tome
      120 - Barrow King: mithril mail, great weapon
      280 - Skeletons x 50: shields, full command
      266 - Skeletons x 59: spears, full command
      40 - Direwolves x 5
      40 - Direwolves x 5
      416 - Barrow Guards x 28: great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows
      170 - Vargbeast: vanguard
      170 - Vargbeast: vanguard
      405 - Vampire Knights x 5: full command, bloodline unit, castelhof banner

      He took:
      Avatar of Nature with clinging vines
      Captain BSB with Hail Shot
      Captain with Sunstone
      Enchantress Lvl 2 of Beasts with Dispel Scroll
      Enchantress Lvl 2 of Shadow with Acorn of the World Tree
      10 Grove Guard with Truemark arrows
      10 Grove Guard with Truemark arrows
      17 Forest Guardians full command
      11 Dryad skirmishers
      5 Bladedancers
      6 Wild Huntsmen
      6 Wild Huntsmen
      3 Treefolk
      Forest Eagle
      Forest Eagle
      5 Sisterhood Order
      5 Pathfinders
      5 Pathfinders

      The game ended in a draw with him killing all of my Skeletons, my Necromancer, my Direwolves, and my Vargbeasts and me killing his Avatar of Nature, his BSB Captain, his Eagles, his Bladedancers, and one of the Grove Guard units. The highlights of the game are that my Varbeasts were in his deployment zone turn 1 with the combo of vanguard and knowing 100% that I had first turn due to accepting that I'd be outdeployed and dropping multiple units at once for the +5 or more to the first turn roll. Because of knowing this, I was able to be really aggressive with my vanguard moves and get right up in his BSB's Grove Guard unit's face with both Vargs. One Varg got shot to death on my opponent's turn 1, but the second one got into combat with the Grove Guard and eventually killed them all, but died to a flank charge from the Dryads on the turn he finished off the BSB. My Vampire Knight unit got blocked with one of his Eagles, but my Count was able to charge out at his Avatar of Nature for an epic showdown with the Spear Skeletons in the flank for combat res if things went against me. His Bladedancers charged in and assassinated my Necromancer, but on the third round of combat I managed to fell the Avatar and break the Bladedancers, running them down with ease. My Vampire Knights finished off the blocking Eagle, but had to take a charge from the Treefolk, who got a +1 S/T buff along with -1 to hit for me. I lost the first round by a couple of points, but got healed back up by my Count and fought on, killing off the Trees and running them down. My Grave Guard ended up spending all game holding an objective on a flank and getting harassed by the Forest Guard unit teleporting behind them and then teleporting away with their Sunstone. I would have liked to get them into some combat, but was happy to preserve their points and the 250 from the objective.

      Overall it was a very fun, close, tactical game with lots of character and with a lot more balance than I remember ever running into in 8th. Here are my main takeaways from each unit:

      Vampire Count: Still a super badass and seems well-balanced for his cost.
      Barrow King: No info due to not seeing combat
      Necromancer: Did as expected. I might trade the Tome for a Scroll, but we'll see.
      Skeletons: These guys died like crazy. I'm still not sure if 60 Skeletons with Spears or 50 with Shields is a better buy for about the same points, but either way they are pretty big wieners.
      Direwolves: Did as expected, still a good buy for a diverter. In a small army where I'm likely to finish deploying well before the other guy and get first turn, vanguard is better than ever.
      Barrow Guard: No info yet, but I am excited for Bodyguard
      Vargbeasts: Did great! I really like vanguard for the above reasons and the S6 is nice. I do wish they were still monster for being a full rank at 1 model, but you can't have everything for 170 points.
      Vampire Knights: I love em! So happy to finally have a reason to field these guys. 1+/4++ did a great job of keeping them safe from a lot of concentrated shooting (even at AP3 from the Pathfinders I don't think I took a single wound).
      Path of Necromancy: This is probably the biggest part of our army that still needs work. Mainly I'd like to see the vortex changed or switched out for something completely different as that spell is just garbage and will always just be switched out for Invocation as it stands.

      Overall: I had a great game and really enjoy the system! Looking forward to more progress on the book.
      My battle reports:
      VC Bloody Battle Blog
    • Another 4 games with VC much feedback xD

      lets comment it, first i used my last post lahmia list with some changes.. I played vs a lust daemon with something like this
      1 big demon of lust
      3x6 charms
      3 or 4 units of lust core

      I changed my terror and spirits for some vampiric knights.

      I got smashed he moved hard 20 um in the first turn with charms and general, he moved some more because of a magic spell that i failed to dispell. I couldnt even react to all this movement. Moreover, i couldnt even kill a unit of lust core with my bunker and my vargbeast got fcked by charms, His general deleted my vampiric knights so bye bye to game. I belive m10 should be nerfed, all flyes got downgrade why not that move? ok you cant move throw units but is rly hard.
      In this game i felt that lahmia vampires dont have much punch, in my other games i abused of the combo fear, -1ld and a strong bunker to win by a bit and make him flee. This time due to unbreakable... i belive it was a bad matchup,

      Second game, lahmia too, vs Dark Elves, we didnt finish but it was a GG to me i belive. His list was something like this
      1 guy in pegasus with 1d3 wounds and that stuff (no magic weapon)
      1 mage in pegasus
      a bunker of coldones with 1 bsb and his general
      20? spears
      some archers
      1 bolt

      I abused of my vanguards because i deployed all my army list before, my vargbeast got into a great position so i could nicely kill the bolt thrower with one and the other was flanking his pegasus.

