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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von fjugin,

Today I will not show you any new updated rules. Instead, I will talk a little about what the beta version is, as well as our plans for the immediate future.

First and foremost, the beta version will be a rulebook. A complete standalone rulebook. Along with this, (just as in the alpha version) we will have a documents with all spells.

Furthermore, due the many changes in the rulebook, we have felt that using the old armybooks will not work very well. They would all need numerous updates just to fix to issues introduced by reworking and merging rules (some of which you have already seen in past sneak peaks or in the alpha version). And for balance, making all units usable and no units over powered, that would require even more changes to armybooks. So, instead of releasing a 15 page long list of updates to armybooks, we are taking a different approach. Along with the beta version, we will release a short armybook for every single army. Due to time constraints these will be simplified versions of the armybooks. Some units are merged (see below), magic item lists are shortened, army specific special rules are replaced by rulebook special rules, and so on. These simplifications allowed us to create 15 armybooks in the short amount of time since the alpha version, and now we can say that the beta version of "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age" is a complete standalone game. Everything you will need (rule-wise), will be found on this website.

These shortened and simplified versions of armybooks are not meant to be a long term solution. They are only meant to to be used for a short time, until the armybooks have been given a full new version, with new magic items, units, options and so on (not too different from what was done to the beastman book for the alpha version, though this book should be viewed as an example of our intentions rather the final version). Shortly after the beta version is released, we will start assembling small working groups, one for each army Applying for a position on these groups will be open for anyone (details for this will be announced after beta version is complete), and from these applicants, 3-5 group members will be selected to start working on the actual updated armybooks. Our hope is that such members will come from a large variety of gaming communities (and that they communicate and discuss with their respective communities), thus making it easier for more players to participate in the creation of the 9th age.

Below are some examples of what we mean with "merged units".

Elvish Warriors 8 pt/model

Infantry Base size: 20x20mm
Unit size: 10-50
Special Rules: Killer Habits, Supernatural Reflexes
Equipment: Light Armour, Shield
Options: All models may take: Spear (free)
Command Group (max 1 each): Standard Bearer (10 pt) [Magic Standard up to 25 pt], Musician (10 pt), Champion (10 pt)

Dwarf Warrior 7 pt/model

Infantry Base size: 20x20mm
Unit size: 10-40
Special Rules: Relentless, Stunty and Grumpy, Shieldwall
Equipment: Heavy Armour
Options: All models may take Shields (1 pt), Crossbow (3 pt/model), Handgun (3 pt/model), Great Weapon (2 pt/model), Throwing Weapons (1 pt/model). A single unit of Dwarf Militia can be upgraded with Ambush (2 pt/model) or Scout (2 pt/model).
Command Group (max 1 each): Musician (10 pt), Standard Bearer (10 pt), Champion (10 pt)

Pyramid Herald 60 pt
Pyramid Herald440452338

Infantry Base size: 20x20mm
Unit size: 1
Special Rules: Undead, Dust to Dust, Flammable, Killing Blow
Equipment: Light Armour
Options: Magic Items (up to 50 pt)
May take: Shield (2 pt), Heavy Armour (4 pt), Flail (4 pt), Great Weapon (4 pt), Lance (4 pt), Battle Standard bearer (25 pt).
May be Upgraded with Bone Engineer (25 pt)
Mounts: May ride: Skeleton Horse (10 pt), Desert Chariot (45 pt) or Sand Serpent (50 pt)

Black Powder War Machine 100 pt
War machine----73---
Crew (3)43333-317

War Machine Base size: 75mm round
Unit size: 1
Options: A Black Powder War Machine must be upgraded to either a Black Powder Mortar (free) or a Black Powder Cannon (20 pt)[/b]
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