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About Me
About Me
How long have you been in the Hobby?
Not that long, since about 2011.

How did you get into the Hobby?
I received my first miniature (awesome Dwarf Slayer) from a good friend.
Then we started playing in the local community.

Which armies do you play?
I command Dwarven Holds and Highborn Elves.
I play only those two, but it's a lot of fun since they are so distinct. :)

Why do you support The 9th Age project?
When the game I used to play was killed by the company that created it I began looking for an alternative.
My square-based miniatures, sitting idly on the shelf, wanted to see action again.
Then I found The 9th Age Project and decided: it will be my wargame of choice!
I liked the fact it was community-driven initiative, and that I could help in shaping it.
The 9th Age is a game for players, not for customers.

What is your personal role in The 9th Age project team?
I'm part of the Tool Support Team - specializing in Highborn Elves and Dwarven Holds Battlescribe files.
I maintain and update the GitHub repository for all Battlescribe armyfiles.
I am also a member of The 9th Age Project Advisory Board.

In my free time I do simple tutorials and other articles that I hope will attract new players to 9th Age.
Those can be found here:
How to make magnetic movement trays
How to paint Dwarf Clan Warriors
Scibor's Steam Suits unboxing/review
How to make combo base for HBE Dragon/Ancient Dragon
First painted Sunna model
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Wrocław, Poland