      He put in the centre spears and bus and advanced forward so i put my bunker in front and flanked him with vampiric knights and chariot. This moment i faill a 5s charge with vampiric knights to his spears and my chariot was alone vs all them :P. (YEAH they are spears but i i could break him before he hit 12 attacks 3s 2s and the chariot impact hits)
      The game continued with his pegasus died, my chariot fighting vs spears and his bunker totally flanked with 1 vargbeast and vampiric knights and in front the bunker. I managed to get repeat to hit and to wound on all units.
      We didnt continue playing because of time, but his bunker was death and it was a GG.

      This time i decided to change list for something like this (blood drakes)

      Vampire lord. Beast halbred accursed book crimson rage
      Vampire lord general, with nice save and nice in duels

      2 necros lvl2

      1 unit of zombies
      2 of skeletons

      2x vargbeast vanguard( i manage to love this guys)
      1 host

      Terror gheist
      Dark chariot (another must)

      Third game I played vs beast with

      Lord on chariot (first turn ambush)
      lvl3 beast

      3 Chariots of tuskor
      6? tuskbeast
      centaur unit with characters
      bestigors ambusing
      giant ambushing
      some ungors
      some wolves
      gors bunker to mage.

      He give me deployment ( i knew i was going to be first turn because he had 1st turn ambush) but anyway i deploy all to abuse of vanguards.
      First fail, he vanguard a lot with chariots centaurs etc. So in my turn the game was semiwon, my chariot charged to his centaurs killing his bsb centaur and getting killed from his tuskbeast I blocked with wolves his chariots my vargbeast killed his mage on second turn...

      The game advanced and he must left the game due to time, anyway no mage, chariots very damaged, tuskbeast fleeing from bunker and his general flanked by vargbeast and menaced by bunker...

      Review, ok he was rly fast but no puch in his army, moreover Halbred rly OP¡¡¡¡ WITH CRIMSON delete units. Tuskbeast 35pts for a guy with 3 wounds s5 t5??? i felt they was rly op while our ghoul monstruosity are unplayable.

      LAST GAME vs rats
      3 priest in big rat lvl 2 all
      1 lord in big rat
      4 units of 20 vermin shield
      4 mortars
      2 cannons
      2x units of ninjas

      Another won, as usually i abused of my vanguard and menace the cannon and one priest with the vargbeast. my terror tanked most shoots and finally died without doing nice, but he tanked like a boss so he worth he had RLY BAAAAAD LUCK anyway his list vs mine didnt had much options.

      Vargbeast are rly nice at the moment, terrorgheist isnt a bad choice maybe you could add him this upgrade. 30points, when the terror died all units on 12 um get 2d6 hits toxic attacks, i read it on another user beta. Crimson rage is GREAT/BAD, what i mean? it only worth its points when you use halbred and vs some list, but when you play vs that list, you are unstopable. Dark chariot its great¡ i love it, at the beginning its not great but with some upgrades he become a kill machine.
    • Played vs forest spirits:

      Ancient Treant: general, avatar of nature, aspect of the redwood: 320p
      Ancient Treant: lv3 nature, tome of arcane lore, aspect of the entwined roots: 410p

      Treefolk elder: BSB, banner of the living forest, aspect of the white birch: 195p
      Dryad matriarch: lv1 wilderness: 65p

      20 Dryads: F/C: 252p
      20 Dryads: musician, standard: 242p
      8 Dryads: skirmishers: 100p
      8 Dryads: skirmishers: 100p

      8 Treefolk: musician, standard: 375p

      Treant: 220p
      Treant: 220p


      My list:

      Necromancer Lord, Level 4,Path of Necromacy, Sceptre of Power, 230
      Vampire Baron of Nosferatu, Level 2 (3), Forbidden Path, Tome of Arcane Lore (Alchemy)240
      Necromancer, Level 1, Path of Necromancy, Dark Charm 80
      Necromancer, Level 1, Path of Necromancy 60
      23 Zombiesstandard, musician, 89
      23 Zombies, standard, musician, 89
      40 Ghouls, champion, 370
      5 Direwolves 40
      5 Direwolves 40
      Vargbeast 150
      Vargbeast 150
      10 Ghoul Monstrosities, champion, 446
      2 Great Bats, 40
      2 Great Bats, 40
      5 Angels of Death, Halberd, 435


      Lost 0-20 in turn 3. His units resemble ours, forest spirit --> ghouls, treefolk --> ghoul monstrosities, with the big exception that they are superior in every way! Yet again I felt I was on the defensive right from the start. He advanced boldly, not beeing afraid of much in my army. We had 3 major combats:

      1. Both varghbeasts vs a treeman. I got 1-2 wounds in and he stuck. I get flanked by a unit of dryads and both varghbeasts pop. Even with 10 re-rollable S6 attacks treemen simply wont die, put stubborn to that and they wont run either.

