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      Converted & painted a flagellant for the EoS Community Painting project. Not too bad for a mornings work

      He came from lands unknown, clad in both the silken fineries of a prince and the broken furs and nakedness of a barbarian. His skin was covered by tattoos and his flesh pierced by great iron spikes, from which hung holy texts in a language we could not read.
      He would tell us not his name, only that he had received a message from his gods that he were to fight for us, in holy war.
      His glare was to fierce that we dared no gainsay him, nor would we wish to lose the good soldiers it would undoubtedly take to detain him.

      -Chronicles of Ronan the Culderian vol I (of XII)
      Wow that's really awesome!
      Cool touch with the little fluff for him.
      It's okay, it has frenzy.

      Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101

      Painting and maybe other stuff in the future
    • Jomppexx wrote:

      Wow that's really awesome!Cool touch with the little fluff for him.
      Thank you :)
      The original mini looked very Conan to me so I went with that and made him a pastiche.

      This is the original shape form the Red Box Games website

      And as always, I am pathologically unable to pain a mini without knowing who it is, especially if it is one I have converted, or if it stands our form its fellows.
      Like, I literally have small fluff snippets for lets see... at least 5 or 6 of my normal great weapon dorfs, just because they look cool. The one three models to the left of the musician is possible a half-ogre and has a ongoing feud with one of my Thanes who is the chief police officer of the Hold. and two of the others are retired King's Guard.

      Yes, I am just that ridiculous :)
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    • She came from the north, at the head of a small horde of wasteland men, looking to barter for food on their way to Sunna-knows-where.
      Since they were few in number and ragged in appearance I initially thought to give the order to man the ramparts and bar the gates, thinking to end this raid before it started.
      But the sight of their leader made me think again; a squat half-breed, with the flat face and tusks characteristic of their sort, she was clad in all the hallmarks of a great raiding cheiftain; fine silks, snow-tiger furs and a beautifully gold-rimmed armour fit of any Imperial Prince (in fact it would not surprise me if one such was the original owner!) contrasting with knife-studded boots, filthy loincloth and two axes seemingly more fit for felling wood than men.

      And rarest of all, a pet skull-owl. That was the convincing factor, for as pleasant as she was to converse with, those fell northern birds only ever alight to the most blood-soaked slaughterers and warlords.

      I threw the gates open and gave the barbarians a great feast and allowed them to barter for provisions at the best prices we could offer.
      They left happy.

      This would not of course please by superiors, but the nobles do not understand that things work differently here on the frontier.
      Räuberhafen to the north was burned for denying her. I would not have the same happen to those under my protection.
      -Konrad Kuhlenblut, commander of the Axthuld fort, on the northern border.
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    • Vespacian wrote:

      I love this! I can't say I have fluff on my R&F (that's pretty awesome) but I definitely do on my characters.

      Really enjoy this thread!

      Well, I don't have for everyone, but if they look cool/different or are converted? Then I probably have :D
      And I at least have for each unit.
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      Was originally gonna write this up as a proper Review for the Blog but alas, it no longer exists :)

      A while ago I bought some of Windmaster Miniatures Bullmen with two-handed weaponos for the xpress purpose of reviewing.

      Sculpts were mostly Clean with small amounts of flash, nothing that was a hassle to remove

      These two were the only two major gaps in the five models, not something you'd notice at tabletop distance and very easy to fill in anyway :)

      Not bad models at all. Fairly unique, I Think of the five I got, all five were unique sculpts. I'd had wished for more variation in the posing but eh, not a big deal.

      Slightly bigger hands would also be nice, as is they all have massive forearms but the actual hands are failry small for their size, scaled up by 1.5 or so and they'd fit better.

      Nicely detailed as well, I like the skull-charm on the red-head and the stolen knightly shield-charms on the black one's shoulderpad.

      Individual images:

      The last one, standing on a small rock and being much more heavily armoured, is obviously intended to be a leader of sorts.

      Their interesting minis to be ssure, human-sized minotaurs are not that common and they would do nicely as Longhorns, being slightly taller and a fair deal bulkier than GW Bestigors but still fitting well on a 25mm base.
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      alltaken wrote:

      Nice that the minis don't have much issues. However after seeing them painted I think windmaster minis are ugly.
      They are certainly cheap, but I don't think it's that level of cost benefit.
      I certainly agree with that.
      For Beastmen I think they are kinda the right sort of ugly but tastes differ.
      BUt they are certainly not super-well sculpted.
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      Clan Warriors with Greatweapons and "Quilted" regiments.

      Noble patrons. This missive consists of a short discussion of the notion of ad-hoc "quilted" regiments which I understand puzzles some of our military personel, being a sort of half-way Point between purely mercenary and a militia yet still far more combat capable than either.

      While most of a Dwarfholds military prowess rests on the four pillars of its Militia, the Standing Regiments (under either the Queen herself or the ranking Rune Mistress), the Engineers Guild, and their Merchant Navy, when in need of extra Manpowew the Queen may authorize the Creation of a "quilted" (so named after the patchwork patterns popular on dwarven children's blankets, often sewn from left-over bits of adult's clothing, and alludes to the diverse appearance of such regiments) regiment.
      This means that any able-bodied dwarf, who own their own fighting gear (which is almost all of them, even cobblers tend to have a batteaxe or two lying around, if only for ceremonial and religious reasons) may accept the Queen's Gold in exchange for service for a set number of weeks.
      This amount of gold is often large enough to sway visitors to the Hold, Merchant Marines, Caravan guards and all many of other disparate dwarves to join up, in the case of Caravan guards and marines, often forcing their trading mission to be put on hold, lest their employers can find replacements.

