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Hello There!

The project likes to learn from ages past and one lesson T9A team has learnt is to engage the community more. The team had such a tremendous success with ideas for the magic phases and new magic items for Warriors of the dark gods that the Rules Team (RT) has melded together some great global surveys that they want you, the community to help answer in order to get an understanding of what the community really wants.

Now it's worth saying right here that the surveys are not binding to the future of the game, but give instead the T9A team a incredible insight into the path they need to take.

Up first is a survey on what to do with magic items with some very simple questions and statements for you all to answer, so please, take the jump and answer away, and when you finish, spread the word, we need to actively engage as much of the community as we can.

So what you waiting for, go go go!

Start the survey here!

Von blonde beer,

Dear community,

It's time we rolled out some red carpet and gave a proper introduction and fanfare to a certain part of our hobby.
Since its creation, Homebrew has been a popular way to disseminate hobbyist ideas for home rules and fan made army books. Here new alternative rules, factions, units and background can be found, just waiting for others to try them out and enjoy the extra flavour it brings to 9A games.

For example, scenarios and campaigns such as the great "Shifting Tides", multiplayer and alliance rules…; Rules for New armies like Amazons, Northern Dwarfs, Halflings, Celestians, Nippons to name just a few! The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.
Although nothing is official, everything there is made with only two ideas in mind: passion and fun! This thriving and creative juices of the community flowing into this section coincides with the main goal of the Hobby Hub, to get the community to have fun!

It appeared that separating Homebrew and Hobby Hub was an anomaly, probably caused by a lack of coffee, as it was really not the appropriate spirit to include Homebrew among off topic issues. Today this comes to an end, the coffee pot is refilled and Homebrew joins where it belongs to!
Before you take the jump and go off to see the many new creative works happening in Homebrew, let’s take a moment to explain what is Homebrew about:

Homebrew is literally just that, ideas you have been inspired by, creatively written down at home for others to enjoy. This section is not only made for you, the community member; it is made by you.
Put it another way, whatever you do not find in T9A game, and you can’t wait to see it happen, just create it yourself! But if you feel you lack the creativity, time and dedication to do it yourself, maybe someone else has done it before, then you will find it here.

Whilst the doors are open for almost anything can be discussed, there are still a few rules to follow, in particular about the relevance (must be an adaptation based on T9A) and the avoidance of copyright material. Lastly, it must be clear that nothing in Homebrew is official – so use it at your own risk for your own fun. You'll find a list of rules for Homebrew in the section that will be posted under the responsibility of the HAT.

By the way, what is the HAT? Another TLA (three-letter acronym)?
HAT means "Hobby Animation Team"
It is a bunch of merry persons who love all aspects of the Hobby, playing of course, painting, competitions, writing stories, roleplaying, well, pretty much anything vaguely related to T9A as long as it involves the community.
These are the folks who will babysit the Homebrew section from now on.

Expect more fun!
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