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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Arturius,

Dear 9th Age Players!

Our team has prepared two handy documents, to help you in your 9th Age campaigns.

First is a compact mathematical aid sheet to assist you in making various tactical decisions during your battles.
It shows percentage chance to pass Leadership tests, successful Charge Range chance (along with Swiftstride) and Chance to Cast and Dispel along with Overwhelming Power probability.
You can find this pdf under The Rules tab here 9th Age Statistics Aid

Another one is a Tournament scoring Sheet, which you can print and use for your events.
Just create a copy of it on your own google drive, adjust the tournament name and the timeline and you're good to go.

English version:…rb4C7URE/edit?usp=sharing

French translation:…slide=id.g155f96820e_6_75

If you wish to give us your feedback you can do so here in this thread CLICK !

As always, have fun in The 9th Age !
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