      This is of course a great inconvenience but on their masters usually bear stoically.

      If a Dwarfhold can afford it, it may even institute a permanent Quilted regiment, which endures, though it's members change, as a way to offer emplyment for warriors who are without or between jobs, or whose employers are supposed to be staying at the Dwrafhold for several months. This has the benefit of not costing as much (as the salary need not be so large as to tempt the warriors from their current employment) and annoying merchants a lot less, but is in return a constant drain on the coffers.
      Even when not at war, such a permanent regiment is supposed to return its salary by doing Civic and brute, unskilled Labour until their axes are needed.
      It is just one such permanent unit, the "Blue Axes" of Hammerhold that I will speak of, as well as of its individual members.
      While seldom arrayed for war, I had the benefit of seeing them gear up such an expedition to the borders of our own illustrious empire.
      Though in this case I understand it was not so much for real war as a intimidation, a show of force to make favourable terms when the great Peace treaty between our empire and Hammerhold was renegotiated.
      Based on the grumbling I hear by way of rumour form our statesmen, I reckon having Queen Hephaestia turn up with ten thousand axes at her back with a both unexpected and succesfull diplomatic move.

      These are among their more notable members:

      As with most militia-style regiments are lead by trusted veterans of the Hold, who see to the cohesion and discipline of such units. Acan Ironmug have led the Bllue Axes for the last two centuries and have drank each and every member of it under the table at least once.
      A veteran of a thousand bar crawls and almost as many battlefields, his ever-chilled tankard is said to be a gift form the Hold's Rune Mistress himself, though whether it was awarder for prowess on the battleifeld or between the blankets seems to be a Point of contention among the rumour-mongers of the Hold.

      Anahita Strongjaw has been a fixture of the Blue Axes for the last several decades, her most un-dwarven temper making her unsuited for more steady, or demanding job. But the Blue Axes mix of combat and hard labour fits her majestic physique and short-tempered self just fine.
      By far the largest dwarf woman I have even seen (though some of the Hold's war-thanes come close), she is a woman of fierce vigour, many lovers and immense physical might. Her raucous behaviour when drunk has promped several disciplinary actions by the First Hammer. She is said to be half Ogre by blood (though how that could happen, I do not know) and once bested, unarmed, a mounted Knight by bodily wrestling first his warhorse and then himself unto the ground and peeling his armour open like a letter (editors note, tin can, and can openers have not yet been invented by the Empire).

      Andart Eagleaxe and Babdir Goldmail are two other old warrors in the unit. Old and shrunked with age, these two retire Queen's Guard still dress in ancient official armour of the ancient style and swing their axes with perhaps less force than some, but more skill and patience than any. Their war-record since retiring speaks for itself, a dire warning for anyone who would discount a dwarf warriors just because his beard turned white and his stature stooped with age.

      Rhiann hails from the western areas of dwarf dominion and in the summer months he hankers on as a travelling peddler. Still wearing the gay clothing of his home Culture, he weilds a long glaive, a uncommon weapon among dwarves with great finesse and greater reach, a important factor for a dwarf travelling alone in the wilderness.
      He joined the Blue Axes after a drinking Contest with Acan, to pay his bar tab, and make his Winter budget stretch longer.

      [i]The Blue Axes at this time also contains a large gathering of barbaric northern dwarves. With wild, unkept beards and animal horns and maws decorating their helmets, they look almost as fierce as the followers of the may darg gods they ofter war with in their homelands. Guards of a diplomaticit missive from the northern dwarves, half of the numbers joined the Blue Axes, bored with only waiting around while the diplomatic Wheels turn. Sadly they would not give me, a human, their names, saying only that there are beings in the Wastes who can use such information against them.

      Gibil Steelpick is a sight rarely seen on the surface world; a dwarven Deep miner in full gear. Joining up while his appointed mine is beeing pumped free from toxic gases by the Engineers Guild, Gibil is technically a non-combatant, but Deep miners are as heavily armoured as any Heavy infantry in the World, as opportunistic incursions from Deep-dweeling foes often hit them first, and wielding a traditional hammer-pick with gauntlets inscribed with self-made rune of Strenght, a Deep miner is not a dwarf to discount in melee.
      Of note is the breathing apparatus carried on the back, as Deep miners often work in areas with little breathable air.

      The last Group of note are a selection of Merchant Marines on shore leave. Disciplined to match any professional Soldier, and uniform in contrast to their more motley fellows, the merchant marines normally defend the flying and sailing dwarven naval vessels from boarding, or conduct such operations themselves.
      When on shore leave, they form a professional hard-bitten core of a regiment they join.

      Captain Briza Halfmast in the leader of the marines and unoffical second in command, should Acan fall. A veteran warrior and leader of men, the marines would follow him into the Wastes and back if he asked them to.

      I hope this document and woodcuts can serve as a introduction to one of the rarer forms of dwarven warrior-brotherhood as well as a incomplete showcase of the many disparate people living in the dwarven dominions.

      Yours in trust,
      Krugman Bartliebhafer, Imperial Scholar.

      Notes on dwarven social and military structure, vol IX

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      And yes, this is mostly a justification for me to throw all the dorf models I love into a the same unit and call it a day :)
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