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    • Played 5000 pts. Capture the Flag against former OK ACS @Ney and his Ogres

      Goblin King - Maza's Zappin, Warcry, Crown of the Cavern King
      Bsb - bow
      26 Cave Goblin Archers - Musician
      30 Cave goblin Archers - Musician, 2 x Mad Gitz
      56 Forest Goblins - Spears, FCG, Green Tide
      10 Dashers
      10 Gnashers
      2 X Chief on Wolf Chariot
      2 x Adept on foot (Thauma & Pyro)
      King on Arachnarok - Spidershrine, Crown of the Wizard king, greatweapon, magical heirloom
      6 Bridge Trolls
      45 Cave Goblins - FCG, Relentless company, 3 x Mad Gitz, shields

      He had 4 x Bruisers, BsB + Master Shaman in 16-ish Bruisers, 2 x 2 Yhetees, 2 Aurochs, 2 Giants, 2 x 3 Tuskers

      Early game:

      One unit Yhetees charged the Gnashers with them neatly annihilating each other. The big unit archers got buffed with Flaming Swords and managed 5 wounds on one of the Giants.

      My Giant charged the other unit of Yhetees, but incompetent dice-rolling saw him still being stuck with the survivor when the raging wounded Giant charged in and bashed him good...

      My opponent maganed to cast Wrath of God for the first 3 turns due to my defective dice (13 on 7 dice!), but luckily it was less "Comet of Doom" and more "Wet Noodles" as only a few goblins died.

      The Cave goblins marched up to block his Bruiser-star and released its Mad Gitz, which killed a few Bruisers and eventually utterly annihilated a whole unit Tuskers. Sadly the Bruiser/Giant charged mauled 34 Cave Goblins causing the rest to flee.

      The other Tuskers charged a Chief-chariot, which fled. This exposed the Tuskers flank to a long charge by the Dashers, who promptly charged and chowed down the unit (Slurp)

      Mid game
      Fresh from the Destruction of the Tuskers my Dashers charged the wounded Giant (my opponent forgot Dashers could fly) and promptly killed him.

      The Arachnarok charged and killed the other Giant overrunning into the Bruisers flank. I had moved the other Chief-chariot to redirect his Aurochs, but being used to playing braver armies I didn't count on failing Terror tests.... The Auroch thundered into the Arachnarok, which took 7 wounds and died to the Bruisers... but not before killing the Aurochs outright!

      The Trolls were supposed to flank the Bruisers, but ofc chose this moment to fail their stupidity check... Never mind if the Forest Goblins could hold the Bruisers for one turn they'd have another shot.

      Sadly no... The Goblins only managed 2 Bruisers who in return managed... think it was 35 wounds.. and ran down the unit

      His small unit Bruisers caught a hero chariot and destroyed it


      Trolls charged the Aurochs and with the help of the Dashers killed it off

      The last Yhetee killed the worthless Splatterer, but fell prey to a Mad Git launched from the archers

      His big star charged at my General/BsB archers which fled secure in the knowledge that "Feigned flight" would.... no Rally? Argh

      I attempted with plenty of shooting and magic to kill or panic his small unit Bruisers but only killed 2...

      My Bridge Trolls charged his Bruiser star in the flank.. mostly for the heck of it...oh Flaming banner? Well a few hours did pass since presenting armies.. dead Bridge Trolls

      In the end we drew objectives and I lost 8-12


      - I still need to get used to goblin leadership (and to take Crown of Autocracy). I'm used to SE/VC and Panic, Stupidity, Terror and Rally checks usually isn't things to give me grief. I paid dearly for it.

      - Crown of Wizard King enabling Spidershrine was good (until I got reckless with him), but mayhap I need more mobile Wizards to make full use of it.. hmm

      - Keep track of flaming banners. Losing the trolls for no possible gain was silly

      - Dashers... woo were they great. I must resist the temptation to just spam them in my next list, because if I encounter archers they are so much pincushions, but the tiny unit dominated their section of the battlefield utterly

      - I need to get more realistic about the holding power of even big units of goblin.. at least against OK where the combo of DWS2, stompable etc. is not kind

      - In my other armies I disdain chaff as needless, but I think I need some for this rather fragile army. How I deal with Terror checks may become an issue though...

      - Surely some day a Splatterer will do damage right? I mean statistics right?
    • Played 5000 Frontline Clash/Hold the Ground against Beastmen

      Forest Goblin King (General)
      Crown of Autocracy,Warcry, Huntsman Spider, light lance, shield, heavy armour, Basalt Infusion
      Goblin Witchdoctor Master (Thaurmaturgy)
      Gargantula (Spider-Shrine), Dragon Staff
      Goblin Witchdoctor Adept (Pyromancy)
      Wolf Chariot
      Forest Goblin Chief
      Paired Weapons, BsB, Crown of the Cavern King, bow
      20 Forest Goblins
      Skirmish, Throwing Weapons
      30 Cave Goblins
      Bows, Musician, 2 Mad Gitz
      30 Cave Goblins
      Bows, Musician, 2 Mad Gitz
      56 Forest Goblins
      Spears/Shields, FCG, Throwing Weapons
      56 Forest Goblins
      Spears/Shields, FCG, Throwing Weapons
      10 Gnasher Dashers
      Gnasher Wrecking Team
      Gnasher Wrecking Team
      Web Launcher

      His list was (roughly)
      Doombull – Paired, Blessed Inscriptions, 4+Fortitude
      Gorebull BsB - +1STR or +1 Res thing
      6 Minos – FCG
      2 x 15 Ambush Wildhorns
      20 Ambushing Mongrels
      20 Mongrels with spears
      2 X Mongrel raiders
      2 X Gortarch
      Razortusk Chariot
      Druid Adept
      Shamanism Master with Dark Forest

