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About Me
About Me
Hello boys !

It's been only 2 years since I play WFB but I was playing W40K during my teenage years... *sigh* poor thing
Always loved the Sylvan Elves and glad to see they are coming back with their Kindred in The 9th Age project ! (Shapeshifter Kindred is yummy !), also playing Kingdom of Equitaine (I teach them how too ride a horse) & Saurian Ancient (and they think they teach my woodies how to use magic... you fool).

Active player since last year with some tournaments, if you are French and near Montpellier, contact me !

Glad to be part of this project and hope we have a long way to go :)
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May 19th 1992 (25)
1 Rue de l'Aire, 34070 Montpellier, France
Law Student & 9th Age !
9th Age, Beer, Football (who said New England Pats ?!)