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About Me
About Me
It's funny that when being taught probability at university trivial examples always revolve around six sided die and their outcomes. Little do my professors know that the roll of a die can mean the life or death of one of my beloved little plastic men...

I'm Michael and I'm a final years mathematics student studying in Glasgow, Scotland, primarily interested in functional analysis, topology and the geometry of Banach spaces. Don't worry, I don't know what that means either.

I've been an avid player of miniature wargames for quite a while. After dishing out on a large Warhammer Fantasy Battles army I found that the game I aspired to play was no more... and then along came T9A! Since then I have keenly followed the T9A project via key players and their battle reports on YouTube and am currently in the process of building up my own EoS army.
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Aug 9th 1994 (22)
T9A of course! I also love to read and enjoy learning new languages.