      2. My ghoul monstrosities vs treefolk. Wow, my ghoul monstrosities vanished in just a couple of combat rounds, with him losing 1½ treefolk in the process. One could argue that his unit with BSB is more expensive, but only by around 120 points. Even without that BSB I would have been dead. Again, invocations could not save this unit with the current raise rate. Lets see

      Treefolk ------ Ghoul monstrosity
      4+ AS, 5++ ----- 5+ reg
      I3 ---------------- I2
      WS4 -------------- WS3
      BSB --------------- yeah right
      45pts (130) ------ 48pts (110)
      D3+1/2 ---------- 2 (+1 attribute)

      So, in almost all aspects treefolk are plain better. A unit of 10 treefolk is like 10pts more expensive than the same ammount of ghoul monstrosities. One could also argue that they need an expensive upgrade to gain more strength, but lets be frank, wouldnt one take that treeman anyway in this type of army? I dont see that beeing a sacrifice.

      3. Angels vs treeman general. I start of very nice by getting a charge and enchanted blades up on this unit. I put in 4 wounds straight away. He sticks with stubborn. Another treeman gets a flank charge, but I´m ok since im quite confident I will kill the treeman to the front. Then what happens, a boosted summer growth with oaken throne from across the field brings back the general to full wounds. I manage 1 wound on him in combat and needles to say, my angel unit is reduced to 1 model vs 2 treemen with full health.

      At this point I conceede. My opponent wants to try what would have happened when the dryad would have charged the ghouls the coming turn. With hatred he kills roughly half the unit and the ghouls does 7-8 wounds. Next round they would have been dead. My unit got pinned in place by a small unit of skirmishing dryads in conga line, again making them stubborn.

      I still like my angels, they are an awesome unit! I like my varghbeasts aswell, but they simply cant handle charmers of lust or treemen, simple as that :P

      I really feel our army miss its teeth. Terrorgheists usually forced opponents to stay away. Now, with very little ranged capabilities and nerfed screams, other armies have free reign in the movement phase, no need to fear anything really. I didnt feel tree army to be OP, some really nice synergies. But our army is simply underwhelming. One could argue that this too is a bad matchup, but I keep asking myself, do we have any good matchups? Also, whats up with this army wide stubborn stuff that they are bound to have with the extra forest?

      I think I´ll move on to the double blood drake count we´ve seen having some success. Until it gets nerfed at least :D
    • Here's a long-ish report, hope you don't mind. Rules were 0.9.0., 2400 point two day tournament.

      When making a Vampire list, well, one starts with the vampires! In 6th and 7th ed my favorite were the Strigoi, close second the Necrarh. I guess since first I red their stories, in the 6th ed army book, they got under my skin. :)

      I gave them and other bloodlines a lot of consideration and finally figured it would be best to skip taking a bloodline at all. There were several reasons for this.
      The price! If I was to take one it would be Castelstein or Sisterhood since only they had acceptable prices on their upgrade and their bloodline powers. For example, to play for Strigoi 50pts and then the thick bloodline 65 is simply too much for a vampire model that costs 200pts naked.
      Second reason was the drawbacks. Again, to pay a lot of points extra in order to have a nerfed vampire model can't be good. Blood Drakes have to enter a challenge, a thing not even Warriors have to (they can use a champion). Lack of mount option, armour and magic levels seals the deal for Strigoi even though +1 wound is a nice thing. Nosferatu really don't seem like a good option, they have an avoid-at-all-cost combat vampire general that doesn't cast magic much better then a Necromancer. Castelstein and Sisterhood don't have any drawbacks (Sisterhood does have -1 attack but that is nullified with +1 to hit) so those were under consideration.
      Third reason was that the thin bloodlines are all open for taking without a main bloodline. One could cherry pick what they wanted.
      So, for this tournament I forgo the flavor of the bloodlines even though I look forward to playing them all, even the Nosferatu, just to field the awesome models on the table and try to figure out ways to make them all work.

      This is what I came up with. Main guideline was that I wanted two counts, one to lead a knight unit and the other an infantry unit. Vampire core troops are really sub par, even with magic healing them up, and an easy 600+ pts for the opponent; so a vampire was there to protect them as best as he could. Also, I tried to optimize the characters as much as possible because they are the ones that win games; troops are there just to fill the space. :)

      Vampire count, General, Lvl3 Death, Blademaster bloodline, Nightshroud, Scroll, 3+ total armour
      - Blademaster gives him a lot of options, the shield is a way to get to 2+ armour and during the tournament he was using all the weapons he could since different situations called for different weapons. Giving a general non Necromancy Path is also great, army gets some diversity and the general still has the mandatory #0 of Necromancy. Nightshroud is now a good item; in 8th ed it was simply broken. I don't usually field a scroll but it was there because I didn't know what magic will be doing during the games.

      Vampire count, Lvl3 Necromancy, Skeletal steed, Crystal ball, Blade of red thirst, Mesmorizing gaze, 1+ armour total
      - Mesmorizing gaze is, for 25 pts, too powerful on a mounted model. And still too cheap on an infantry model. The bloodline basically states: you don't get to charge my unit unless you are few '' closer they usual and once you break from combat or flee from our charge while being too close, you'll get run down.
      Blade of thirst is a nice weapon. It does prevent the vampire from being better in close combat (only S5) but helps out his unit and that was the theme here.

      Barrow king, BSB, Skeletal steed, Accursed book, 2+ armour total
      - there is a lot this T5 3W BSB can do on a table and no other BSB in another army can match him. He does cost more now so that is ok. The Accursed book doesn't need much explaining, the day it was released a nerf for it was in the making.

