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About Me
About Me
I always call out my professors on the trivial D6 examples in statistics. The lives of my men depend on them.

Grüß di, I'm Michael, a final years mathematics student from Glasgow, Scotland. Some say that this means I'm an incredibly intelligent individual, but I call myself a mediocre mathematican for a reason.

I've been an avid player of miniature wargames for quite a while. After dishing out on a large Warhammer Fantasy Battles army I found that the game I aspired to play was no more... and then along came T9A! Since then I have keenly followed the T9A project and am currently in the process of building up my own EoS army.

I'm a great enthusiast of infantry heavy armies and blobbing my opponents to death with the bodies of my men.
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Aug 9th 1994 (23)