Background: Tomb Architect

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  • Tomb Architect

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    31st of Keimzeit, 962 A.S.
    We are four days out of Port Reynaud, and have come to the landmarks
    Abdullah tells me are called the Teeth of the Asp. The
    name is certainly apt - these two great obelisks jut up out of the desert
    hills like the fangs of a great snake.
    In the glory days of the Naptaan empire, these monuments would have
    marked the boundary of the Naptaan territory, standing as a statement
    of the empire’s great power and a warning against invaders. Now they
    are eroded and half-buried in the dunes, but some of the intricate carvings
    recording the victories of the king who erected them still remain.
    I had Gunther’s porters shovel away six feet of the sand obscuring the
    base of the columns — much to the amusement of Abdullah and his
    guides, who were content to sit and watch our northerners labouring in
    the hot sun. Beneath the dedication to the Pharaoh Oseput we found
    what I was searching for — the maker’s mark of the Naptaan mason
    who built the Teeth.
    From the texts recovered by earlier expeditions, we already know that
    among the common-born Naptaan the monument-makers were held in
    high regard, second only to the priesthood. They were commissioned
    to build the immense tombs of the pharaohs, and great statues glorifying
    their rule. The inscription we found on the Teeth says that this
    architect — one Ammtunek — oversaw two thousand slaves in their
    construction, and was favoured in the eyes of the pharaoh. Intriguingly,
    the inscription also says that Ammtunek is buried under the obelisks,
    and whosoever disturbs him by destroying his work will suffer his curse.
    These great monuments must have been his life’s work.
    I put forward the idea of sinking a mine pit under the right-hand obelisk
    to try to locate the burial chamber, but our guard captain Gilles refused
    outright, saying the obelisk might topple and crush us all. These
    people have no vision!

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