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About Me
About Me
I started this hobby back in 2012. You can thank (or curse) my oldest son, William, for dragging me into the Games Workshop Store located in Oak Park, Illinois. Little did I know that my life had change forever when I walked out that evening with the Island of Blood starter set.

Why do I support 9th Age?

I support 9th Age because it is the closest to my desire to play a massive fantasy battle. I enjoy the complexities of the 9th Age game.

How do support 9th Age?

While I am not directly involved with designing the game, I am involved in getting the 9th Age as much exposure as possible in the Midwest Region of the United States by hosting a conglomerate of grand tournaments these past couple of years. Events where I was a Tournament Organizer were Adepticon 2015, 2016 & 2017, Blood in the Sun 2016, and WCW Throwdown GT 2015 & 2016.

What armies do you own?

Armies that I own and have played at various tournaments are Daemonic Legions, Ogre Khans, Highborn Elves, and Undying Legions.
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Chicago, Illinois 60655
9th Age (duh), X-wing, board games like Axis & allies 1942, Game of Thrones, Kings of Toyko.
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