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Von Calisson,

Hi, miniature lovers!
We had a lull in the news, but that was probably to let our beloved supporting companies provide some new toys.
And here they are!

p.s. with a fun video from Labmasu! :D
"Labmasu's kickstarter campaign for scenery set"

Live today!

PLEASE: if you are interested on something on my Store but it is not available or not enough please ask me, we have 2 different stocks (online shop and convention stock).

"The White Bearded Dwarf Ancestor - limited edition by Souldark Miniatures"

Lord Velard wrote:

I want to annotice this miniature from my company, Souldark Miniatures
White Bearded Dwarf Ancestor Limited Edition 2017 miniature
With this annotation
Long time ago one well known company release miniatures of stunt but brave and noble warrior-Ancestor of older and stony race, once per year And we all cheer this company about this tradition and hail this Ancestor for his old age and tradition keeping. But now all is changed. Company first cease to bring us this Ancestor each year, and after this they killed world, where this stunty warrior live and fight. But as long-time fan of this noble tradition, I refuse to sacrifice my fun to foul gods of marketing and stock marked and will fight back with my sculpting plastic and my resin casting molds for this noble tradition of old, in this new and (I hope) shining age of NINE.
So I decide to make my own White Bearded Dwarf Ancestor and bring back this noble tradition from now on.

Souldark Miniatures
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