A different approach to magic phase

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    • A different approach to magic phase

      In order to solve a couple of problems the magic phase still has, I propose a different way wizards and spell casting is handled, inspired by 3rd edition magic system:
      The number of spells a wizard knows is still 1 per wizard level.
      The number of a spell in the path list is also the level of the spell.
      A wizard can only know a spell if the spell if the spell level is wizard level +2 or less.
      Out of those spells available to the wizard, he chooses his spells during army creation.
      "Dispel magic " is a spell that every wizard knows.

      Wizards of level 1 or 2 can cast 1 spell per magic phase, wizards of level 3 or 4 can cast 2 spells per magic phase.
      There is no magic flux, and no magic or dispel dice.

      A wizard has spell points: wizard level times 10, so 10, 20, 30 or 40 spell points.
      To cast a spell, the caster has to pass a leadership test, using his own leadership value as given in the army list. "Hold your ground" does not apply, and the leadership of other models - even the general - cannot be used.
      Other modifiers to leadership (fear, magical modifiers, ...) do apply.

      A spell costs as many spell points from the wizards total as the spell level is, level 0 spells cost 1 point.
      If their are higher versions of a spell, like the upgrades for fireball, every step up costs 1 point extra.

      "Dispel magic" has to be cast like a normal spell, but during the opponents magic phase, following a successful cast spell.
      If "dispel magic" is cast successfully, the opponents spell is dispelled.
      "dispel magic" costs half the cost of the dispelled spell, rounded up.
      If a wizard runs out of spell points, he can't cast anymore.

      The aether icon can cast "dispel magic" with 20 spell points available, casting successfull on a roll of 8 or less.
      Dispel scroll is an enchanted item for 35 points.
      Dwarf rune masters are lvl3, rune smith lvl 1 wizards for purpose of dispelling.

      This is the basic construct, their are many possibilities to add interesting stuff for different armies to make them appear different during magic phase.
      But you have a system where you get rewarded for creating magic-strong armies, there are no rolls for dice, and no forcing a spell with 5 dice, so less gambling.
      The level of a wizard becomes more important again.
      And you have control over the way you spend your points, adding strategical elements to magic phase.

      Just think about it.
    • DJWoodelf wrote:

      I would not connect casting a spell with passing a leadership test.
      Everything else I find more than interesting.
      You could also use a test of your magic level+6, that way not your leadership, but your magical prowess would determine how good a caster you are. So level 1 mages successfully cast on a roll of 7 or less, while level 4 casters are successfull at 10 or less. Mind that you run out of points eventually and that dispell is also successfull with the same target number. Rolling 2D6, of course.