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About Me
About Me
1) A short description of yourself

My name is Sergey Kovrov, 25-years old, from Moscow, Russia. I am working property analyst in the famous consulting firm.

2) Your wargaming experience - in particular with the army you would be assigned to your knowledge about the background of the army in question

10 years. I started to play Wood Elves in 6 and 7th edition, then played for other armies (Dark Elves, High Elves and Daemons a bit)

3) Your tournament experience that proves that you have the necessary skill to evaluate and play armies on the highest level of competition

Won ETC WHFB tournaments in 9 countries :) Seriously. My last success- 3rd place on the ESC-2015 (was on Top-3 in 3 ESC out of 4 :) ) and 5th in the ETC-2015 with my team (got 74 points in 6 games VS top-tier opponents (Germany, Italy, Denmark, etc.) )

4) Your game design experience

Wrote an overview about Wood Elves (on Russian language only but as someone said "the best overwiew in Russia and CIS"…393346&st=0&#entry3393346 :) ), some "ETC" restrictions for our local tournaments
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