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About Me
About Me
NAME: B. Jones

AGE: 44

WHERE: Virginia, USA

WHAT DO YOU DO: Construction Management. ( I hire people to build things)

HOW LONG IN FANTASY GAMING: 19 years and counting

HOW DID THE CRAZINESS BEGIN: I blame my brother and his friends. They worked at a warehouse that sold GW products and started playing. Back then the Slann had 6 S8 attacks that did d6 wounds. Oh how that got me intrigued to play. So I picked up Dark Elves and ran S4 witches (poison was +1 strength back then, kiddies)

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SINCE: Lots of personal stuff, but with the Hobby....spent years playing at other's people's homes hosting our own mini events. I got a neighbor into the hobby and he found a Game Store nearby that had a league, so I checked it out. I was with the IFL for over 10 years until we split and made the CGL. I worked the GW Games Days in Baltimore for 7 years helping out with the Fantasy GT or running club tables. Hoping one day to have a 9th Age Game Day :)

WHICH ARMIES DO YOU PLAY: Quickest answer is what armies do I NOT play. I never got into the Infernal Dwarfs. Maybe one day. The trick is putting the armies in a rotation to play. This year is KoE and Beasts.

WHY SUPPORT THE 9TH AGE: Why not? It has all the bells and whistles of a similar game system that I've been a part of for a long long time. I like the community driven aspect. I like that we are not tied to one method or to one overpriced manufacturer. Selfishly, I have way too much money invested in product to just walk away or have a yard sale.

WHAT IS YOUR ROLE IN THE 9TH PROJECT: Currently, my task is on the Conceptual Design Team. This is the group of "free thinkers" that will help bridge the space between the new T9A background and the new Army Design Teams. We help by providing ideas of how things might be or how things might work so that the design teams have the tools necessary to create top-notch army books. I'm also on the Tournament Support Staff. That job is to create a "help" system on how to organize and run a 9th Age event. This will be in the form of advice and examples. There needs to be a core system in place that is redundant in all events, however there also needs to be flexibility to allow for a Region's needs/playstyle and/or the creativity of the Tournament Organizer (TO). I also will be one of the points of contact for TO's in the USA to be able to collect event data to pass on to the Analysis Team.
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1106 S Main St, Culpeper, VA 22701, USA
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