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Von Calisson,

Dear T9A fans,

Many members have expressed in various posts some concerns that T9A project is not providing enough information to its community.

This perception is worrisome, and we have decided to tackle the issue.

It is worrisome, because we already spend quite significant resources on providing information to our fans. Worth mentioning in particular, the daily activities performed by the Army Community Support (ACS) and the occasional updates provided by Public Relations (PR), not forgetting the countless hours spent by many T9A team members on discussions with the community.

But you tell us it is not enough.

And you are right.

We have decided to tackle this problem because the relation between the project and the community is not merely important: it is a vital part of the project. We need, and we want to be as close as possible to our community.

This close association with the community is one of the most striking original aspects of the project. This association is the primary reason why the project continues to succeed. We need you, the community, to feel as much as possible of the project as your own.

This goal can be achieved only through the greatest possible transparency.
We therefore want to share as much as possible with the community.

This said, it should be easy to understand that it is not possible to disclose absolutely everything.
Also, there are obviously ways to provide information which are better than others.

This is why we have developed some procedures, which are designed to make sure that:
- all that is useful is released, and what is not released is held only for a good reason,
- information is released in the best way for the community to get the most from it.

For the sake of transparency, this policy is naturally made public. You can read it here: THE INFORMATION FLOW POLICY, accessible from the "About us" tab on top of your screen.

These procedures do not examine the reverse flow of information, i.e. how we gather information from the community. The reason is because the mechanisms are very different.
Gathering information from the community is as important as delivering information to the community, and it will require a similar care from the project. We intend to develop this aspect in the near future.

We all hope that this new policy will go a long way in helping to strengthen the ties between the staff and the wider community engaged on the T9A project, i.e. between all of us.

If you wish to comment, you're welcome, please do it in the thread The Information Flow Policy - comment thread.

On behalf of T9A Executive Board.
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