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Von Blonde Beer,

There’s a saying in my country, and I’ll roughly translate it, since most of you won’t speak my native tongue, but it’s something like, when you cut wood, you are going to get splinters.
In this project we have many teams, chopping a lot of metaphysical wood to build the army books for everyone to play, and we are aware of the fact that we make splinters or, as the community calls them, mistakes.
We have more “splinters’ than we would like, and we usually try to correct them in the next version of the game, especially since we want to reduce the amount and frequency of the rule changes and not constantly force people to stay updated on the different versions of the game.
Yet, it’s clear we have a very big splinter in our hands now, and that is the current state of the Sylvan Elf book.
Even worse, some of the Sylvan Elf players are properly afraid we cut down the entire forest to make this version of the book.
(OK, this was a joke: Sylvan Elves + to cut wood... you get it? hey, we can add some humor sometimes, can't we?)

It's clear that mistakes were made, and it’s clear to us that the book, and it’s internal setup, does not adhere to the quality level we, and you as fans want.
Therefore we are going to be releasing a hotfix in for the Sylvan Elf book to address these problems.
While we also understand that many other army communities see problems with their own books, we hope that the community as a whole can respect the problems our fellow gamers from the woods have, and that we are taking some extra time to acknowledge we made a serious mistake, and try to correct it for the very near future.

This will not mean that all the splinters will be removed in one new swing of the axe, but we will try to at least make certain that the Sylvan Elf playerbase can still travel their beloved forest and play their army.

The current summary of the changes are as follows:
Display Spoiler

35% - unseen arrows
45% - fleet of foot
Briar Maidens 0-2 and count towards fleet of foot only
Pathfinders and Sentinels count towards unseen arrows only
-2 ppm -30 points on core Spearman
-45 pts on Shapeshifter Kindred
skirmish upgrade on dryads for free

You can also find the updated book here.
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