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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von Pinktaco,

We're very excited to announce that we've recently seen a lot of attention and support from various companies. There are currenty 15 companies officially supporting T9A, ranging from miniature companies to accessories and terrain.

While the following content is mainly aimed at companies, the community may also find this informative.

How T9A can support you:

We currently have multiple layers of ways to support companies. We pride ourselves by having an open communication format with companies to answer questions you may have relating to our project.

T9A Provides:

The Company Lounge. An internal forum you may use to coordinate releases with other companies, request announcements for T9A to publicly display and generally allow communication between companies and with us.

The Company Showcase (CS). This is where the you may put forth your products and show it to the community. In broad terms the CS is the playground for companies where you can directly communicate with our community. There are no hard restrictions on this, so if you want to create a poll(s) relating to what the community would like to see released, you may do so.

The Announcements:

We've recently set up an internal thread where any company may request an announcement. There are no strict restrictions, except that any announcement must be T9A compatible (so no sci-fi, WW2 etc) and some simple guidelines in terms of length of the post and amount of pictures. There are no further restrictions on the content, so if you want to announce the progress of your newest miniatures (or anything else) you may do so. What you decide to put into your announcement is up to you. The company announcements will be posted every Saturday, in a similar vein as the weekly blog posts update is currently posted every Monday.

If you want to officially support T9A, we recommend that you request an announcement stating that you're now supporting us and explain to the community what you sell.

Once your announcements have been posted on the dashboard of this website, we'll further post it on our Social Media pages. These are our facebook page and twitter account. We've previously reached over 10,000 people on FB, with a single announcement, so the potential audience is vast.

In short T9A Provides:

Internal forum access.
Public showcase forum on this website.
Social Media exposure on 3 platforms (this website, FB and Twitter).
Open communication about anything T9A related.

How you can support T9A:

What you do, as a company, is largely up to you. T9A does not require anything specific from you, although we do expect you to follow the terms of our license.

What can be done now and in the future:

In broad terms, we allow almost any company to support T9A, as long as you produce T9A compatible material. This may be miniatures, war gaming accessories, or anything related to T9A.

We've created a "Compatible with T9A" logo, to be used by companies - which can be found by clicking this text. The intention is for this to be used on your website, boxes, printed material, etc.

It's very important for us that if you want to use any T9A materials and/or names, you do so by stating that while you support T9A, you are not affiliated with or partner with T9A, and any product that you make available is "compatible with" T9A. How exactly you do this is up to yourself, but one example is the Avatar of War website. T9A is a non profit organization and it is important that our community and the public understand that we are not associated with, nor do we have any control over a commercial company. Likewise, T9A is independent from and is not influenced or controlled by any commercial company. Should there ever be any doubt, do not hesistate to ask the Executive Board members @Digger614 and @Giladis and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Donating artwork

We love artwork and the one thing that's very time consuming in terms of producing the full army books is the artwork. For this reason we've recently created an internal thread, which will allow you to license or donate artwork to T9A that you own. Should you already be a company member you can find the thread by clicking this text.

T9A is currently creating a Beginner's Rules Book. An all-in-one book to get any newcomer started. The official announcement (including the art) can be found by clicking this text. We already have some companies interested in bundling the rules along their own starter sets.

In the near future we want to have hardcover printeable books. The idea is to have the current books available in hardcover in 2017.

How to contact us:

First of all: We want to reiterate that we're very happy to hear from all companies, that may have any T9A compatible products. T9A is not exclusively bound to "miniature companies", but are also very happy to support companies that produce other material(s).

Contacting T9A is plain simple:
  • You create a profile on our website.
  • You click on the "conversation" (PM) buttom in the top.
  • You create a title and add @Digger614, @Giladis, @Arturius @Calisson and @tiny to the conversation.
  • You write a text telling about who you are and what you produce and we'll get back to you.
  • Once we've all come to agreement (which is usually no problem at all) you'll be added to the Company User Group, which will grant you access to the internal Company Lounge sub forum.
  • We very much prefer to communicate when possible in this forum, where it's easy for the ExB to follow the conversation.
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