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About Me
About Me
Mid 30's professional, married with a big dog and some cats. I picked up my first warhammer book in 2nd edition, when I didn't have any money and a lot of free time. I painted my first wood elf and it looked nothing like the box. It was so crappy and I was so discouraged I didn't pick up another warhammer model until the beginning of 8th edition. Been playing ever since.

There were a couple clubs in Southern Calfornia, I was (and still am) in the Chupacarahs, at our height we were about 15 strong. The core group traveled for tournaments, and I traveled to Adepticon as well. We used to go to Quake City Rumble in San Francisco, Waaaaghpaca in Wisconsin, Broadside Bash in San Diego, West Coast GT in Los Angeles and I'd also go to Adepticon in Chicago. Then 8th ed. went off the rails.

There's a good size group of us that play T9A and attend tournaments at three different stores/locations here in Southern California, we even had a 2-day GT a couple months ago. There are generally tournaments at least every other month and I try to get pick up games at my house as often as I can. We also have a a facebook chat group with most of the people that attend these tournaments to keep people informed.

I played Warriors for a long time, since T9A came out I've been playing VC and SE. I also have an entire UD army still in shrink wrap. I actually called half the game stores in the US and Canada to find all the old GW TK models.
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Jan 1st 1979 (38)
Los Angeles CA
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Riding Motorcycles, T9A obviously, Street Fighter 5, Strategy Games, Board games, graphic novels (comic books)