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About Me
About Me
Vermin general and collector since the 5th edition.

I love well-detailed pieces of lore. If you're looking for good bits of the Warhammer world, read the Gotrek & Felix novels, browse the Black Library curios such as The Loathsome Ratmen And All Their Vile Kin, play the good video games (Video games in the Warhammer universe) and of course gather a couple of friends and dive into the fantastic pen & paper RPG.

IRL I have recently come back to my hometown of Paris after 5 years abroad. I'm into hiking, tabletop and PC gaming (Steam) and I work in the evil video games industry.

As for Scylla, it's the name of an infamous sea monster in the Odysseus.
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Paris, France
Rakachit Weapon Designer
Warmongering, enslaving, running insane experimentations