      20 Zombies, standard
      30 Skeletons, FC, shield, +1 movement
      2x 12 Ghouls, champion, skirmish
      2x5 Direwolves
      10 Barrow knights, FC, armour piercing
      2x3 Vampiric monstrosities, champion
      Vargbeast, vanguard

      I did miss some ethereals and bats, but we had 2400pts for the army so some cuts had to be made.

      In all 5 games we either rolled or agreed upon classic deployment. In each game I lost the roll and had to choose sides.

      Game 1, Dwarven Holds, Hold the ground scenario.
      King on palanquin, oathstone, stuff
      BSB, banner of shielding, stuff
      Runic smith, spell deveourer, stuff along with 3 bound spells
      2x Daemonseeker, stuff
      10 Shooters, shield
      30 Graybeards, shield, FC, vanguard
      20 Deathseekers, FC, vanguard
      15 Deathseekers, FC, skirmish, vanguard
      Volley gun

      My opponent opted to deploy first, but only did so with one unit, wanting to be able to place his war machines as best as possible. I then dropped my entire army; knights in the center of the table, infantry on their one side, wolves and ghouls on each side and finnaly monstrosities on the flanks. He placed his troops on one flank and the machines behind them, doing some vanguards too. Both Daemonseekers were with one unit each.
      I was able to vanguard the vargbeast forward, and with him being able to march by himself and 16'' movement, he was in position for a turn 2 charge.
      Wolves move to speed bump opponents blocks while the knights positioned for a turn 2 charge. The dwarves have M3 and along with Mesmorizing gaze I could get the knights really close to their target; they would be auto in even if the opponent moved max to the rear. My infatry was facing the main dwarven block and the remaining vampire troops went ahead to hunt for war machines.
      Dwarves were unlucky not to kill the vargbeast, even though all 3 machines and the bomber shot at it. Some wolves died.

      Turn 2, I made a lot of charges. Knights got into the big deathseeker block and took 3 rounds to grind them all down. Big and little vargs took out two machines and the xbows. Ghouls suicide into the other deathseeker unit and succeed to poison the lord character to death.
      Dwarves again charge my blockers and finish them off.

      In turn 4 I was able to charge the main dwarven block, skeletons to the front and monstrosities to the flank. Grinding commenced and after knights joined the combat in the rear of the dwarven block there were scattered.
      In the end dwarves killed all my support (¨500pts) but lost all except the skirmishing deathseekers, result was 20:0.

      Game 2, Warriors of the Dark gods, Secure target scenario.
      Lord of Wrath on a steed, Wildling blood, Hellsword, 1+ armour
      Lvl4 Sorcerere on a steed, Heavens, Scroll, 1+ armour
      Champion BSB of Wrath on a steed, 1+ re-rollable, stuff
      9 Trolls, add hw
      Chariot, stuff
      5 Mounted barbarians
      5 Warhounds
      8 Brutes of Wrath
      10 Knights of Wrath, FC, Holy banner

      My opponent dropped his army fist in the center of the table.
      I placed my knights across his troops since they are the only thing I had that could go 1v1 against his blocks and not die horribly. Besides his knightstar the Brutes were a worry; even if I charged them from all 4 sides with the rest of my troops they would win the combat.
      So the idea was to use chaff to buy some time and flank what I can.
      In turn 3 I tested my luck by charging the vargbeast into the flank of the knights. On that flank was his BSB (which suffered a wound from magic) and that ment his lord could not make way. I wanted to hold them there and get the knights and skeletons in front and monstrosities in flank but really hoped that the vargbeast could win combat and remove the mark of Wrath. Opponent had 2 banners and a rank; I had flank, charge and down hill bonus. With hatred 4a s6 and 4a s6 from BSB the beast died outright. His knights reformed and made the charge to my knights, killing them all in one go. His lord did the job by killing my BSB and Accursed book before the rest of his knights got to strike.
      After that there was not much I could do, the rest of his troops killed my units. The skeletons with the vampire general got to fight his knights but were outclassed and died also in one round. 0:20

      Game 3, Kingdom of Equitaine, no scenario.
      Lord with stuff
      Lvl4 Priestess, Nature, stuff
      Paladin BSB, stuff
      Paladin, stuff
      Paladin aka the Green knight
      10-ish Aspirant knights, FC, stuff
      10-ish Kingdom knights, FC, stuff
      20 Bowmen, skirmish
      3 Pegasus knights
      6 Knights of the grail, FC, stuff
      Battel trebuchet
      Mason trebuchet

      My opponent let me deploy first; we took turns deploying our troops one each. I again placed my knights in the center with infantry on one side and support units on both sides. Opponent opted to pray and I pushed the wolves to block two of his lances. Monstrosities and vargbeast went war machine hunting and infantry crept forward.
      Dwellers magic and the Trebs killed all but 2-3 Skeletons and wolves died.

      Turn 2, my knights charge the Aspirant knights. It will take them 3 rounds to break them and then another two turns to come back to the fray with a fresh knight unit. Magic managed to heal up some skeletons, but then the trebs again almost killed them all.
      The other knights were clearing my support units.

      So my knights again enter a cc with his Kingdom unit and again it takes a few turn to grind them down. My own unit was killed by a Grail countercharge but then vargbeast and monstrosities joined in and broke them all. In the end only their Lord was left alive, heavily wounded and running. 19:1
      In this game Fear, along with -1Ld from the Path of Death, really shined for me.

      Game 4, Daemon Legions, Breakthrough scenario.

