Background: Vermin Swarms

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  • Vermin Swarms

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    The rise of the Vermin was the result of a magic ritual,
    they are in many ways the children of magic. The survival
    and thriving of the swarm is the primary focus of
    all the Vermin’s activities – always pitted against their
    drive for individual achievement. The Magisters and
    Prophets who wield this power among the Vermin
    are driven by a conviction to find the right future for
    the Swarm, while the Vermin Daemons who rise for
    a time to rule use magic to guarantee their position
    and power.


    Where you see one rat, there are ten more you don't" – a saying that did not originally apply to house hold pests. From the moment they laid low mighty Avras, the Vermin used cunning tactics and ingenious weapons to augment their multi-tudinous hordes. Dominion over swathes of Vetia proved a simple proposition to the Vermin, and while tribes of men and beasts held them at bay with ferocity or tribute, it was centuries before their supremacy was challenged.
    In the events leading to the dawn of this Ninth Age, the might of men broke the Vermin Swarm and cast down their King. Fear of Sunna's godly strength sent them scurrying, but I suspect only ingrained cowardice keeps them from sweeping forth again. Reports of man-sized rats with gleaming eyes and sharp black blades always abound, but few consider these isolated incidents to be cause for concern. Still, some cities maintain a Sewer Watch, and their veterans do not scoff at the Vermin threat.

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