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About Me
About Me
My name is Remy, though online I often use the tag 'Cyprinus', which is the genus of typical Carp.

How old are you?
I am 33 years of age.

Where are you from and where do you live right now?
I grew up in the Eastern part of the Netherlands but have been living in Nijmegen for the past 10 years. However, recently I moved to Sweden and am now living close to Stockholm.

What do you do for living?
I did my Masters in Biology (Medical) and did a PhD on Welfare in Fish, which included a lot of research on learning behaviour in zebrafish and how positive and negative conditions (such as chronic stress or environmental enrichment) influenced their learning behaviour. While I was writing my Thesis at the end of my PhD period, I was involved in developing and lecturing Practical Courses for various courses in the Bachelor Curriculum at the University. Since I moved to Stockholm, I have been 'in between jobs' and kept myself busy with writing grant proposals and writing up publications from data not yet published.

Since when are you in the Hobby?
I think I got first in touch with the hobby around 1996.

How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then?
A classmates was into the Hobby and was eager to find additional players (he played with his two brothers). He exposed me and another classmate to the Hobby and we got involved. We then managed to convince a few more friends to start playing and soon we had a group of 6 friends who all played.

We played actively (almost weekly) with the 4th, 5th and 6th editions. When 7th Edition launched, many of us moved to other towns, found other hobbies (D&D for example) and were not as interested in the new edition. Also the increasing power level of new units as well as the increase in size of some models were not to our liking. I believe I played 1 single game of 8th edition.

Which armies do you play?
I have 'played' all armies at least one - except High Elves. When we started out, among our group we had all Army Books (I guess we enjoyed buying the books more then the actual models - the stories and background were wonderful). I started out with a Chaos Army, but switched to Undead soon after. I played that for a while till they became Vampire Counts. At that point I switched to The Empire and have bee with that Army till today (and I do not think I will get rid of it).

Why do you support the 9th Age project?
I support the 9th Age, because I enjoy playing Mass Miniature Battles set in a Fantasy Setting. I like the complexer rule-set brought forth by Games Workshop and the tactical play it offers on the table. I enjoy seeing well thought off conversions and nicely painted models (often not mine - my painting skills are subpar) on a table with terrain. What drove me (and friends) away from GW were the increasing prices on their models, but most importantly the power creep. With the rise of T9A after the emergence of AoS, I started to get back into the Hobby (I guess for some of us, the destruction of the Old World has brought back interest in the hobby and the miniatures in the closet) and I even joined a gaming group! I guess I like to contribute to the project to make sure it stays around for me and miniatures to enjoy.

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team?
My personal role within the project is doing Lay Out tasks for the PR-team. This means I will be involved in creating Posters, Flyers and possibly badges. In addition, I will see if I can offer any help with the Scroll to improve it a litle. Aside from these 'main' roles, I am also involved in less creative tasks such as copying translated text into In-Design files and helping out with In-Design tasks needed for the Full Army Books.
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175 41 Järfälla, Sweden