      Deceiver, lvl4 Path of Change, 4+ regen, re-roll 2 dice during the game, +1 dispel die to one attempt
      2x10 Horrors, magic lvl1, shooting
      15-ish Bringers of pestialnce, FC, distracting
      6 Beasts
      4 Doombringers with armour, FC
      5 Flies, FC
      Blood chariot, inferno

      My opponent dropped his army first. On the far left was the chariot, one horror unit and the Flies. Pestilance next to them. In the middle were the Beasts and Deceiver. On the right the other Horrors and on the far right were the Doombringers.
      I deployed in a refused flank on the left, with only the vargbeast in the middle and one wolves on the right to slow down his unit.
      My opponent advanced and unleashed his magic, vargbeast died.
      I then tried to box in his flies so my knights could get a turn 2 charge, but they passed their (-1 LD from Death lore attribute) march test and fell back.

      Turn 2, IF gateway targets my knights. It was a 5 dice cast so I don't use my scroll and let it through. It kills all but 1 Barrow knight and the daemon loses 3 magic levels. A long charge from Bringers reaches the monstrosities and they die in two rounds of combat.
      Monstrosities try to take out a horror unit on the left flank but fail, the champion remains and get counter charged and killed. I reposition my characters inside the skeletons and move the knights behind them so they can't be charged. Magic heals up some knights.

      Turn 3, Daemons advance into charge range, Doombringers kill a wolf unit.
      Zombies make a note of themselves and make a long charge, killing the Blood chariot that misfired when shooting at them only second before. Ghouls charge the Deceiver and pin it down. My knights position to be 1'' from the greater daemons and characters re-join them.

      Turn 4, Daemons rush to rescue their general. Flies go 2 wide in order to block the knights from charging. Beasts and doombringers get as close as they can to the middle of the table. Daemon, despite having a breath attack (from magic) and stop only manages a few wounds and is still in combat with the ghouls. Unlucky for me, I can't charge it now since it cannot close the door while in combat.
      So knights charge the flies and kill a total of 4 models, skeletons charge the beasts to the front and gouls to the flank. Only skeltons make despite ghouls needing a 5 on the dice. That causes a big problem for me since now Doombringers can flank the skeleton block. The vampire in skeletons rolls well and a total of 3 beasts die. Magic heals up the ghoul champ fighting the Deceiver and it is still pinned.

      And the time got called here, ending our game. Well, a lot was to happen in the last two turns; I'd probably lose the skeletons and my general but would probably kill his flies, general and the horror champ along with positioning a unit in his deyploment zone for the scenario.
      Result was 10:10.

      Game 5, Warriors of the Dark gods, Breakthrough scenario.
      Daemonic prince, lvl1 Change, 1+/ 4++, stuff
      Lvl4 Sorcerer of Pestilance on daemon steed, 1+/ 4++, stuff
      Champion BSB on daemon steed, 1+, stuff
      4x Wrath chariot, barding
      2x5 Mounted barbarians, stuff
      5 Warhounds
      9 Trolls
      Ancient Chimera

      My opponent dropped his army first. Prince and chimera in the middle, trolls to one side with both characters in them, 1 chariot on the left and 3 on the right.
      I again placed my army on the refused left flank, one ghoul unit was in the middle and on the right flank was one wolf and one monstrosity unit.
      Opponent went forward with everything except the chariots on the right, they were holding back because of my units.
      I shuffle forward, knights ready to charge the trolls and ghouls around skeletons to protect them from the prince. On the right monst. failed their long charge but the wolves made it. It will take 3 game turns for the chariots to clear my two units, wile they take a few wounds from the terrain.

      Turn 2, prince and chimera clear a ghoul unit. Characters bail out of the trolls and move to the center to stay away from knights. On the left flank mounted barbarians and a chariot play hide-and-seek with my other wolf + monstr. unit and in the end wolves die but so does the chariot.
      I charge the knights into the trolls, kill 3 but the 6 vomit attacks kill 6 knights and the trolls pass their Ld4 steadfast check. 2nd ghoul unit charges the prince and pins it down.

      Turn 3, BSB and lvl4 mage charge my vargbeast. Chimera positions in order to flank my skeletons. Prince is still fighting the ghouls. Trolls take one casualty and 5 vomit attacks kills the rest of my knights, I lose that combat and take a wound or two. Vargbeast causes 4 wounds on the Lvl4 sorcerer that suffered a wound to miscast and it fails to armour/ ward save and dies. Vargbeast is still left alive and pins the BSB down.
      Skeletons charge the Warrior's BSB (well, they are called Warriors but I have yet to see a warrior figure) and break it but not before it kills the vargbeast.
      In the other combat my characters heal up with magic and then fail to hurt the trolls. This time 5 vomit attacks all fail, but trolls again pass their Ld4 test.

      Turn 4, prince and one chariot tries a long charge on my 2 mounted characters but they fail. Chimera charges my skeletons and kill a bunch, the vampire with them fails to hurt it since he was using a shield. Trolls take some wounds and cause some wounds on each of my character (but fail to kill any), this time they fail their break test and are off the table. My 2 mounted characters charge and kill a chariot. This time vampire takes a great weapon, chimera and him both cause 2 wounds to each other.

      Turn 5, again prince and a chariot charge but again they fail. Vampire cowers again behind his shield and chimera fails to kill him. My characters charge and kill a chariot. Vampire heals himself with magic and take a halberd, but chimera is left on one wound. It lowers the seleton number to only 1-2.

