Background: Elven Horse

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  • Elven Horse

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    Some say the steeds of the Sylvan Elves are the forefathers of all
    horses, others say they are the result of an ancient alliance between
    human knights of old and the fey children of the forest. Regardless of
    which tale is true, they are as fine-boned as any equine mount in the
    realms of men, as fleet as foxes and sure of stride whether galloping
    through a tangled mess of roots or the open meadows of the world outside.
    With an elven rider upon their back they become a terror to the
    enemies of the forest, allowing eagle-eyed archers to streak deep behind
    the lines of battle and swift spearmen to harass the flanks of their
    enemy like wolves among a flock of sheep.
    Such is the intelligence, endurance, agility and beauty of these creatures
    that many young knights of Equitaine would risk the wrath of the elves
    to claim a foal and add the fey blood of the forest herds to their own. An
    intrepid fellow could make quite a fortune this way, but such is the love
    the elves bear for all the animals in their realm that to do so would risk
    the ire of the great lords of the forest.

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