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About Me
About Me
Name: Xander
Age: 24

where are you from and where do you live?
I currently live in Belgium am born and raised in the Netherlands.

What do you do for a living.
I am a forklift driver in the freezers of a vegetable company.

Since when are you in the hobby and what have you done since.
I started with high elves when I was 15 and have some experience with 40k as well during the 10 years of playing have swapped / collected multiple armies by now still don't like painting necessary evil to play the game.

which armies do I play/ have?
I personally own EoS, Dwarven holds,saurian ancients and recently bought a vermin swarm army. I sometimes loan a friends HBE and play a lot of different armies on Ub mainly for play testing purposes.

how did you start supporting the 9the age project.
I have always had a big interest in game design both in pc games and board/tabletop games. And when I restarted playing "fantasy" with the 9the age and I heard from heamoglobin that they wanted more play testers I wanted to impact the game in a positive way and getting some fun out of it for myself having already had a lot of fun with several discussions about how scenario's played out and if this is intended for the project.

What is your role in the 9the age projects team.
I am the cell leader for the Belgium play testing cell this is nothing more than a play tester that also makes sure the rest in the Belgium cell get their games in.

That's a quick description of me. If you need something or have a question just shoot me a msg and I'll get to it when I can.
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