      Turn 6, prince again fails to charge my mounted characters but the chariot succeeds. Only to die. Halberd vamp kills the chimera before it kills all my skeletons.
      My last turn, I make some rear and front charges onto the lone prince, heal up my skeletons and buff up my characters (12PD magic phase). I can't crumble the prince and the game ends. 17:3.

      I finished at the 3rd place, 1st was taken by the Warrior that beat me 20:0 and 2nd was a Highborn Elf with a Nullstone on the largest dragon and shooty avoidance army.

      A few reflecting thoughts.
      Having champions in all units, in order not to fail a very close charge, didn't work out well. But it is nice to have them anyway. :)
      Skirmishing ghouls are great. They cost a lot but are worth it, extra mobility helps.
      Vanguard on the vargbest is really good, if I get the 1st turn it will be in opponents deployment zone, ready to charge.
      Vampire, as supporters of their units instead of stone cold killers, are good. At least in the long run; there were a lot of times when I missed the S7, ASF, Red fury, other trickster's shard blender. Mainly because of opponents armour, S5 even with AP(1) isn't that great.
      Magic was great, the spell I cast the most was the #0 spell from Death, -1S (and -1T) along with -1Ld from the attribute. Opponents had a wide range of Paths; from only Damage Change to almost all Augment/ Hex like Pestilance. But it didn't dominate the game, neither for my opponents or for me.
      Scenarios were ok, but didn't have much of the impact in the games. If they were worth a bit more points they could have more impact.
      Deployment was a bit meh. Except against the Equitaine, where it was obvious they would pray so we placed a unit each. But in the end an army such as mine will always deploy very similar, even in 8th edition.
      All opponents had, like myself, some new rules and items (combinations) so it was fun to see them all. Armies were not that different from 8th ed but the twist and learning experience made me feel like a kid in a chocolate factory; I wanted to see and try out everything and enjoyed doing so.
    • 3000 VC vs 1500 Rats / 1500 Saurian

      This weekend I had my first battle with VC. I do not have the exact lists because I decided just today to give a feedback.
      I am not a tournament player anymore, but I play VC for 7 years so my list was just for testing some things and not for winning.
      But I think I can appreciate some things well. The units I wanted to try:

      Vampire Count
      Necromancer Lord

      Barrow King

      30 Skelette
      40 Ghouls
      30 Zombies
      20 Zombies
      5 Dire Wolves

      9 Barrow Knights
      6 Ghoul Monstosities
      3 Vampiric Monstrosities
      Cadaver Wagon

      Necrotic engine
      Titanic Bat

      Melee General sitting on an ogre
      ca. 30 Clan Vermins with handweapon and shields
      ca. 30 Clan Vermins with spears
      6 Ogres
      6 Muskets
      2 Vermin Dreadmills
      can not say what heroes, AST and a little Wizzi

      Slann with Shrine Guard
      Totem Warriors with Handweapon shield
      Totem Warriors with spears
      Ancient Triceratops with godly engine
      and a unit/hero I can not remember

      I vastly lost the game. A unit with zombies has survived, the rats lost a unit ogres with the General and a Dreadmill, the Saurians lost a unit Totem Warriors.
      In general, we were again very pleased with the general rules. They are much clearer, and with far fewer questions than the rules of the 8th Edition.
      My thoughts to the defeat:
      It was never an optimized list and my performance at dice was really bad, what bad magic phases meant, very often 5/1 or 4/1 as a dice roll.
      The Slann is a hard opponent. Often he had just as many or more dispel dice then I had magic dice. Invocation only succeeded in one round. First round I had 2/1 magic dice, second round miscast because of 6/6, in the third round the spell was just succesful because the Slann had the Backlash Roll so miscast again.

      Infantery in the middle with Necrotic Engine and Cadaver Wagon, Barrow Knights with Vampire and Necro on one flank, supported by Titanic Bat, Vampiric Monstrosities and Vargbeast the other flank where unfortunately two dreadmills were placed. I thought the rats will have a lot of artillery so I declared the Nekro for General and tried to bring the Cavalry with magic in a good position. But the magic phase....
      My opponents placed the spears on the left and right flank, so I had to charge the spears with Cavalry for having at least one combat with the cavalry. There was not enough place for manoeuvres. I lost a lot of knights...the Spell Time Warp (Slann) was My Vampire won the combat for the unit
      Dreadmill killed Vampiric Monstrosities (I had to stop the dreadmills somehow so I sacrificed them), infantery lost in the middle, the musket team weakened the Necrotic Engine so that the Engine was killed two rounds later. Because I could not heal the Zombies above their starting size, they died too fast and the Totem Warriors charged my brave skeletons too early. So Vargbeast crumbled too...
      These were the most important reasons for loosing. I did some risks, but I had no luck.
      But I think we have also some other problems:

      - the core of many other Armies have become very hard. Totem Warriors are able to reroll the "1" when rolling for to hit, 15 attacks and have got an armour save of 3+ for some points, clan vermins now have 4 ranks counting for leadership when General is in 12'... With Strigoi Ghouls mights be better, but I want to have a Vamp within my Cavalry...Stubborn for one central unit can help, but its expansive...Baron+Castlehof flag...puuuuh.
      - the muskets hit my Necrotic engine at a distance of 35' on 4+ no more penalty for long range...that was surprising. 3 wounds...
      - dreadmill with potential 3 S10 hits with 9 wounds for 150 points...yeah...two of them is hard...
      - Parry is very strong, Skeletons did a good job, but...
      - Ghoul Monstosities hate Parry. With WS 3 they really had problems with Clan vermins, hitting on 5+, Invocation (2)...
      - Cavalry still has Problems. I think they should have impact hits, but I know, it is a problem of the basic rules.
      - Vampire Count is still very powerful
      - Vargbeast is the winner of ninth age
      - Barrow King still is a hard opponent with T5
      - Regeneration...flaming attacks and thats it. With Holy attacks you have to reroll ward saves, why not reroll Regeneration? Talisman for Regeneration and Talisman for Ward Save cost the same...

