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Von Pinktaco,

Hello T9A fans,

Several of you had questions about a possible T9A mercenary faction, and here is some information about it:
The 9th Age definitely has plans to make a mercenary book. We can even reveal the title of the book here: the faction book will be called Iron Crowns.

We are not working on the Iron Crowns book at the moment, because the main rule-set and current 16 faction books take top priority, as well as the ongoing work on the creation of The 9th Age world with its background. But please know that the Iron Crowns book is definitely on our wish list! We currently plan and hope that the release will be somewhere in 2017.

As you know, we are a community driven game and very proud of that. To ensure the quality and balance of the game, we follow a specific procedure to create official The 9th Age supplements. One of the main reasons we all like to play The 9th Age is the quality of the rules, in combination with the internal balance of the faction books. As you might already know, the creation process for official supplements involves many teams, such as a rules team, an army book committee, an army support team, a balance board and a data analysis team. And a lot of coffee and nightly discussions, of course.

One of the great benefits about being a community driven game is having many enthusiastic players. It is those players, you, we'd like to thank for the results so far. Sometimes you create rules and books yourselves, eager to add a supplement. And even though we are often tempted to put an "official" stamp on those products, we are keen to follow the creation procedures to maintain the balance of the game. But each member of the community can also apply for a staff function and contribute that way.

On behalf of The 9th Age staff
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