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About Me
About Me
I'm a T9A widow like many of the other girls on this site. I don't know how to play T9A very well, but I like it a lot. @Digger614 has a seemingly endless amount of armies (he hates it when I call then little people) for me to choose from, but I'm partial to the Sylvan Elves (although the little rats are looking very interesting)!

I work in Human Resources with Camilla and Dennis to help staff the various teams. I also get to work a little in Product Search where we look for companies that sell models that are good representations of units for T9A. When we find them, we list them in the Wiki Miniatures Library. It's fun!

I live on the East Coast of the United States, have three boys, and a very nice husband (@digger614)!

For work, I'm a corporate attorney that reads and argues about contract terms on a daily basis (Yay! Contracts! Anyone? Where did everyone go?). Well, that's it for me.
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East Coast United States