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About Me
My name is Todd Wiatt. I've been playing table top miniatures games since the late 80s. I started collected and painting miniatures about 33 years ago. I got into the first Grand Tournament Games Workshop had here in the USA in Baltimore 1997. I feel in love with the creativity and painting I saw there. My goal was to bring armies that made other people inspired about the hobby as I was. Over the years I attended many GTs across the US. I've won lots of painting awards and a few general awards (never overall!!!) but most of all I made dozens and dozens of friends from all over the world really due to the hobby. Age of Sigmar wasn't my thing when it dropped. I tried Kings of War for a bit but again it did not feel right. I enjoy The 9th Age and that is my current table top system. I run a tournament twice a year in Williamsburg Virginia. I go to two or three other events a year depending on real life. D&D is my other favorite hobby and I try to play once a week with other 9th age buddies online from across the country.
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