      Didn’t know a lot about Beastmen, and had forgotten you score each turn on Hold the Ground know, which kinda affected things… (I may have screwed up chronology in places, but essentially…

      Turn 1:
      He dropped everything and advanced – Minos in center with Gortarch/chariot one one flank and Gortarch/Slythe on the other

      Both FG units and both Gargantulas were on my right flank with only Skewerer, Dashers and Wrecking Teams on the other. Archer held center.
      I dropped 2 Minotaurs with magic/shooting. I held back – wary of his Ambushers arriving behind me

      Turn 2:
      Razortusk failed charge on Skewerer. One unit Wildhorns arrived behind my Cave Goblins and between them and the Jabberslythe a Wrecking Team was shot down. The Wildhorns triggered all 4 Mad Gitz, who combined to kill.. 3 Wildhorns (and rest of the game killed 5 goblin archers). He healed a Minotaur back and shot a wound off the chariot adept

      In my turn the Dashers had been boxed in by his Wildhorns (bar me passing a DI5 March test), so I felt forced to charge Gortarch. Did 3 wounds with impacts, but only one with regular attacks and lost 8 guys in reply and eventually fled the field. The Wrecking team crashed into the Jabberslythe, smashing it into the ground. Shooting whittled away at the Minos

      Turn 3:
      Razortusk charged and killed my unlucky Skewerer. The second Gortarch (thanks to movement shenanigans) managed a long charge on my Gargantula and one-shotted it! His Ambushers arrived. A summoned Totemic beast wounded the Chariot Adept with it’s breath. My Skirmish TW goblins was caught by the chariot and run down in exchange for 2 wounds. Things were looking grim…

      The combined efforts of my archers and the Pyromancer dropped the wounded Gortarch and the throwing weapons of my blocks wounded the other. One FG block charged a unit Raiders driving them off and redirecting into the Minos! (it was 12’ charge.. and was mostly to realign). The FG died in droves but reduced the Minos to just the champ and Doombull

      Turn 4:
      His wounded Gortarch failed his Frenzy and charged to his own destruction against my FG block. The Razortusk charged a unit archers which inflicted two wounds on it. The archers still lost but held, forming up in ranks. The Mongrels charged in the beleaguered FG and he healed his unit Minos again with Summer Growth (damn Dispel dice). The FG killed a few Mongrels, but no Minos and were destroyed. The razortusk was beaten in CC and driven off by the archers.

      The remaining FG block charged and smashes the Ambushing Mongrels. Both Archers finally turn their weapons on the ambushing Wildhorns panicking them off the board. My general finishes off the totemic beast

      Turn 5:
      The Razortusk charges the FG block and assassinate the BsB, but is destroyed itself. Little else happens.
      My archers dropped the fleeing Razortusk. My FG block had a long charge on the other ambushing Wildhorns, made it, broke the unit but failed to catch it. Wadn’t able to achieve much else

      Turn 6:
      His spear-mongrels stepped on the Wrecking team (finally bounded back near the action), but lost 10 guys and panicked.
      In my turn the FG block charged the Wildhorns again and utterly destroyed them

      In the end I was merely 200 points up, but had lost objective, so lost 8-12. Still I took consolation in the fact that very little (Doombull, Shaman master, 2 Minos and a handful of mongrels) actually remained of his army, while in practice more (Gargatula master, General, FG block, both archer blocks, Pyro Wizard) remained of mine


      • Didn’t know much about Beastmen and Ambushers scared me, when they really shouldn’t have as they weren’t much of a threat to my big blocks (not even a rear charge) or monsters. It was clever of him to use one to pull out Mad Gitz while shooting Wrecking Team though.
      • Know your scenario. I lost the game for still thinking you only Scored in Turn 6
      • My magic didn’t do a whole lot (as usual) and I REALLY shouldn’t have talked my opponent into me not taking Wrath of God in Hold the Ground/him having that Dark Forest.
      • Mad Gitz are pretty god damn awful… doesn’t field right with a Goblin army without them, but again they were wasted points.
      • Not knowing Beastmen (especially Gortarchs) cost me dearly. In retrospect the Gortach shouldn’t have been allowed to get into anything but FG blocks and the Dashers sholdn’t have had to rely on their DI for a march test which they had to pass. I was just lucky that poisoned spears (more than anything) was a fantastic counter to everything my opponent could throw at me.
      • Wrecking teams killed something – and got their points back! Woot, first time ever. I was getting used to them simply being arrow magnets for my monstrous stuff

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    • Khodar wrote:

      I'm sorry but is your list legal?

      Gargantula 510pts
      single model
      0­-2 Units per Army
      0-­1 Units per Army if it includes any Characters mounted on Gargantula
      That means you can have 2 - either two unmounted, or one with character and one without. The unit option is reduced to 0-1 if there's a character mount in the list.

      Executive Board

      Head of Background Team

      Team Scotland ETC 2019 Captain
    • I've been playtesting OG against Bretonnia with small battles. I think the new list is cool and really love new forest goblins! But I wish that feral orc shamans could have some edge. I think common shamans are much better in many ways. They don't have frenzy charge (so you can mount them on boar/wyvern etc and solo around battlefield) and they are cheaper. Feral orc shamans have to be in mobs (I tried to use master feral orc shaman mounted on boar alone - the result was disaster even i tried to hide him in forest). Maybe feral orc shamans should get some buff from leading mobs? Like getting some buff to casting while he's within feral orc mob or maybe buffing other feral orcs in the mob? Just like back in the 5th edition of FB. This way using feral orcs wouldn't feel like a punishment and players would want to put them inside feral boar mobs etc and take them to the front line combat which is both savage and orcy!!