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Von Blonde Beer,

Attention: Ye Olde Rulemongers

Over the next few days, the stealthy scheming of the Rules Team Review will begin sneakily printing freshly-inked versions of the current army books. The intention is to provide a clearer, content identical, yet more concise text & layout to keep the game running smoothly during the freeze - and to prevent 'grammar-rage' over semantics such as the word 'all'.

This will come into effect over two stages. The first will simply change blue text to black, and remove strike-out text, with the clarifications in blue. The second will lock everything into black.

ORIGINAL: The rules, while an ongoing living document that is affected by, but no means limited to, balance changes, amendments, and over-complications, shall, over the following phases, become a far more communicable, legible, and concise document.

PHASE 1: The rules shall become more concise.

PHASE 2: The rules shall become more concise.

All hail the unsung silent slayers of commas and non-defining relative clauses!
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