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Hello There!

The project likes to learn from ages past and one lesson T9A team has learnt is to engage the community more. The team had such a tremendous success with ideas for the magic phases and new magic items for Warriors of the dark gods that the Rules Team (RT) has melded together some great global surveys that they want you, the community to help answer in order to get an understanding of what the community really wants.

Now it's worth saying right here that the surveys are not binding to the future of the game, but give instead the T9A team a incredible insight into the path they need to take.

Up first is a survey on what to do with magic items with some very simple questions and statements for you all to answer, so please, take the jump and answer away, and when you finish, spread the word, we need to actively engage as much of the community as we can.

So what you waiting for, go go go!

Start the survey here!

Von blonde beer,

Good news everyone!

@nicreap is getting ready to start up the 6th edition of the Universal Battle Tournament for The 9th Age!
This tournament will be comprised of 3 games.
You will have 2 weeks to play each round against your opponent and submit your results!
All games will be played using v1.3.4 rules.
The point size for this tournament is 4500 points

So if you want to test your skills against players from all over the world, here is your easiest way to do so! You don't even have to leave your home to play (as long as you have a pc at home :D ).

You can find all the information you need right here, so sign up and enjoy T9A online!
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