      In my opinion the VC are not too weak, many other armies have become a bit too strong. Sometimes I think some VC Players are afraid to have an op army again, so we behave very carefully while other armies try to fulfill some crazy dreams they had for years. There is a lot more damage output, and so combined combats are more dangerous because of crumble. We do not need a Vampire with 30 potential wounds
      , but we need more Stubborn.

      It was my first game in the ninth age and a lot of things went bad, but even my opponents were a bit surprised how easy it was this time to beat the new Vamps...only a few smart changes, and...

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    • agorista wrote:

      Please, playtesting feedback :saint:
      As you wish!

      I was playing with @Herminard today - 2400 game. Lists:

      Herminard wrote:

      His list approx:

      1 Vampire
      2 Necros
      1 Barrow King BSB

      2 Blocks of Skellies
      2 units of Wolfs

      2*2 Spirit Hosts
      2 Vargbeasts
      small unit of Flying Vargs
      2 Bat swarms
      1 Big Barrow Block with Banner of Barrows

      5 Bloodknights

      My lists approx;

      Lvl 4 Butcher with MR3 adhw and Scroll

      Big Ironclads with Discipline

      Small Tribesmen

      2 small Mournfangs
      Big Mercenaries with Hatred/Poison/Adhw
      Big Yethiies with Skirm/Scout

      2 Frost Mammoths
      We deployed with this strange Flank deployment, my forces on the right, most of Hermi forces on the right (he deployed everything after first few drops to get first turn).

      Basically, Yetties standed in front of my Barrow Guard first turn and I thought Christmas came to early this year xD. Yetties killed like 5 Barrow Guards while I run them down. Ghosts blocked Maneaters. Next turn, he charged with his Tribesman into Barrow Guards and overrun into Barrow Guards into my block. Well, hitting on 5's and me being Bodyguard he didn't send me to oblivion, killed 13 or so losing few ogres in return. In the same time, my spirit hosts saved 22/23 wounds on 2+ (should've failed 4, but he rolled a bit over on his killing rolls, so I guess I should just get 3 wounds on this charge, which will still keep me alive). Those spirit hosts managed to survieve 3 more combat turns with those maneaters (died on 4th combat turn finally) without me even using invocation on them. On my second turn I managed to run down both his small knights blocks and charge vargbeast into side of ironclads fighting barrow guard. Unfortunatelly, failed hard to redirect my second vargbeast so he got stuck somewhere far. Healed like 5 barrow guards with spell and that was all. In main combat I managed to do whole bunch of wounds, winning by like 11. He passed his fear test on ld8, then passed steadfast roll on ld8. Tribesman autobroke far away. In his next turn, one of him mammoths charged barrow guards, second one charged dogs (and then failed overrun on 7 into Vampiric Knights). Tribesman failed to rally (they got charged off table in proceding turn). He managed to win big combat by something like 7, so vargbeast crumbled, Barrow Guards crumbled (just BSB left). Next turn was my turn 3 and it was our last (we were playing for over 4 hours tho). Vargheists charged into flank of Mercenaries (still fighting damn ghost), skellies standed before ironclad block (4 ironclads + lord left), other spirits charged into flank of mammoth fighting BSB. Vampiric Knights positioned themselves to hit ironclads next turn, second skellies standed before mamoth, heroes got away. Magic failed again. Spirit Host broke the Mammoth but failed to catch it (won by 2, BSB dead on my side, so failed ld7 roll). Then his maneaters finally did 2w to spirit host, 4w to FLANKING Vargheists. I managed to do 6 wounds, had flank charge so won by 1, Maneaters broke (ld9 roll) and got caught. On this point it looked pretty good for me, my heroes safe, he was down to 2 mamoths and ironclad block and I had vargheists, blood knights, 2 blocks of skellies, vargbeast and 1 spirit host base left. I had a chance last turn to get into his ironclad block flank while chasing mammoth with ghosts but failed to roll 5.

      For all the game we actually got only 2 spells through. He had shitty rolls on casting, I rolled (1,1), (1,1) and (2,3) for magic phases (failed to roll 6 on 3 dice in first one to get Wildform on :O).
      Anyway, it was pretty decent game. Thoughts on Ogres:
      Mercenaries - those guys are very good. I was really afraid to charge them even if he gave me pretty straightforward charge with both vargbeasts and vargheists. Really strong unit.
      Mammoths - very nice too, thunderstomp is painfull as always.
      Yhetties - did nothing but I think it was Herminard fault here (sorry mate!)
      Ironclads - well, WS3 doesn't help them, but so doesn't it help our Barrow Guards, right?

