Background: Dread Elves

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  • Dread Elves

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    Factions & Magic

    The Dread Elves possess the elven affinity for magic
    almost as strongly as their noble kin. Yet where the
    Highborn have a focus on the world around them, the
    true power of magic for the elves of Silexia lies within
    the mind. Even without magic, they are masters of
    manipulating emotions, fear most of all. Augmented
    with the power of the Immortal Realm, they are able
    to strike terror into the hearts of a most resolute foe.
    Their powers also lend weight to their reputation of
    striking from fog and shadow, disappearing without a
    trace, save for the stories left behind. More than any
    of their brethren, they view magic as a military art, an
    aid in battle.


    In the mists of time, they rebelled against the enigmatic Saurians to become guardians of much of the world, while the ancestors of the Dwarves held the rest. Once they were a single race, yet their united rule could not endure. Even these most graceful of beings are not immune to in-fighting or betrayal. The details are veiled in allegory and myth, but it is clear a great schism rent the Elven peoples asunder, resulting in the three powers we see today.

    Dread Elves are a harsher reflection of their brethren. Thesame grace, the same beauty, the same talent, yet the detachment of the Highborn turns to disdain, the caprice of the Sylvan turned to cruelty. Their skills as pirates and reavers are unparalleled; entire coastal communities have fallen to cruel blade and ingenious artillery. The survivors soon find themselves aboard slave galleys and sold to worse fate still.
    Their society was forged by war, and shaped further still by an unending feud with their Highborn cousins, a conflict which began with the separation of the Elves thousands of years ago, and shows no sign of ending. Even the gods of the Elves, the holy trinities, have taken on a darker note – blood rituals are widely described by rescued captives of the Dread fleets. Whatever the causes of that conflict, its echoes linger, and with the longevity of Elves, perhaps there are still those who recall the events and maintain ancient enmities.

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