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About Me
About Me
I played as a Kid in madrid Warhammer a long time ago (12 years ago) mostly 6ht edition with a lot of half finished armies of 1k-2k armyes ( ogre, orcs, hordes of chaos, lizardmen ) but then stopped playing mostly because all my local friends changed from the tabltop game to WOW.
Now some 2 years ago, with a friend in Israel , i rediscovered warhammer again. Beginning with LOTR SBG and then going to WH40k . Beetween the 2 of us we collected all 40k armies (excluding sisters) so we could play together (there is a small 40k community in Israel ) to some 55 000 points of 40k collected.
Then after completting the collection for 40k i began trying to get the armyes i wanted to ahve as a kid but could not afford at the time. So Far i got a 4000 points Ogre army, a 4000 points Undead and orc army (i used them as both, titan forge orc-undeads), a 5000 points lizerdman army and a 2000 points demonic legions (the 40k army magnetised to movement trays) and a 3000 points chaos army and a 4000 points skaven army and a 7000 points Dwarf army ( damm ebay stop!!!!)

So far playing mostly with the small israeli community and searching for games when i go to NY in the summers to visits my inlwas.
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Dec 30th 1991 (26)
HaPalmach St 40-44, Jerusalem, Israel