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  • from Goplańska, Szczecin, Poland
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About Me
About Me
I'm just a mediocre War Boy with a dream...

Playing Warhammer since 7ed as Lizards ONLY - I'm loyal to my true and only army. Warhammer is one of my many interests and activities for a long, long time. Yet still I'm mediocre blood bag, with my only goal gaining Immortan's favour so I can ride eternal, shiny and chrome. I guess I'm a tournament player (don't touch me casuls) but I will never turn down a friendly game by a beer or two.

Fav quote, because I feel like it:
"It’s cute that you all think you’re the heroes of this little adventure, but - you’re not."
-Handsome Jack

My epik memes, my heritage for future generations:
Poison pepe
It's okay, it has frenzy
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Goplańska, Szczecin, Poland