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About Me
About Me
I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student in social psychology. I conduct empirical research on many topics including, terrorism, religion, voting behavior, terror management theory, and national identity. I also teach introductory courses in social psychology and do consulting work for government agencies related to immigration.

I started playing WFB in 6th edition, skipped 7th edition, and started playing again during 8th edition. Unfortunately, 1 year after I started playing 8th edition WFB was no more. I still play 8th edition games regularly but in order to join the tournament scene, have adopted 9th age. I have 7000+ points of Empire of Sonnsthal, 4500 points of Highborn Elves, 4500 points of Ogres, and am currently selling off my 5000 points of Orcs.
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Mar 21st 1990 (27)
London, ON, Canada
Graduate Student/Adjunct Faculty