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    • Hi. Every day I send mail with them, and I have been told that the project will only be available during this month. Then upload the minis to your website, and will be more expensive.I think i've already decided:

      1 x Freebies
      1 x Tianlong
      1 x Yoshimitsu Rujin (Heroes)
      1 x Dragons Breath (Warmachines)
      2 x Dragoon Cavalery (Special Unit)
      1 x Blademasters (Small Basic Unit)
      1 x Blademasters (Full Basic Unit)
      1 x Tanegashima (Small Basic Unit)
      1 x Konin (Heroes)
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      Caledoriv wrote:

      In the Behind the Scenes Blog it said there won't be magical "items" anymore. These will be replaced with "enchantments" that grant benefits to mundane equipment.
      Now, since Nippon currently does not have access to shields, it also cannot benefit from the shield enchantments. Currently, the models are designed in a way to allow at least the hardened shield to get "tanky" characters (at least for the Nippon standard). But I like the differentiation that the lack of shields bring to the army...
      So do you have any ideas how Nippon can keep access to the new shield enchantments? I can think of allowing them as armour enchantments; but that'd be just plain worse than what other armies have. Allowing a shield enchantment and an armour enchantment on the armour would make them more similar to other races - but there is no fluff explanation why Nippon can do that. This is a bit tricky. What are your thoughts on this?


      On another note, here is an idea I had for a "cursed" demon sword:
      The Red Demon Blade:
      Katana. Cannot be used by models of gigantic height. This weapon grants +1 Initiative. The bearer must always issue a challenge and must always accept challenges (other models cannot accept challenges the bearer could accept). Whenever the bearer kills an enemy model in a chellenge he regains one wound lost earlier in battle.
      Furthermore, after challenges have been issued, the bearer can decide to feed his life force into the Red Demon Blade. This can only be done if the character is fighting in a challenge. The bearer can choose to lose any number of his remaining wounds. No saves of any kind are allowed against these wounds. These wounds are lost at the end of the close combat phase. The bearer gains +X Strength, Offensive Weapon Skill, Attacks and Initiative where X is the number of wounds sacrificed this way.
      Awesome concept for a weapon. I haven't played this army in awhile but my initial impression is the rules for this weapon are a little all or nothing. Example: Fighting in a challenge 1st round of combat the bearer could lose 2 wounds go to init 9 S7 6 attacks. Or even init 10 S8 7 attacks as a suicide mission (actually this is cool lol). Thats like axe of aporcalypse on steroids.
      But outside of challenges and after first turn its just S4 ap -1. Hard to price because of these polar ends. If that is the intent then ignore me.
      Otherwise consider making it a bit better all the time with something like reroll to wound rolls vs non-characters. And then not quite as good in challenges somehow. Then it could be priced around 100 pts.

      Oathkeeper: (Name will change; this is something I just came up with on the spot)
      Trinket. Challenges issued by the bearer must always be accepted. The bearer can score up to +5 overkill bonus instead of +3.
      This item looks brutal with the demon sword but still very strong with dragon claw or cherry blossom. I'm afraid these two new items should not be able to be combined as written.

      I really like the ideas of both these items. Trinkets are the new Talisman / Enchanted Item equivalent. The Oathkeeper lets characters make use of Kenjutsu even in challenges and the Cursed Demon Blade is a perfect addition in my opinion. The way I've written it right now might be a little too powerful - I find it rather hard to gauge because the loss of wounds is difficult to take into account.
      What do you think these items should cost? And should Nippon get these items at all?
      YES! gimme gimme gimme.

      Caledoriv wrote:

      I just asked a good friend of mine... He had a brilliant idea, that also deals with some other fluff issues:
      Nippon can get rid of all plate armours (which were somewhat unfluffy) and replace them by these Oni Masks. These would simply grant a 6+ armour save without any other benefits. The effect is the same, but it's more fluffy. Plus they can get a rule that shield enchantments can affect them instead :) .
      Agreed this idea is brilliant. Real life aside I love it.

      @Caledoriv- any word on when the next update will happen, or will the next one be after 2.0? I have a series of games coming up where I may ask if anyone minds if I bring Nippon. If so I'd love to use the red demon blade.
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      Next week would be plenty of time. If you can't manage it no biggy as I still need to see what the other players say about bringing this book anyway.. including the guy who's bloodthirster I wrecked with shinobi poison :P . Those games won't occur until around the end of October.

      Edit- on the Red Demon Sword what if there was a chance of failure each time the ability is activated?
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