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The "Behind the scene" blog has a new issue: Issue 7 - MOAR 2.0 Spoiler and a Sneak Peak at DL. Read it if you want a few glimpses of our design work!

Von Calisson,

Well, not really chocolate eggs, but nice surprises nevertheless!

"TMS next ghastly collection - and a little season's cute discount"

This is for now:

...And this is for later:

Now, if you wish to comment about the metaphorical meaning of the transformation from a cutee bunny into a otherwordly undead creature, it is not my responsibility. :D
Better discuss it directly with @Kanadian or go on his thread, or visit TMS's site - Store

"Shieldwolf Miniatures' lovely fighting maiden"

Coming on May 3rd, from the North, with a rage!

Shieldwolf Miniatures has started taking preorders of their plastic kit, mailing May 3rd.
Link here

First wave has also the Shieldlord_A model made available, that too for pre-orders.
Link here
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