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About Me
About Me

I started with this hobby roughly 15 years ago with Beastmen. After I sort of finished this army I started Wood Elves which soon turned Sylvan Elves as I started with them shortly before the End Times. I'm a reeeaaaaaaaalllllly slow painter/modeller. Partly because the process is slow, but mostly because I don't make enough time for it and when I get together with my wargaming friends we almost always end up playing a game instead of building/painting.

Recently I became a father (yeah!) which weirdly has increased my painting time (PC-gaming disappeared completely however) as I can do this for short amounts of time and can just drop my brush and attend to Merlijn or help my wife.

I play mostly with my cousin and a couple of times a year in a campaign with friends of said cousin. I attended one tournament in my life, with my wife (she doesn't play anymore) in a doubles. I'd like to play some more but need to finish more models first!
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Feb 2nd 1983 (35)
Playing guitar, gaming, traveling