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Von Blonde Beer,

Are you looking for some tournaments to test your mettle in? Here is a short overview of tournaments all over the world! You can also find many more in our Calander here!

Event Location: Best Western Saddleback Inn, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Event Name: Red River Rumble GT
Date of Event: February 25-26, 2017
Army Size (points): 5000pts
Final Registration Date: February 24, 2017
List Due Date: February 17, 2017
Where to Register:
Special Contact Info: Twitter @RRRumbleGT
Tournament Organizer ID: Ro. Nevarez

Event Location: Centre culturel Tramsschapp 49 Rue Ermesinde L-1469 LUXEMBOURG
Event Name: Luxembourg Bash Master
Date: 18 & 19 March 2017.
Event size: 22 teams of 4 players.
Army Size (points): 4500pts
Contact email:
Organizer: "le Cercle d'Aléa" of Syren ( Luxembourg) with the support of our French partner Fantastique Bataillon de Joinville (FBJ).
Registration: In order to make a booking, a team need to pay a ticket of EUR 80.
List Due Date: 28 February 2017.
Rules Pack:…ZTzVvWjQ/view?usp=sharing
Registration on TableTop Tournament is compulsory…mbourg-bash-master&type=t

Event Location: Hockley, Essex, UK
Event Name: Dawn of A New Age 3
Date of Event: 1st & 2nd of April 2017
Army Size (points): 4500
Final Registration Date: NA
List Due Date: Two weeks before the event
Where to Register: On TWF or the 9th age forum
Tournament Organizer ID: @welshpunk

Event Location: A Fistful Of Dice, Southsea, Hampshire, UK
Date of Event: Sun 30th April 2017
Army Size (points): 4500
Final Registration Date: Sat 15th April 2017
List Due Date: Sun 16th April 2017
Where to Register:
Special Contact Info:
Tournament Organizer ID: @2DSick and @TheRevell
Places: 14/14 (sold out)
From the TO:
Hello Fanstasy Wargames fans!!!

We at Southeast Slaughter are proud to announce our 1st Tournament
for The 9th Age in association with our sponsors,, Lost
Kingdom Miniatures and LABMASU.

In the spirit of The 9th Age, this is a non-profit event and any
remaining proceed will be donated to The 9th Age project to help give
back our support!

The date is set - Sun 20th April 2017
The battleground drawn - AFistfulOfDice, Southsea
So rally your banners - 2500pts
and prepare for the slaughter to come
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