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About Me
About Me
I got into Warhammer in 1997 and since then, I've piled up huge amounts of miniatures of both WHFB and 40K. Probably more than I'll ever be able to paint.
I still love the old style of the hobby with the huge streams through green meadows, tiny, half timbered villages and patiently built gaming tables. I always hoped for the plastic terrain being just a fashion and go away soon, so that what I thought to be the real Warhammer would return.
Instead, Age of Sigmar appeared. At first, I wasn't negative about it, changes can be a positive thing.
But the thing that came, wasn't for me.
Since 2010 I am working incredibly slow on my Beastmen-Army and I am looking forward to share the progress here.

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Am Galgenberg 52D, 97074 Würzburg, Germany
Travelling, Mountaineering