Background: Eighth Age

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  • The eighth world age

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    The Age of Waste the time of Fire
    Our kin have fail’d and woe have wrought
    For devils cannot loyal be
    And all is lost in burning death
    With daemons free the world a pyre
    A cataclysmic wake they left
    And burn the land and open gates
    To realms unholy, realms debased
    And men such fools do worship Hell
    And left us all of peace bereft

    But one good thing did come from fire
    That men at last did come combined
    Together stood o’er vermin slain
    Held back the dark and worshipp’d day
    Thus did It end this time of ire
    The girl of sun and steel arose
    She slew the King of rats and filth
    So like a dwarf she stood so proud
    Remembering the oaths long lost
    Renewing friends and true allies

    The swords of men ascendant now
    And much a mess and much a ruin
    And they will rule with troubled brow

    - A reproduction of an Equitan tapestry,
    itself believed to be a copy of an ancient dwarven carving
    and poem dating from the first century A.S.

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