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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von Blonde Beer,

Ladies of Gentlemen of the Ninth Age,

Currently, the multitude of internal cogs starting at the Rules Team and running throughout Production are starting to build up a level of critical creativity that we feel is now ready to be taken to the next level: YOURS
We like to say that the Ninth Age is a community-driven game, and this is indisputably true. Started by, run by, and played by people passionate about war-gaming with their favorite model collections.

Today however, we are taking it to the next level!

Following the tremendous input on the Request for Community WotDG Magic Items thread, which now includes over 250+ design ideas in just over a week, the Rules Team have decided that they would like to see just what kind of brilliance can come out of 10,000 registered users designing one specific thing:

The Magic Phase

You read that correctly. Everyone, from the ETC WAACs to the Fluffy-bunnies, is invited to design a system that will potentially affect thousands of casual and competitive gamers all around the world.
Fair Warning: This is not for the faint of heart...
This is a serious design task, not some puny item for a single army, but an entire PHASE. This requires an incredible balancing of many complex elements, which I will try to break down into manageable segments:

But first UNDERSTAND...

Magic is a source of change and of energy and the easiest way to explain it in mortal world is to think of it like it is radiation. Those with the skill can put it to work, but too much can be harmful.
Magic seeps through the Veil. At places where the Veil is thinner more goes through, where it is thicker less gets through. Movement through the Veil, rituals to thin the Veil, these can increase the flow of magic.
When a Wizard casts a spell he uses the Magic available to him in the vicinity reducing its levels and making the area less saturated. But too much spellcasting causes the Veil to harden like a scar. Over time the Veil will heal and Magic will return - a process Wizards have ways to speed up.
  • Use the background material above to inspire your vision of how magic might work. There will be no Winds of Magic, only the Veil – how this is interpreted is up to you. Magic should feel exciting to play both with and against in game, so let your creativity roar.
  • Strategic-heavy, Luck-lite: No phase is more luck-dependent than magic, and so we’d like to see it become less skewed, but still not entirely predictable. For the number crunchers this task is a feast!
  • A Familiar Link: Spells and Paths should remain as they are as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean that armies cannot have their own unique ways of casting magic. Designers with a broad experience across a range of armies should thrive in this section.
Each proposal should consist of a series of design windows which need to fit into a cohesive system that is simple to learn and adapt, but has a great depth of thought and potential expandability/customization. This is very important because it’s highly unlikely that a single design will magically solve all the parameters to the RT’s satisfaction. That means elements may be borrowed, merged, discarded, or reworked to help formulate the best phase we can – believe it or not compromise is one of the greatest challenges when surrounded by brilliant ideas.

The Design Windows

Spell Selection
Are spells randomly generated? Why not? What effect would selected ones have on the game? Maybe it’s a combination? Think deeply and question your old assumptions, Apprentices and Masters might be irrelevant or crucial depending on how this is formulated.

Magic Resources
No Winds, just the Veil. Daemons come through the Veil,would that affect the amount of available magic? Can more be generated, or is there a finite pool? How can we create an exciting phase which is not too predictable, yet not the soul-crushing experience of rolling snakes eyes with the Cautl in R1.

What is a wizard? How many ranks are there? There be more a lot more to being a master than just knowing more spells or having a greater magic allowance for example. Equally so, there could be specialists who major only on one kind of spell or spell type.

How does this work? Dice seem to be the go-to option, but we could also look at cards, tokens, or some other kind of mini-game. Councils of mages, or a mighty sorcerer, devices & lenses to augment or extend effects, maybe some armies don't even cast as we understand it but have a completely unique twist on the concept.

The scroll and crown are almost ubiquitous. Is there a way to bring more joy to the dispelling player beyond calculating which single spell is allowed through? Factions like Dwarfs might use an entirely different mechanic altogether.

Resolving Spells
We already have Overwhelming Power and Lost Focus, but surely there could be more to it than that? Or perhaps less? Perhaps even refining it down to speed up the phase and the game – think deeply on these things.

Miscasts & Bound Spells
Where do these fit in? Some factions depend on bound spells more than others so any proposals here need to factor in several playstyles. Big miscasts can be game ending for the undead, is this fair? What would a new table look like? Or would it be something else…spin the wheel?

Short Summary of the Key Changes
At the end of your Magnum Opus indulge the reader by providing a quick check-list to remind him of the degree of ambition (or pragmatism) regarding key changes.

This opportunity is not only limited to the registered general community but is open to staff as well, so it’s a chance to see just how well your ideas stand against creativity the more seasoned staff. This is unquestionably the most ambitious community-driven task ever attempted, so if ever there was a moment to prove your genius, now is the hour….

You can find more information about the proposals, and how to enter in this topic here!
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