      Thoughts on Vampires:
      Beasts lore - shitty roll but I guess I'll stick to that.
      Barrow Guards - really nice, they popped but they had their moments and with Wildform they would definitely be gamechanging.
      Vargbeasts - another game, another good result. Really starting to love those guys
      Vampiric Monstrosities - same as Vargbeasts, one unit is actually all I want
      Spirit Hosts - niiiiiiiiice.

      Anyway, I'm pretty happy with internal balance of VC now. I can build few different rosters concentrating on different aspects and they still seem playable. Only unit I'm really unhappy with are Ghoul Monstrosities - would suggest giving them Invocation(3) and lowering them to 45 points - they would become at least a bit playable then ;).
    • Abrasus wrote:

      Herminard fault here (sorry mate!)
      Ha ha - I told you I wanted tot test irky stuff. LIke if Yethiies could hold Barrows (cant). And how Ogres like LD9 with no BSB vs Fear (hate it). Game was nice - but the slow moving really took its toll on the clock :)

      You channeled in both your 1+1 phases though. Giving you 3v1 for unopposed roll for top of shelf spell #1. Alas you failed it the first time and prefered heals the second.

      I on the other hand blew your scroll t1, then proceeded to fail 86% castings for all my remainder magic phases on my lvl 4 (so agree - magic was crap for the both of us)

      Clear win for the VC when the Frostie failed overrun and the Mercs fled. Tables turned otherwise :) Rematch soonish!


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    • Hi, I played another game, this time without vampires, vs Sohnstal, 2400 points.

      General, Necromancer lord on flying revenant with Path of Fire, Skull splitter and ward save 4+
      Necromancer lord on foot with Path of Necromancy and Accursed book
      Barrow king with great weapon, Blood hauberk, ward save 6+ and Unliving shield
      Barrow king BSB with war standard, additional hand weapon and wizard's hood
      30 skeletons with spear, shield and command group
      30 skeletons with spear, shield and command group
      13 skirmisher ghouls with champion
      2 bat swarms
      5 wolves
      4 ghoul monstruosities with champion
      5 wraith sentries
      5 burning reapers
      Necrotic engine with wailing spirits

      My friend played

      Field marshal seasoned
      Field marshal
      Wizard lord with Path of Fire
      Captan BSB
      40 infantry with halberd
      20 veteran infantry with handgun
      5 militia with pistol
      5 militia with pistol
      15 worshipers
      5 reiter with brace of pistols
      5 reiter with brace of pistols
      8 rangers
      Arcane altar foreseeing
      Steam tank
      Volley gun
      Rocket battery

      It was the diagonal deploy. He deployed touching his corner too far away from me. So I deployed on the other corner, at 50 or 60'' apart. We shake our hands, we agreed to a draw and start again, that was ridiculous XD

      Deploying normally without trying to abuse the range of their war machines we strated a new game. He obliterate me with his shoots. 1 rocket, necrotic engine down, one mortar shot 22 skeletons down, burning reapers destroyed with magic missiles, ghoul monstruosities deleted by his handgunners with BS4 and +1 to hit. My magic rolls wasn't great but I could do something (and of course not a single danse macabre wasn't dispelled). I hold his halberdiers with my stubborn warith sentinels enought to countercharge with my skeletons and win the combat with some magic buffs.

      The general weapon wasn't pretty great. Too many bad rolls to hit and wound. But with danse and mockery improve his damage and is a valuous tool to do some casualties to reiters, for example. Maybe Fly isn't mandatory for the revenant. Inspiring presence within 18'' is really great and the main reason to play revenant, was pretty useful with units who needs move a lot like the burning reapers or the sentinels. The path of fire was also good too, I did 22D3 hits to the handunners unit with one spell :) But the mismatching base it can be a problem :(

      The barrow king, the necromancer and one skeleton unit recieved 30 casualties in just 1 turn and they was only 15 when they could charge to steam tank. But I did 2-3 wounds only with spears in a couple of turns. But I didn't use my distracting rule :´( damn grinding attacks

      Both necromancers raised additional skeletons with their Awaken rule and was almost 20 free skeletons the first turn :)

      I played the banshees wrong. Engaged in combat i scream in shooting phase AND in close combat phase. But even playing them legally they did a good job. And they couldn't scream any chavalry or the steam tank. They only could scream the volly gun (insta-delete) and then only to their combat against the big halberdiers unit. I'll don't lie, the banshee is nerfed, but is more secure. She only can do 2 wounds but is easier do that wounds than before. But you can't nerf enemy leadership and roll a random 11-12 and rape enemy unit.

      The ghouls tried to stop some worshipers and the reiters but the reiter rule to shoot in close combat was pretty hardcore (but at least I could handle that free attacks with my T4).

      The enemy fear the bat swarm WS nerf and focused them.

      The ghoul monstruisities were shot, poor things. I can say the same of necrotic engine. The burning reapers died too but not before kill one flanking reiters unit. The Inspiring presence within 18'' can do wonders :)

      The sentinel wraiths was the star of my army. In just one turn: crop some worthipers, danse macabre, destroy one militia unit, shoot with banshees and destroy a volly gun and redirect the halberdiers. Danse macabre even without augmented version when you wan use reaper rule twice per turn. And with mockery of life not you improve your chances of do lethal strike against the steam tank with the skeletons spears (or your burning bolts :)) if not you can reroll otherwordly screams too.

      Well, my list lakcs optimization, like my enemy list but i had some conclusions. The wraiths are back and imperial warmachines are destroyers :)