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  • A 9th Age rule about model classes
    Models that can cast (non-bound) spells are referred to as Wizards. All Wizards have a Wizard Level to represent their mastery of the magical arts. A model's Wizard Level dictates its bonus for casting and dispelling (a level 1Wizard adds +1 to its casting rolls, a level 4 Wizard adds +4 to its casting rolls etc) as well as the number of spells it knows. If a Wizard loses Wizard Levels, its bonus to cast will be affected, and it loses one spell for each level lost(unless stated otherwise, the lost spell is randomly chosen). If a Wizard’s Wizard Level drops below 1, it will be a level 0 Wizard. Level 0 Wizards are still Wizards in all regards. All Wizards have the Channel Special Rule.

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